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Released: 2006
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2006 Christmas Ball (Glazed)20062007Christmas10082210
2006 Christmas Ball (Matte)20062007Christmas10182213
2006 Christmas Bell (Glazed)20062007Christmas10082220
2006 Christmas Bell (Matte)20062007Christmas101822210
A Family Christmas20062015Christmas10082603
A Mother's Embrace2006Motherhood and Families10182182
A Mother's Embrace Gift Set20062006Motherhood and Families10178180
A New Treasure (Boy) Black Legacy2006Children10082540
A New Treasure (Girl) Black Legacy2006Children10082551
A Quiet Conversation20062011Women10019160
A Regal Steed2006Horses10124972
A Sea Of Flowers20062011Women10077101
A Special Occasion20062007Children100821314
Adorable Innocence2006Children10082478
As Pretty As A Flower20062007Motherhood and Families10072240
Balance - Elephant I20062009Animals10182000
Balance - Elephant Ii20062015Animals10182010
Balance - Goat I20062015Animals10181981
Balance - Goat Ii20062015Animals10181990
Balance - Seal I20062008Animals10182020
Balance - Seal Ii20062008Animals10182030
Balance - Tiger I20062015Animals10181960
Balance - Tiger Ii20062015Animals10181970
Beautiful Angel2006Angels10182355
Benedictus Xvi20062016Christianity and Judaism10082661
Blessed Family Mural20062010Christmas10130400
Blooms Of Love20062006Children10069350
Bohemian Melodies20062013Ballet and Circus10082392
Born In 200620062007Christmas10182153
Born In 2006 Black Legacy20062007Christmas10182160
Bud Vase (Black)20062013Gres10124960
Bud Vase (Blue)20062011Lart de la Table10082060
Candle Holder Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400140
Candle Holder Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400290
Celestial Melody (Tree Topper)2006Angels10082622
Christus2006Christianity and Judaism10182172
Circus Express2006Ballet and Circus10081388
Cotton Box Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400150
Cotton Box Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400300
Delicate Nature2006Children10082405
Elegant Swan2006Animals10082717
Family Days Chalice20062009Christianity and Judaism10172240
Family Days Ciborium20062009Christianity and Judaism10172250
Family Days Cross20062015Jewelry Accessories10172270
Family Days Paten20062009Christianity and Judaism10172261
Family Days Rosary2006Jewelry Accessories10172280
Female Doctor2006Women10081895
Flower Vase Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400170
Flower Vase Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400321
Flowers For A Goddess20062007Women100770919
Flowers For Everyone (Excel Human)20062007Women10072220
Friends In The Park20062013Children10082125
Harlequin20062011Ballet and Circus1018219101
Heavenly Message2006Angels10082610
Heavenly Message20062015Angels10124990
Horse On Courbette2006Horses10182543
Horse On Pirouette2006Horses10182533
I Feel Pretty!20062011Children10082380
I'll Keep You Warm20062015Children10082656
In The Laboratory2006Women10081523
Incense Burner (Black)20062015Gres10124950
Incense Burner (Blue)20062011Around the World10081950
Innate Curiosity20062008Fantasy10182271
Irresistible Attraction20062010Bridal and Romanticism10119120
Jesus Loves You20062006Children10069420
Jewelry Box (Black)2006Oriental Traditions10124900
Jewelry Box (Blue)20062011Around the World10081900
Joyful Nymphs20062011Fantasy10119160
Kisses For Mommy20062015Motherhood and Families10082050
Koto Player20062010Around the World10082231
Learning To Care2006Children10082417
Let Me Help You2006Children10082145
Life Amazement20062008Fantasy10182280
Life Impulse20062006Fantasy10124820
Life Impulse20062008Fantasy10182263
Liquid Soap Dispenser Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400190
Liquid Soap Dispenser Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400340
Little Dolphin20062007Animals10082093
Little Frog20062007Animals10075934
Little Jazzband20062006Children10068670
Little Starfish Red20062007Animals10082100
Little Starfish Yellow20062007Animals10082110
Little Turtle20062007Animals10082083
Look Out Below!20062015Children100826410
Love's Tender Tokens20062007Children10072215
Loving Protection2006Angels10082456
Male Doctor2006Sports and Professions10081886
Marvelous Instinct20062006Animals10124860
Muse Of The Wind20062006Fantasy10068440
My Time With Dad20062006Motherhood and Families10068410
Natural Freedom20062008Fantasy10182311
Naughty Companions20062006Animals10068180
Niagara Chandelier 2 Metres (Ce)2006Lighting10170260
Niagara Chandelier 2 Metres (Us)2006High Porcelain10170270
Nostalgia20062015Ballet and Circus10082494
O Christmas Tree2006Christmas10082207
Passionate Lovers2006Bridal and Romanticism10119144
Perfect Match2006Bridal and Romanticism10082514
Playful Character2006Cats and Dogs10082079
Pleasant Memories20062006Children10068160
Potpourri Gift (Black)2006Oriental Traditions10124930
Potpourri Gift (Blue)20062011Around the World10081930
Potpourri Offer (Black)2006Oriental Traditions10124941
Potpourri Offer (Blue)20062011Around the World10081941
Pots Full Of Posies20062008Children10081862
Pretty Innocence2006Children10082466
Pure Beauty20062008Women10182320
Queen Of The Nile2006Around the World10019181
Refinement2006Ballet and Circus10082433
Reverie Moment2006Women10082425
Romantic Feelings2006Flowers100825010
Salt & Pepper Shakers (Black)2006Oriental Traditions10124920
Salt & Pepper Shakers (Blue)20062011Around the World10081921
Sea Winds20062008Fantasy10182346
Sea Winds Bud Vase (Large)20062008Vases and Decorative Obj.10082580
Sea Winds Bud Vase (Small)20062008Vases and Decorative Obj.10082590
Sea Winds Cufflinks20062008Jewelry Accessories10100660
Sea Winds Keyholder20062015Jewelry Accessories10100640
Sea Winds Mug20062008Vases and Decorative Obj.10082570
Sea Winds Pencil Holder20062008Vases and Decorative Obj.10082561
Sea Winds Pendant20062008Jewelry Accessories10100650
Sea Winds-Scented Candle20062015Lladro Home Fragrances10200350
Set Japanese Players20062009Around the World10078220
Shakuhachi Player20062010Around the World10082250
Shamishen Player20062010Around the World10082241
Soap Dish Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400160
Soap Dish Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400310
Stage Partners20062013Ballet and Circus10082377
Sun And Moon Girls Gift Set2006Women10178191
Tea Light Candle Holder (Black)20062013Gres10124910
Tea Light Candle Holder (Blue)20062011Around the World10081910
Tender Innocence2006Children10082482
Tending The Garden20062008Children10081870
The Flow Of Life20062015Motherhood and Families10119131
The Flow Of Life20062008Motherhood and Families10119172
The Kiss2006Bridal and Romanticism10182044
The Kiss Gift Set20062007Bridal and Romanticism10178170
This Is Fun!20062015Children10082637
Toothbrush Tumbler Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400180
Toothbrush Tumbler Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400330
Total Harmony20062006Women10124850
Total Harmony20062008Women10182293
Tray Nautilus20062016Lladro Bath10400130
Tray Ulysses20062016Lladro Bath10400280
Tulip Garden20062008Children100771219
Unconditional Love2006Motherhood and Families10082441
Wanderlust - Puerto Rico20062015Women10074370
With Love20062006Angels10069320
Wonderful Angel2006Angels10182368
World's Best Mom20062011Gres10124982
Young W. Mozart 250 Th Anniversary20062013Around the World10072280

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