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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 1980
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
At The Pond19801983Children10050491
Ballet Bowing19801983Ballet and Circus10050952
Ballet First Step19801983Ballet and Circus10050940
Ballet Girl19801983Ballet and Circus100509210
Ballet Girl19801983Ballet and Circus10050931
Belinda W-Her Doll19801995Children100504537
Belinda W-Her Doll19801992Children10150450
Big Game19801994Men10050980
Blushful Girl19801985Children10050269
Ceramic Seller19801985Men10050802
Ceramics Seller Woman19801985Women10050810
Choir Boy19801983Children10050704
Christmas Plate 198019801984Functional Beauty10070240
Clown Alarm-Clock19801985Ballet and Circus100505612
Clown Standing19801985Ballet and Circus10050572
Clown Thinking19801985Ballet and Circus10050585
Clown W. Saxophone19801985Ballet and Circus10050598
Clown W. Trumpet19801985Ballet and Circus10050601
Country Flowers19801985Children10050731
Couple On The Lake19801985Bridal and Romanticism10050960
Couple Sitting W-Lamb19801981Bridal and Romanticism10050472
Cutting Flowers19801987Children10050883
Cutting Flowers19801987Children10150880
Dancer19801985Ballet and Circus101212383
Divers W. Chicken19801985Animals10121160
Donckey W. Pack-Saddle19801983Animals10121240
Dutch Girl19801985Around the World10050620
Dutch Mother19801983Around the World10050832
Dutch-Girl Hands Akimbo19801990Around the World10050640
Dutch-Girl W. Tulips19802005Around the World10050650
Dutch-Girl With Braids19801985Around the World10050630
Dutch-Girl With Ducks19801990Around the World10050662
Fairy Queen19801983Fantasy10050682
Flowers In The Flower-Pot19801985Children10050280
Girl Bending19801983Women10050618
Girl Kneeling And Tulips19801981Children10050415
Girl With Broom19801985Children100502515
Girl's Head (White)19801983Children10150900
Girl, Dog And Ball19801985Children10050780
Girl, Saucepan And Duck19801998Children10050740
Girl, Saucepan And Duck19801992Children10150741
Girls Arch With Flowers19801981Children10050692
Going To School19801981Children10121184
Gypsy Girl19801985Children10050546
Harlequin C19801985Ballet and Circus100507727
Harlequin-A19801985Ballet and Circus10050755
Harlequin-B19801985Ballet and Circus10050764
Hind And Baby Deer19801981Animals10050430
Jockey Mounted19801985Men10050890
Kissing The Father19801981Motherhood and Families10121140
Kissing The Mother19801981Motherhood and Families10121151
Ladies Talking19801983Children10050420
Lady Macbeth19801981Women10135180
Lagartera Girl19801985Children10050536
Little Flower Seller19801985Children10050823
Marujita With Two Ducks19801994Children10121131
Mater Amabilis -B-19801983Motherhood and Families10050864
Mater Amabilis -B-19801983Motherhood and Families10150860
Mother's Day Plate 198019801984Functional Beauty10070230
My Poems19801985Children10050842
My Poems19801985Children10150840
Old Man And Monkey19801981Men10050461
Playful Cat19801998Cats and Dogs10050916
Playful Cat19801992Cats and Dogs10150915
Precocious Courtship19801990Children10050721
Pulling Dolls Carriage19801998Children100504468
Pulling Dolls Carriage19801992Children10150440
Samson And Delilah19801981Bridal and Romanticism10050513
Sedan-Chair Group19801991Bridal and Romanticism10050970
Ship-Boy With Baskets19801985Children10050551
Snow-White With Apple19801983Fantasy10050672
Teacher Woman19801981Sports and Professions10050480
Turtle-Dove Group19801998Animals10135200
Turtle-Dove Nest19801995Animals10135190
Tying The Ribbon19801985Women10121190
Woman And Girl Sleeping19801985Children10050853
Woman Painting19801985Children10050791
Young Girl Thinking19801994Children10050716
Young Girl Thinking19801992Children10150710
Young Mother19801990Motherhood and Families10135211

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