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Released: 2014
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2014 Christmas Ball20142015Christmas10183890
2014 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20142015Christmas10183900
2014 Christmas Bell20142015Christmas10183910
2014 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20142015Christmas10183920
A New Life2014Motherhood and Families10087534
A Regal Steed (Re-Deco Golden)2014Horses10071864
A Tender Caress - Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10233510
Arabian Pure Breed (Black)2014Horses10019193
Bal Ganesha2014Buddhism and Hinduism10086722
Baseball Players2014Sports and Professions10087972
Bdn -Floor Lamp I -Gold (Uk)2014Lighting10234550
Bdn -Floor Lamp Ii -Gold (Uk)2014Lighting10234590
Bdn -Litho. Hanging Lamp -Multic.(Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234450
Bdn -Pendant Lamp I -Multicolor (Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234310
Bdn -Pendant Lamp Ii -Multicolor (Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234340
Bell - Friends With You (White-Golden)2014Christmas10091110
Bell Flower Vase (Green)2014Vases and Decorative Obj.10087241
Blossoming Of Life2014Motherhood and Families10087823
Born In 2014 (Boy - Dark Skin)20142015Children10183950
Born In 2014 (Boy - Fair Skin)20142015Children10183930
Born In 2014 (Girl - Dark Skin)20142015Children10183960
Born In 2014 (Girl - Fair Skin)20142015Children10183940
Boy With Bowler Hat2014Children10091251
Boy With Cowboy Hat2014Children10091274
Celebration Of Spring2014Women10087731
Christmas Tree - Ornament2014Christmas10183970
Christmas Tree - Ornament (Re-Deco)2014Christmas10183980
Dancers From The Nile (Golden Re-Deco)2014Women10085912
Day Dreaming At Sea (Silver Re-Deco)2014Fantasy10085461
Discovering The World2014Children10087550
Eros And Psyche2014Angels10091283
Family Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10234660
Flamenco Flair (Green / Purple)2014Spain and Traditions10087662
Flamenco Flair (Red)2014Spain and Traditions10087655
Fly Me To The Moon (Gold)2014Animals10087885
Fly Me To The Moon (Silver Anniversary)2014Animals10087892
Fu, Lu, Shou2014Oriental Traditions10087760
Galloping Herd2014Horses10090863
Girl With Beret2014Children10091241
Girl With Bonnet2014Children100912684
Golf Champion2014Sports and Professions10091323
Great Dragon (Golden)2014Oriental Traditions10019730
Hand Of Fatima - Green (Wall-Hanging)2014Around the World10019530
Hand Of Fatima Ii (Green)2014Around the World10087900
Happy Boy's Day2014Oriental Traditions10087752
Her Special Day2014Women10087844
Hi There!2014Animals10091360
Hina Dolls (Special Version)2014Around the World10091493
Horses' Group2014Horses10086191
I Love You, Dad2014Motherhood and Families10087833
In The Balustrade2014Bridal and Romanticism10086804
Japanese Wedding2014Bridal and Romanticism10087870
Kintaro And The Bear2014Oriental Traditions10086872
Lady With Shawl2014Bridal and Romanticism10086791
Lavatera Blossoms2014Flowers10086511
Let's Go For A Ride2014Children10091332
Let's Swing2014Women10087520
Life Is Flower (blue)2014High Porcelain10078350
Lithophane Shade - Cross-Stitch20142016Lithophanes10173480
Lithophane Votive Light - Cross-Stitch2014Christmas10173471
Lithophane Votive Light - Indian Wedding2014Christmas10173612
Lithophane Votive Light - Taj Mahal2014Buddhism and Hinduism10173601
Lithophane Votive Light - Zarathustra2014Christmas10173620
Maiko2014Oriental Traditions10087570
Marilyn Monroe2014Sculptures and Nudes10091313
Matador (Red)20142015Men10087290
Mihrab - Green (Wall-Hanging)2014Around the World10019520
My Debut Dress2014Ballet and Circus10087710
My Little Family2014Children10086891
My Little Reindeer2014Christmas10091301
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (Black)2014Lart de la Table10079560
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (Multic.)2014Lart de la Table10079581
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (White)2014Lart de la Table10079570
Naturo. -Single Candleholder(White/Gold)2014Lart de la Table10079591
Ornament 1- Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10090960
Ornament 1-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10090970
Ornament 2 - Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10090980
Ornament 2-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10090990
Ornament 3 - Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10091000
Ornament 3-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091010
Ornament 4-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091030
Ornament 5-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091050
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Multicolor)2014Mirrors and Wall Art10078341
Passionate Tango - Noir2014Sports and Professions10091405
Peace Offering2014Sculptures and Nudes10087992
Playful Puppy2014Cats and Dogs10091352
Playing At Sea (Silver Re-Deco)2014Fantasy10085451
Pretty Pickings (Carnations)2014Children10087052
Rise Of The Phoenix2014Oriental Traditions10085653
Romanesque Cross2014Christianity and Judaism10087481
Samurai Helmet (Dragon)2014Around the World10130463
Sleeping Bunny Dazzle2014Fantasy10090872
Sleepy Puppy2014Cats and Dogs10091346
Soothing Lullaby2014Motherhood and Families10087813
Sparrows (Black) - Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10233590
Sparrows (Yellow) - Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10233550
Stocking - Ornament2014Christmas10183990
Stocking - Ornament (Re-Deco)2014Christmas10184000
Summertime Symphony2014Bridal and Romanticism10019741
Sumo Wrestler2014Around the World10091290
Sweet Adolescence20142015Women10087852
Sweet Menina2014Spain and Traditions10087790
Tables For Sweets And Peach Flowers2014Oriental Traditions10087741
The Goat2014Animals10087922
The Guest By Paul Smith - Big2014The Guest10077300
The Guest By Paul Smith - Little2014The Guest10077310
The Guest By Rolito - Big2014The Guest10078971
The Guest By Rolito - Little2014The Guest10078982
The Guest By Rolito - Ornament2014Christmas10078990
The Ugly Duckling2014Fantasy10087930
Thinking Of My Debut2014Ballet and Circus10087703
Tree Topper 1- Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10091060
Tree Topper 1-Friends W You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091070
Tree Topper 2-Friends W You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091090
Unbreakable Spirit2014Horses10087627
Waking Up At Sea (Silver Re-Deco)2014Fantasy10085471
Wild Orchids Centerpiece2014Flowers10086540
Yabusame Archer2014Horses10087983

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