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Released: 2008
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2008 Christmas Ball20082009Christmas10083901
2008 Christmas Ball (Matte)20082009Christmas10176180
2008 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20082009Christmas10071410
2008 Christmas Bell20082009Christmas10083897
2008 Christmas Bell (Matte)20082009Christmas101761711
2008 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20082009Christmas10071403
2008 Christmas Lithophane20082009Christmas10083911
2008 Christmas Lithophane (Re-Deco)20082009Christmas10071422
A Cheerful Panda2008Animals10083580
A Child's Love2008Motherhood and Families10083870
A Gift From My Sweetheart2008Children10083950
A Happy Panda2008Animals10083574
A Jolly Panda2008Animals10083591
A Joyful Panda2008Animals10083562
A Nurturing Bond2008Women10083422
A Swimming Lesson (Re-Deco)20082011Re-Deco10071110
A Walk Through Blossoms2008Children10083521
A Woman's Pose20082011Women10084080
Arabian Pure Breed2008Horses10083434
Arabian Pure Breed (Glazed)20082012Horses100192010
Arabian Pure Breed (Matte)20082010Horses10119201
Autumn Teddy Bear20082015Lladro and Steiff10400731
Awaiting My Sweetheart2008Children10083842
Blossoming Tree2008Flowers10083613
Blossoms For The Kitten2008Cats and Dogs10083824
Blossoms For The Puppy2008Cats and Dogs10083810
Born In 2008 (Boy)20082009Motherhood and Families10183340
Born In 2008 (Girl)20082009Motherhood and Families10183360
Born In 2008 Black Legacy (Boy)20082009Motherhood and Families10183350
Born In 2008 Black Legacy (Girl)20082009Motherhood and Families10183370
Bridal Carriage2008Bridal and Romanticism10019325
Bright Eyes20082016Women10084092
Cactus (Dark Blue)20082015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072611
Cactus (Golden)20082015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072622
Cactus (Light Blue)20082015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072601
Cactus (White)20082015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072591
Camel (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071483
Celebration - Elephants On Black Rock2008Animals10072352
Celebration-Elephants On Dark Turq.Rock20082015Animals10072360
Children Of The World20082016Children10084211
Christmas Light Candle Holder (Re-Deco)20082011Christmas10084021
Clown (Re-Deco)20082011Re-Deco10070941
Clown In Love (Re-Deco)20082016Ballet and Circus10071090
Conversation Vase I2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072573
Conversation Vase Ii2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072584
Courting Cranes (Re-Deco)2008Animals10071041
Curiosity - Monkey On Black Rock2008Animals10072370
Curiosity - Monkey On Turq. Rock2008Animals10072384
Dancing Ganesha2008Buddhism and Hinduism10083274
Discovery - Cherubs On Large Turq.Earth20082015Angels10072390
Discovery-Cherubs On Large Light Turq.Ea20082015Angels10072400
Donkey (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071472
Earth-Cherubs On Small Light Turq.Earth20082015Angels10072421
Earth-Cherubs On Small Turq. Earth20082015Angels10072411
Elephant Basket2008Animals10083930
Elephant Goal2008Animals10083922
Elephant Touchdown2008Animals10083943
Equus Bowl2008Lart de la Table10171471
Equus Butter Dish2008Lart de la Table10171491
Equus Butter Knife20082010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171511
Equus Coffee Cup With Saucer2008Lart de la Table10171541
Equus Napkin Ring (Set Of Two)20082016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171460
Equus Pedestal Bowl2008Lart de la Table10171480
Equus Plate2008Lart de la Table10171500
Equus Tea Cup2008Lart de la Table10171530
Equus Teapot2008Lart de la Table10171520
Evergreen Of Peace2008Christmas10084034
Fair Play2008Sports and Professions10084011
Floral Dreams2008Women10083650
Forever Yours2008Bridal and Romanticism10083320
Ganesha Diya2008Buddhism and Hinduism10083202
Garden Aperitif Bowl (Blue)20082011Lart de la Table10083770
Garden Aperitif Bowl (White)20082011Lart de la Table10083760
Garden Aperitif Chopsticks Hold.(Blue)X220082011Lart de la Table10083730
Garden Aperitif Chopsticks Holder (W)X220082011Lart de la Table10083720
Garden Aperitif Saucer (Blue)20082011Lart de la Table10083750
Garden Aperitif Saucer (White)20082011Lart de la Table10083740
Gentle Breeze20082009Children100836335
Gift Box Spring Fair In Sevilla Golden20082013Spain and Traditions10078180
Gift Box Spring Fair In Sevilla Platinum20082015Spain and Traditions10078171
Golden Retriever2008Cats and Dogs10083452
Great Dragon (Blue And Golden)2008Oriental Traditions10019340
Great Dragon (Blue Enamels)2008Oriental Traditions10019355
Great Dragon (Red)20082010Around the World10019332
Infant Jesus2008Christianity and Judaism10083471
Inside Out Box - Dog (Turquoise)20082009Lart de la Table10072480
Inside Out Box - Dog (White)20082009Lart de la Table10072470
Inside Out Box - Girl (Turquoise)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee10072440
Inside Out Box - Girl (White)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee10072431
Inside Out Box - Man (Turquoise)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee10072460
Inside Out Box - Man (White)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee10072451
Japanese Lampstands (Pair)2008Oriental Traditions10084541
Japanese Nobleman I2008Men10125201
Japanese Nobleman Ii2008Men10125211
Japanese Tree Pots(Mandarin And Cherry)2008Oriental Traditions10084553
Juanita (Re-Deco Golden)20082013Spain and Traditions10071240
King Balthasar (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071453
King Gaspar (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071442
King Melchior (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071432
