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Released: 1985
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
A Bird On Hand19852000Women101215147
A Boy And His Pony19851987Children10014602
A Boy And His Pony19851987Children10114600
A Tribute To Peace1985Women10121503
A Visit With Granny19851994Motherhood and Families10053053
Aerobics,Floor Exercise19851987Sports and Professions10053350
Aerobics,Push-Ups19851987Sports and Professions10053340
Aerobics,Scissor Figure19851987Sports and Professions10053363
Aloha19851992Around the World10114780
Antelope Drinking19851987Animals10053022
Arctic Winter19852007Around the World10121567
Aroma Of The Islands1985Children10014806
Aroma Of The Islands19851992Around the World10114800
Biking In The Country19851990Sports and Professions10052721
Boy On Carrousel Horse19852001Children100147020
Bust Of Lady From Elche-B19851986Around the World10152690
Camelot19851995Bridal and Romanticism10014584
Carefree Angel Wflute19851987Angels10014636
Carefree Angel Wflute19851987Angels10114630
Carefree Angel Wlyre19851987Angels10014642
Carefree Angel Wlyre19851987Angels10114640
Children At Play19851990Children10053040
Children At Play19851990Children10153040
Chinese Boy19851990Children10121535
Chinese Girl19851990Children10121525
Civil Guard At Attention19851987Men10052730
Classic Fall19851995Fantasy10014663
Classic Fall19851992Fantasy10114660
Classic Spring19851995Fantasy10014655
Classic Spring19851992Fantasy10114650
Concert Violinist19851987Men10053300
Demure Centaur Girl19851990Fantasy10053200
Demure Centaur Girl19851990Fantasy10153202
English Lady19851994Women10053240
English Lady19851992Women10153246
Eskimo Girl With Cold Feet19852007Around the World10121578
Eve19851987Sculptures and Nudes10014820
Fall Clean-Up19852007Children10052862
Fish Vendor19851994Children10121624
Flock Of Birds19852003Animals10014624
Flower Vendor19851995Children10121602
Free As A Butterfly19851987Children10014830
Free As A Butterfly19851987Women10114830
Fruit Vendor19851994Children10121612
Gentleman Equestrian19851987Men10053290
Girl On Carrousel Horse19852001Children100146913
Glorious Spring19852007Children10052845
Gymnast Balancing Ball19851987Sports and Professions10053324
Gymnast Exercising W/Ball19851987Sports and Professions10053330
Gymnast Wring19851987Women10053310
Hawaiian Flower Vendor19852001Sculptures and Nudes10121541
I Have Found The Dulcinea19851990Around the World10053410
Ice Cream-Vendor19852004Children10053257
Ice Cream-Vendor19851992Children10153250
In A Tropical Garden19851995Around the World10014790
In A Tropical Garden19851992Around the World10114790
La Gioconda19851987Women10053370
Lady Equestrian19851987Women10053280
Little Leaguer,Catcher19851990Children10052908
Little Leaguer,Exercising19851990Children10052893
Little Leaguer,On Bench19851990Children10052910
Little Pals19851984Ballet and Circus10052940
Little Pals19851992Ballet and Circus100760044
Love Boat19851997Bridal and Romanticism10053431
Love In Bloom19851998Children10052920
Love In Bloom19851992Children10152927
Mallard Duck19851994Animals10052882
Medieval Courtship19851990Bridal and Romanticism10053000
Milanese Lady19851994Women10053230
Milanese Lady19851992Women10153233
Mini Bison, Attacking19851990Animals10053130
Mini Bison, Resting19851990Animals10053120
Mini Cat19851994Cats and Dogs10053084
Mini Cocker Spaniel19851994Cats and Dogs10053108
Mini Cocker Spaniel Pup19851994Cats and Dogs10053091
Mini Deer19851990Animals10053146
Mini Dromedary19851990Animals10053150
Mini Jiraffe19851990Animals10053160
Mini Kitten19851994Cats and Dogs10053075
Mini Lamb19851990Animals10053172
Mini Puppies (Set Of 3)19851990Cats and Dogs10053111
Mini Seal Family19851990Animals10053184
Mother With Child & Lamb19851987Women10152990
Mother Wiyh child & Lamb19851987Motherhood and Families10052990
Napoleon Bonaparte19851995Men10053385
Napoleon, Planning Battle19851995Around the World10014596
Nippon Lady19852001Around the World10053270
On The Beach19851987Sculptures and Nudes10014814
On The Beach19851987Children10114812
Over The Threshold19852007Bridal and Romanticism10052820
Over The Threshold19851992Bridal and Romanticism101528233
Pack Of Hunting Dogs19851995Men10053421
Parisian Lady19851995Women10053210
Parisian Lady19851992Women10153211
Peace Offering1985Sculptures and Nudes10135599
Pensive Eskimo Boy1985Children101215911
Pensive Eskimo Girl1985Children10121588
Pierrot With Concertina19852007Ballet and Circus10052790
Pierrot With Concertina19851992Ballet and Circus101527922
Pierrot With Puppy19852007Ballet and Circus10052770
Pierrot With Puppy19851992Ballet and Circus1015277113
Pierrot With Puppy & Ball19852007Ballet and Circus10052788
Pierrot With Puppy & Ball19851992Ballet and Circus10152781
Plaque Carlos I Imperial19852002Functional Beauty10075060
Playing Wducks At Pond19851990Children10053030
Playing Wducks At Pond19851990Children10153030
Racing Motor Cyclist19851987Men10052704
Sailor Serenades His Girl19851987Bridal and Romanticism10052760
Sitting Under Trellig19851987Women10052980
Sitting Under Trellig19851987Children10152980
Socialite Of The 20's19852002Women10052831
Socialite Of The 20's19851992Women101528319
Standing Under Trellig19851987Women10052970
Standing Under Trellig19851987Children10152970
Star Gazing19851987Fantasy10014777
Star Gazing19851987Fantasy10114770
Starlight,Star Bright19851987Fantasy10014767
Starlight,Star Bright19851987Fantasy10114760
Summer On The Farm19852007Children10052859
The Tailor19851987Men10053260
Thoroughbred Horse19851993Horses10153400
Valencian Couple On Horse19852002Spain and Traditions10014722
Valencian Festival19851995Spain and Traditions10014570
Viennese Lady19851994Women10053220
Viennese Lady19851992Women10153229
Waiting To Tee Off19852000Sports and Professions10053012
Weary Ballerina19851995Ballet and Circus10052757
Weary Ballerina19851992Ballet and Circus10152752
Wedding Day19852000Bridal and Romanticism100527448
Winter Frost19852007Children100528727
Wishing On A Star19851987Fantasy10014756
Wishing On A Star19851987Fantasy10114750
Wistful Centaur Girl19851990Fantasy10053190
Wistful Centaur Girl19851990Fantasy10153190
Xviiith Century Coach1985Bridal and Romanticism10014853
Young Madonna19851987Women10121490
Young Street Musicians19851987Christmas10053060
Young Street Musicians19851987Children10153064
Youthful Beauty19852002Sculptures and Nudes10114614

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