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Released: 2015
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2015 Christmas Ball20152016Christmas10184050
2015 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20152016Christmas10184060
2015 Christmas Bell20152016Christmas10184070
2015 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20152016Christmas10184080
A Tribute To Peace2015Women10091475
Afghan Hound2015Cats and Dogs10091431
African Bond2015Around the World10091592
Angel With Lyre2015Angels10091878
Archers Frieze Vase2015Around the World10087781
Ashtray-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096120
Assyrian Archer2015Around the World10091691
Bathing Nymph2015Sculptures and Nudes10091480
Batsman Forever2015Sports and Professions10091373
Beautiful Blossom2015Children10091382
Born In 2015 (Boy - Dark Skin)20152016Motherhood and Families10184030
Born In 2015 (Boy - Fair Skin)20152016Motherhood and Families10184010
Born In 2015 (Girl - Dark Skin)20152016Motherhood and Families10184040
Born In 2015 (Girl - Fair Skin)20152016Motherhood and Families10184020
Buleria (Black)2015Around the World10091820
Buleria (Red)2015Women10091833
Catchall Tray-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096130
Ch.Md.18L-Dancing On The Sand (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235450
Ch.Md.24L-Strolling Thr.Blossoms (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235480
Ch.Md.9L-Seaside Dreams (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235420
Chandelier Niagara 0.80M White (Us)2015High Porcelain10172130
Chicken Top Joy By Hayon2015Christmas10091601
Chihuahua With Marshmallows2015Cats and Dogs10091915
Cricket Batsman2015Sports and Professions10091792
Doves Plate2015Lart de la Table10078420
Dreaming Of You Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Home Fragences10401110
Dreaming Of You Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Home Fragences10401130
Dreaming Of You Candle-Mediterranean B.2015Christmas10401120
Duck Plate2015Lart de la Table10078410
Elvis Presley2015Men10084691
Essence Of A Woman2015Women10091762
Floral Scent2015Women10091813
Flowers Forever2015Bridal and Romanticism10092034
Ganesha2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091503
Garden Blossoms2015Women10091804
Giggles With Mom2015Motherhood and Families10091520
Girl With Pony2015Children10091398
Goddess Lakshmi Plate2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091541
Goddess Lakshmi-Lord Ganesha Plates-Set2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091551
Goossiping - Blue2015Animals10092071
Goossiping - Orange And Green2015Animals10092042
Goossiping - Pink2015Animals10092061
Goossiping - Red And Yellow2015Animals10092051
Heavenly Strings2015Angels10091850
Hina Dolls 20152015Around the World10092083
Jack Russell With Licorice2015Cats and Dogs10091923
King Melchior, Gaspar And Balthasar Set2015Christmas10091651
Krishna Butterthief2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091903
Kwan Yin2015High Porcelain10019771
Lion Dance2015Oriental Traditions10091450
Litho.Votive Light-Our Lady Of Guadalupe2015Christianity and Judaism10173671
Lithoph.Votive Light-Cutouts Christmas2015Lithophanes10184130
Lithophane Shade - Father Frost20152016Lithophanes10173640
Lithophane Votive Light - Sai Baba2015Buddhism and Hinduism10173651
Lithophane Votive Light-Father Frost2015Lithophanes10173630
Look At My Dress2015Children10091721
Lord Ganesha Plate2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091532
Magic Forest Chand 0.80M White (Us)2015High Porcelain10172220
Magic Forest Chand.0.80M White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172210
Maneki Neko (Black)2015Oriental Traditions10091660
Matrioskas Ornaments2015Christmas10091640
May Flowers (Special Edition)2015Children10091782
Md Annette Hanging Lamp(Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235300
Md Bã‰Atrice Hanging Lamp (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235330
Md Cã‰Lia Hanging Lamp (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235360
Md Daniela Hanging Lamp(Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235390
Missing You Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Christmas10401080
Missing You Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Home Fragences10401100
Missing You Candle-Mediterranean B.2015Home Fragences10401090
Moon Mother2015Motherhood and Families10180670
Mug-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096040
My Dance Class2015Ballet and Circus10091992
My Loving Angel2015Angels10091515
Naturo. -Lamp -White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10079450
Naturo. -Lamp -White (Us)2015High Porcelain10079460
Naturo. -Lamp -White 6L (Ce-Uk)2015Lighting10236010
New Beginnings - Operation Smile2015Sculptures and Nudes10092190
Niagara Chandelier 0,80M White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172120
Niagara Chandelier 0.60M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172390
Niagara Chandelier 0.60M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172400
Niagara Chandelier 0.80M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172360
Niagara Chandelier 0.80M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172370
Niagara Chandelier 2M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172300
Niagara Chandelier 2M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172310
Nose Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Christmas10401170
Nose Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Home Fragences10401190
Nose Candle-Mediterranean Beach2015Home Fragences10401180
Om Plate2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091562
Om Plates Set2015Buddhism and Hinduism10092201
Our Song2015Bridal and Romanticism10091984
Parrot Parade (Coral)2015Vases and Decorative Obj.10078464
Pomegranate2015Around the World10091671
Pond Dreamer (Blue)2015Animals10091411
Porcelain Kisses (Blue)2015Bridal and Romanticism10092010
Romanesque Angel2015Angels10087911
Romanesque Angel (White-Golden)2015Angels10087940
Romanesque Mater2015Christianity and Judaism10019761
Saint George And The Dragon2015High Porcelain10019751
Sake Cups2015Lart de la Table10096050
Saraswati2015Buddhism and Hinduism10019786
Sitting Bather2015Sculptures and Nudes10091571
Sleeping Beauty2015Children10091895
Small Cup-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096022
Soul Surfer2015Sports and Professions10091731
St. Francis Of Assisi2015Christianity and Judaism10087800
Sweet Shyness2015Children10091712
Table Clock-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096031
Tea Time2015Children10091972
The Flamenco Singer2015Spain and Traditions10091771
The Happiest Day (Bly)2015Bridal and Romanticism10092102
The Monkey2015Animals10091444
The Monkey - Mini2015Animals10091751
Thinking Of You Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Home Fragences10401140
Thinking Of You Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Christmas10401160
Thinking Of You Candle-Mediterranean B.2015Home Fragences10401150
Underwater Calm (Orange)2015Animals10091421
Volutes Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Christmas10401200
Volutes Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Home Fragences10401220
Volutes Candle-Mediterranean Beach2015Home Fragences10401210
Winter Friends2015Children10091962
Winter Palace Chand. 12L - White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10234880
Winter Palace Chand. 12L -Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235030
Winter Palace Chand. 30L - Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235210
Winter Palace Chand. 30L - White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10235060
Winter Palace Chand. 6L - Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10234850
Winter Palace Chand. 6L - White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10234700
Xian Warrior2015Oriental Traditions10087950
You & Me Set2015Lart de la Table10096170
Young Shepherdess2015Women10091581

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