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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 1998
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
1998 Christmas Ball19981998Christmas101656117
1998 Christmas Bell19981998Christmas101656086
A Basket Of Blossoms19982002Flowers10075803
A Birthday Surprise19982001Children10065113
A Child's Prayer1998Children100649633
A Christmas Song19982001Children100653213
A Comforting Friend19982013Women10123801
A Father's Pride19982003Motherhood and Families10064671
A Gift From Santa19982000Christmas10065757
A Girl In Love19982005Women10123930
A Lovely Thought19982001Women10065182
A Mile Of Style19981998Ballet and Circus100650712
A New Life19982001Animals10065310
A Perfect Day19982017High Porcelain10064804
A Prize Catch19982001Men10064661
A Soft Refrain19982004Ballet and Circus10135780
A Stroll In The Sun19982002Women10065425
A Symbol Of Pride19982002Animals10064761
A Touch Of Holland L.E.B.19982001Flowers10118270
After The Show19982001Ballet and Circus10064840
An Unexpected Gift19982001Children10065105
Angelic Light19982002Functional Beauty10065866
Arctic Explorer19982001Men10123790
Autumn Romance19982005Women10065763
Baby Boy Lamb19982001Animals10065463
Baby Girl Lamb19982001Animals10065475
Baby's First Christmas 199819981998Christmas10165880
Baby's First Christmas 199919981998Christmas10066150
Bedtime Buddies19982005Children100654119
Bless Us All19982005Children100658213
Cozy Companions19982005Children100654016
Daddy's Blessing19982005Motherhood and Families100650410
Early Awakening1998Sculptures and Nudes10123692
Fall Egg19982002Functional Beauty10062942
Filled With Joy19982005Angels10064932
Flowers Of The Marsh L.E.19982001Flowers10118280
Flowers Of The Sea L.E.B.19982001Flowers10118290
Fluvial Cup W/Anemonies L19982002Flowers10118320
Flying High19982001Animals10065230
Fountain Of Love19982007Angels10064586
Fourth Of July19982008Around the World10065200
Gabriel The Archangel19982001Christianity and Judaism10065650
Garden Stroll19981998Functional Beauty10165902
Goddess Of Youth L.E.B.19982002Fantasy10064490
Gone Shopping19982002Children100648815
Graceful Tune19982003Women10065783
Grandparents' Joy19982001Motherhood and Families10065531
Great Dane19982001Cats and Dogs100655812
Guess Who?19982001Motherhood and Families10065069
Heaven And Earth L.E.B.19981999Angels10018248
Heaven's Lullaby1998Children100658316
Heavenly Musician19982000Christmas10064981
Hindu Dancer19982001Around the World10065270
How Skillful!19982005Animals10065174
In Admiration19982001Ballet and Circus10064851
Island Beauty1998Children10123823
It Wasn't Me!19982000Cats and Dogs100767226
It's Magic!19982001Ballet and Circus10123729
King Balthasar19982000Christmas10065090
Little Angel With Lyre19982005Angels100652813
Little Angel With Tambour19982003Angels10065300
Little Angel With Violin19982005Angels100652911
Love Poems19982002Women10065480
Love's Tender Tokens1998Children10065213
Low Tide19982001Women10123860
Loyal Companion19982013Children10123910
Message Of Peace19981998Animals100658711
Milky Way19982001Women100656913
Morning Calm19982003Animals10065899
My Little Treasure19982005Motherhood and Families10065035
My Memories19982003Sculptures and Nudes10123920
Naptime Friends19982002Children10065493
Neoclassic Cup With Lilies19982003Flowers10118330
New Shoes19982002Children10064874
Nightime Blessings19982005Children100658113
On Our Way19982002Motherhood and Families10065442
On The Balcony19982003Spain and Traditions10018262
On The Farm19982001Women10065050
Onward And Upward19982007Children10064940
Our Winter Home19982000Christmas10065197
Pacific Jewel1998Children10123831
Parading Donkey19982001Animals10065732
Petals Of Peace1998Animals10065799
Pierrot's Proposal. Lamp19982002Lighting10065080
Playful Poodle19982002Cats and Dogs10065571
Please Come Home!1998Cats and Dogs10065029
Pope John Paul Ii19982003Christianity and Judaism10018259
Posing For A Portrait19982001Ballet and Circus10064861
Pretty Pinwheel19982002Children100655212
Pretty Posies19982002Children10065513
Purr-Fect Friends19981998Children10065128
Ready To Go19982013Children10123884
Romantic Gesture L.E.B.19982002Bridal and Romanticism10164530
Safe And Sound19981998Children100655641
Secret Spot19982005Cats and Dogs10065664
Seraph With Bow19982000Christmas10064453
Shhh... They're Sleeping19982002Children10065506
Sleepy Time19982007Children100649715
Sounds Of Love19982005Angels10064744
Sounds Of Peace19982007Angels10064738
Spring Bell19981998Christmas1017613105
Spring Inspiration19982005Women10123741
Spring Recital19982005Children10064520
Springtime Scent19982002Children10065555
St. Vincent Ferrer19982006Christianity and Judaism10175820
Summer Breeze19982007Women10065434
Sunday Prayer19982002Children10065846
The Christmas Caroler19982001Children100653325
The Journey19982001Children10137000
The Pelicans L.E.B.19982001Animals10064781
The Poetry Of Flowers L.E19982001Flowers10118310
The Road To Success19982007Children10064951
The Spirit Of Christmas19982001Children10065344
Through The Clouds19982002Animals10065225
Time To Go19982013Children10123890
Treasures Of The Heart19982002Children10065546
Tropical Flower1998Children10123851
Up And Away19982002Animals10065245
What About Me?19982001Women10123840
Woodland Treasure L.E.B.19982001Flowers10118300
Your Special Angel1998Angels10064923

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