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Released: 2009
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2009 Christmas Ball20092010Christmas10071605
2009 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20092010Christmas10071611
2009 Christmas Bell20092010Christmas10071625
2009 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20092010Christmas10071631
A Regal Steed (Re-Deco)2009Horses10071682
A Tender Caress20092013Women10084361
A Woman With A Hat And Calla Lilly20092016Women10083861
A Woman With Blue Eyes And Calla Lilly20092016Women10083850
Alice In Wonderland2009Fantasy10083501
Ancient Dynasty Warrior2009Men10084410
Anubis2009Around the World10084392
At The Waterfall20092013Women10125291
Bansuri Ganesha (Limited Edition)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071824
Beautiful Gloria2009Women10084290
Beginnings (Candle Gift Included)20092015Motherhood and Families10078140
Beluga With Calf20092013Animals10084580
Birds On Branch - Wall Art20092015Flowers10083510
Blissful Youth20092010Women10084275
Brooch Our Lady Of Valencia20092016Christianity and Judaism10072050
Carnival Fantasy2009Women10118913
Celestial Scent20092010Angels10069430
Ceremonial Coiffure2009Women10125300
Champions Team2009Sports and Professions10084712
Chess Set (Re-Deco)2009Re-Deco10071383
Chihuahua2009Cats and Dogs10083673
Coqui Frog2009Animals10071392
Cufflinks Bear Paws20092015Jewelry Accessories10400870
Cufflinks Clover Face20092017Jewelry Accessories10100980
Cufflinks Diamond Face20092017Jewelry Accessories10100970
Cufflinks Harlequin Face2009Jewelry Accessories10100960
Cufflinks Kind Clown2009Jewelry Accessories10100940
Cufflinks Mask Face2009Jewelry Accessories10100950
Cufflinks Smart Clown2009Jewelry Accessories10100930
Dancing Ganesha (Limited Edition)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071835
Doves On A Cherry Tree2009Animals10084224
Drummer Boy2009Christmas10084154
Earrings Clover Face2009Jewelry Accessories10101040
Earrings Diamond Face2009Jewelry Accessories10101030
Earrings Harlequin Face2009Jewelry Accessories10101020
Earrings Kind Clown2009Jewelry Accessories10101000
Earrings Mask Face2009Jewelry Accessories10101010
Earrings Smart Clown2009Jewelry Accessories10100990
Eight Sided Mirror (Black & White)2009Mirrors and Wall Art10071590
Eight Sided Mirror (Blue)2009Mirrors and Wall Art10071580
Enchanted Prince2009Animals10084445
Enigmatic Beauty2009Oriental Traditions10084672
Fairy Wish - Wall Art2009Fantasy10084482
Father Frost20092013Christmas10084111
Flower Offering In Valencia2009Christianity and Judaism10072040
Fragrant Bouquet (Carnations)2009Children10072152
Giselle Arabesque2009Ballet and Circus10084753
Giselle Reverence2009Ballet and Circus10084740
Great Christmas Tree2009Christmas10084774
Havdala Candleholder20092015Christianity and Judaism10084520
Havdala Plate20092015Christianity and Judaism10084500
Havdala Spice Box20092015Christianity and Judaism10084510
Her Commencement2009Women10083960
Hina Dolls - Emperor2009Oriental Traditions10019402
Hina Dolls - Empress2009Oriental Traditions10019393
Hindu Children (Re-Deco)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071691
His Commencement2009Sports and Professions10083973
In Touch With Nature (Re-Deco)20092013Around the World10071670
Iris And Cherry Flowers Fan2009Vases and Decorative Obj.10019363
Jaipur Festival2009Buddhism and Hinduism10084780
Juanita (Re-Deco Platinum)20092013Spain and Traditions10071221
Kiddish Cup20092015Christianity and Judaism10084530
Lamassu2009Around the World10019461
Lithophane Shade - Parrots20092016Lithophanes10173060
Lithophane Shade - Snowflake20092016Lithophanes10173110
Lithophane Shade - Toucans20092016Lithophanes10173080
Lithophane Votive Light - Parrots2009Lithophanes10173050
Lithophane Votive Light - Snowflake2009Christmas10173100
Lithophane Votive Light - Toucans2009Lithophanes10173071
Lolita (Re-Deco Golden)20092013Spain and Traditions10071230
Lolita (Re-Deco Platinum)20092013Spain and Traditions10071210
Mahatma Gandhi2009Men10084178
Maltese2009Cats and Dogs10083685
Mediterranean Breeze (Blue)20092015Women10084561
Mediterranean Breeze (Earth)20092015Women10125272
Mediterranean Vision (Blue)20092015Women10084570
Mediterranean Vision (Earth)20092015Women10125281
Medusa Obelisk20092015Around the World10084310
Moonlight Love2009Bridal and Romanticism10076955
Mridangam Ganesha2009Buddhism and Hinduism10083164
Mridangam Ganesha (Limited Edition)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071844
My Little Sweetie (Candle Gift Included)20092015Motherhood and Families10078130
Native (Re-Deco)2009Around the World10071660
Natural Orchids - Wall Art2009Flowers10084470
Nostalgia (Re-Deco)2009Ballet and Circus10071650
Oriental Horse (Glazed)2009Horses10019431
Oriental Horse (Matte)2009Horses10019441
Ornament Teddy Bear 200920092015Christmas10400780
Our Lady Of Divine Providence2009Christianity and Judaism10084792
Pendant Bear With Red Heart20092015Jewelry Accessories10400860
Playing In The Sand2009Children10084400
Precious Angel2009Angels10084388
Pretty Valencian Dress20092017High Porcelain10072030
Ram In The Meadow20092013Animals10084431
Renaissance Obelisk Box (Platinum)20092015Around the World10084642
Rennaissance Obelisk Box (Red)20092015Around the World10084630
Rococo Lady At The Ball2009Women10084233
Rococo Lady On Swing2009Women10084241
Romantic Doves - Wall Art2009Bridal and Romanticism10084281
Samurai Helmet2009Oriental Traditions10130415
Sheep In The Meadow20092013Animals10084420
Shiva Nataraja2009Buddhism and Hinduism10019474
Siamese Elephant2009Buddhism and Hinduism10019377
Snow Maiden20092013Women10084120
Soft Breeze20092016Children10084301
Someone Called A Doctor?20092016Children10084680
Summer Roses20092013Women10083990
Sunset At The Pier2009Women10084623
Tachibina (Empress - Emperor)2009Oriental Traditions10084372
The Clown - Lamp (Uk)2009Lighting10072740
The Clown - Lamp (Us)2009High Porcelain10072721
The Love Explosion2009Bridal and Romanticism10072702
The Pied Piper Of Hamelin2009Fantasy10084254
The Swan Princess2009Christmas10084102
The Thrill Of Love2009Bridal and Romanticism10084735
The Tiger2009Animals10084657
Thothmes I Obelisk (Green)20092015Around the World10084321
Thothmes I Obelisk (Ochre)20092015Around the World10084330
Tibetan Prayer Flags20092015Children10084261
Tree Of Adventures20092016Children10084463
Tree Of Reflections20092016Children10084452
Unconditional Love (Re-Deco)20092013Motherhood and Families10071641
Under The Chuppah2009Bridal and Romanticism10084491
Veena Ganesha (Limited Edition)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071814
White Shark2009Animals10084700
Wild Orchids - Wall Art2009Flowers10084661
Winter Teddy Bear20092015Lladro and Steiff10400771

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