Kiwi20082017High Porcelain10083832
Kwan Yin (Green)2008Buddhism and Hinduism10019415
Lady Of The Lake20082011Gres10125160
Little Mouse2008Animals10083410
Little Tin Soldier2008Fantasy10083217
Love I (Blossoms)2008Bridal and Romanticism10072311
Love Ii (Blossoms)2008Bridal and Romanticism10072323
Love Iii (Blossoms)2008Bridal and Romanticism10072333
Macaw Bird2008Animals10083888
Magic Forest Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Ce)2008Lighting10171590
Magic Forest Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Us)2008High Porcelain10171600
Magic Forest Chandelier 2 Metres (Ce)2008Lighting10171550
Magic Forest Chandelier 2 Metres (Us)2008High Porcelain10171560
Medicine Buddha2008Buddhism and Hinduism10125153
Morning Melodies20082009Children10083625
Naturo. - Hanging Lamp -Golden (Ce/Uk)2008Lighting10079330
Naturo. -Bowl (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079230
Naturo. -Bowl (White)2008Lart de la Table10079241
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Golden)20082016Lart de la Table10079530
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Green)20082016Lart de la Table10079510
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Grey)20082016Lart de la Table10079520
Naturo. -Hanging Lamp -Grey (Ce/Uk)20082016Lighting10079320
Naturo. -Lamp -Golden (Us)2008High Porcelain10079370
Naturo. -Lamp -Grey (Us)20082016Lighting10079360
Naturo. -Large Vase (Blue)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079000
Naturo. -Large Vase (Golden)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079032
Naturo. -Large Vase (Green)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079010
Naturo. -Large Vase (Grey)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079020
Naturo. -Multi Candleholder (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079721
Naturo. -Multi Candleholder(Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079731
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Sh. (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079430
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shak (Green)2008Lart de la Table10079410
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shak (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079420
Naturo. -Single Candle Holder (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079631
Naturo. -Single Candleholder (Blue)2008Lart de la Table10079602
Naturo. -Single Candleholder (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079621
Naturo. -Small Vase (Green)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079110
Naturo. -Small Vase (Grey)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079121
Naturo. -Small Vase (White)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079140
Niagara Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Ce)2008Lighting10171270
Niagara Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Us)2008High Porcelain10171280
Ocean Beauty (Re-Deco)20082011Fantasy10071030
Oh Happy Days2008Children10083536
Ornament Teddy Bear 200820082015Christmas10400740
Our Lady Of Lourdes2008Christianity and Judaism10083461
Ox (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071461
Peacock (Re-Deco)20082011Re-Deco10071100
Penguin Love2008Animals10084143
Penguin Love2008Animals10125192
Petals In The Pond2008Children10083551
Pomeranian2008Cats and Dogs10083381
Prayer Wheel20082013Jewelry Accessories10125231
Pulcino Obelisk (Enamels Left)20082015Around the World10071700
Pulcino Obelisk (Enamels Right)20082015Around the World10071710
Pulcino Obelisk (Golden White Left)20082015Around the World10071720
Pulcino Obelisk (Golden White Right)20082015Around the World10071730
Round Diya20082015Buddhism and Hinduism10083190
Santa's Midnight Ride2008Christmas10019385
Set Animals At Bethlehem (Re-Deco)20082016Christmas10071490
Set Three Wise Men (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071500
Shakyamuni Buddha (Earth)2008Buddhism and Hinduism10125243
Shakyamuni Buddha (Golden)2008Buddhism and Hinduism10125263
Shakyamuni Buddha (Orange)20082015Buddhism and Hinduism10125250
Snow King2008Animals10084130
Snow King2008Animals10125180
Spring Teddy Bear20082015Lladro and Steiff10400761
Sprinter2008Sports and Professions10083662
Summer Love20082015Children10084162
Sweet Scent Of Blossoms2008Women10083602
Sweet Slumber20082010Children10084000
Swimmer2008Sports and Professions10083983
Thai Couple (Re-Deco)2008Oriental Traditions10071150
The Daughter2008Children10084055
The Family Portrait2008Christmas10072553
The Father2008Men10084073
The Lover I2008Bridal and Romanticism10072522
The Lover Ii2008Bridal and Romanticism10072531
The Lover Iii2008Bridal and Romanticism10072541
The Masquerade I (Bud Vase)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072632
The Masquerade I (Candle Holder)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072491
The Masquerade Ii (Bud Vase)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072641
The Masquerade Ii (Candle Holder)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072502
The Masquerade Iii (Bud Vase)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072650
The Masquerade Iii (Candle Holder)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10072512
The Mother2008Women10084045
The Ox2008Animals10083693
The Rocking Chicken Ride2008Children10072561
The Son2008Children10084062
Tibetan Mandala20082013Jewelry Accessories10125221
Welsh Corgi Pembroke2008Cats and Dogs10083391
Winter Wind2008Children10125173
Young Indian I (Re-Deco)20082010Women10071120
Young Indian Ii (Re-Deco)20082009Re-Deco10071130
Young Indian Iii (Re-Deco)20082010Women10071140

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