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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 1999
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
1999 Baby's First Christm19992000Christmas10166941
1999 Christmas Ball19992000Christmas101663717
1999 Christmas Bell19992000Christmas101663646
A Birthday Kiss19992005Children10066323
A Day With Mom19992003Bridal and Romanticism10018341
A Day's Work19992003Children10065634
A Flight Of Fantasy19992002Lighting10066110
A Kiss To Remember1999Bridal and Romanticism100662017
A Little Romance19992005Bridal and Romanticism10066307
A Mother's Love1999Motherhood and Families100663410
A Night Out19992002Women10065945
A Quiet Evening19992002Women10066381
A Stocking For Kitty19992002Christmas10066696
A Sunny Afternoon19992005Women10066221
A Wish Come True19992000Lladro Collectors Society100767636
A Wish For Love19992005Women10065623
Afternoon Out (Birks)19992002Children10075850
An Expression Of Love19992003Women10065925
Baby's First Christmas 199919992000Christmas10166150
Baby's First Christmas 199919992000Christmas10166955
Bossom Buddies19992003Cats and Dogs10065996
Bouquet Of Love19992003Bridal and Romanticism10166241
Box19992002Functional Beauty10066020
Bridal Bouquet (L.E.B)19992002Flowers10118371
Bud Vase19992002Vases and Decorative Obj.100660021
Bumblebee Fantasy19992003Children10018450
Butterfly Fantasy19992003Children10018461
Celestial Journey19992008Fantasy10018482
Christus1999Christianity and Judaism10075844
Christus19992013Christianity and Judaism10175840
Clock19992002Functional Beauty100660163
Conversing With Nature19992002Children10123981
Cookies For Santa19992002Christmas10066758
Dance Of The Nymphs19992005Fantasy10018441
Declaration Of Love19992009Bridal and Romanticism100659715
Dreamy Kitten1999Cats and Dogs10065677
Elegant Trio19992003Animals10065912
Endless Love1999Bridal and Romanticism100658531
Fairy Of The Butterflies19992000Fantasy10018505
Faithful Companion19992002Women10066102
Father Time19992001Fantasy100669623
Fawn Surprise19992002Animals10066180
Floral Harmony19992003Flowers10118470
Floral Path19992007Children10066466
Frame19992002Functional Beauty1006603145
Friends Forever19992000Children100668015
From The Spring1999Sculptures and Nudes10123963
Garden Bunnies Box19992002Functional Beauty10066073
Garden Dance19992000Children100658012
Garden In Barcelona19992005Spain and Traditions10066620
Gaudi Lady19992008Women10066601
Graceful Landing19992005Animals10066664
Harmony In Pink19992003Flowers10118420
Heaven's Gift (2000-Boy)19992001Children10075861
Heaven's Gift (2000-Girl)19992001Children10075881
Heaven's Gift (Boy)19992002Children10066123
Heaven's Gift (Girl)19992002Children10066260
Heaven's Gift (It's A Boy)19992003Children10075870
Heaven's Gift (It's A Girl)19992003Children10075891
Holiday Light19992002Functional Beauty10066190
In Barcelona19992005Spain and Traditions10066632
In Touch With Nature19992005Around the World10065723
Intermezzo (Leb)19992002Ballet and Circus10135800
Island Breeze19992002Sculptures and Nudes10123941
Kitten Patrol19992003Cats and Dogs100656810
Kitty Surprise19992002Cats and Dogs10066163
Lakeside Daydream19992007Fantasy10066440
Landscaoe Frame19992002Functional Beauty10066050
Like Father, Like Son19992003Motherhood and Families10066094
Lillypad Love19992007Fantasy10066452
Little Brave Resting19992002Children10123990
Little Chief19992002Children10123971
Little Explorer19992001Children10066405
Little Shepherd19992001Children10124012
Message Of Love19992000Animals10066433
Modernism19992005Spain and Traditions10066642
My Bat-Mitzvah19992013Christianity and Judaism10065932
My Pretty Puppy19992003Children10066353
New Horizons19992001Women100657010
On The Runway19992002Women10065952
Only For You19992002Flowers10075830
Ovation19992005Ballet and Circus10066140
Pacific Beauty19992002Women10124031
Parque Guell (Gaudi Coll.)19992005Women10066610
Portrait Frame19992002Functional Beauty10066040
Prelude In White19992003Flowers10118410
Promises Of Love19992005Women10018402
Puppy Surprise19992002Cats and Dogs10066175
Sancho19992013Spain and Traditions100663312
Santa's List19992001Christmas100665712
Scheherazade (Leb)19991999Lladro Collectors Society10176780
Serenade In White19992005Flowers10118430
Serenity19992005Sculptures and Nudes10123950
Small Bowl19992002Functional Beauty10066060
Sunday Stroll19992003Women10066390
Sweet Enchantment (Leb)19992000Sculptures and Nudes10135790
Sweet Mary19992011Christianity and Judaism10066311
The Annunciation (Leb)19992002Christianity and Judaism10018492
The Awakening Of Spring19992000Fantasy10118381
The Enchanted Forest19992002Lighting10065980
The Enchanted Lake (Leb)19991999Lladro Collectors Society10076796
The Flamingos19992002Animals100664113
The Master Chef19992002Sports and Professions10066251
The Pilgrim At Santiago19991999Christianity and Judaism10135814
Up The Chimney He Rose19992002Christmas10066688
Visions Of Sugarplums19992002Children10066679
Waiting At The Beach19992001Women10124000
Want A Lift?19992003Children10065641
Winter Egg19992002Functional Beauty10062952
Winter Love19992003Women10066211

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