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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 1986
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
A Lady Of Taste19862005Women10014957
A Lady Of Taste19861992Women10114950
A New Friend19861991Children10015069
A New Friend19861991Children10115060
A New Hat19861990Women10053456
A Ride In The Country19861994Around the World10053540
A Stitch In Time19861998Children10053445
A Stitch In Time19861992Children10153440
A Time To Rest19861990Spain and Traditions10053917
A Touch Of Class19862001Women100537711
At The Ball19861991Bridal and Romanticism10053986
At The Stroke Of 1219861992Bridal and Romanticism10014930
Balancing Act19861990Animals10053920
Blessed Family19861998Christmas100149914
Boy And His Bunny19861991Children10015075
Boy And His Bunny19861991Children10115070
Can Can19861990Women10053704
Carmencita19861994Spain and Traditions10053732
Children's Games19861994Children10053794
Consideration19861987Christianity and Judaism10153551
Curiosity19861990Cats and Dogs10053933
D.Miguel De Cervantes19861991Sculptures and Nudes10030070
D.Quijote Y Sancho19861991Sculptures and Nudes10030081
Deep In Thought19861990Spain and Traditions10053894
Don Quijote19861991Sculptures and Nudes10030063
Don Quijote19861991Sculptures and Nudes10030110
Don Quixote And The Windmill19861996Around the World10014973
Dressed Family19861992Christmas10114990
El Greco19861990Men10053591
Eskimo Riders1986Around the World10053532
Eskimo Riders19862005Around the World101535323
Family Roots19862007Motherhood and Families10053714
Floral Offering19862005Spain and Traditions10014900
Fox Hunt19862014Horses10053621
Hawaiian Festival19861997Around the World10014961
Hindu Children1986Children10053523
In The Meadow19861991Children10015083
In The Meadow19861991Children10115088
Isabel La Catolica19861991Sculptures and Nudes10030100
Lady Of The East19861994Around the World10014883
Litter Of Fun19862001Children100536411
Little Sculptor19861990Children10053580
Little Sculptor19861990Children10153585
Little Traveller19861992Ballet and Circus100760240
Lolita19861994Spain and Traditions10053722
Lovers Serenade19861990Bridal and Romanticism10053822
Lovers Serenade19861990Bridal and Romanticism10153820
My Wedding Day19861998Bridal and Romanticism10014943
My Wedding Day19861992Bridal and Romanticism10114940
Nature Boy19861991Children10015057
Nature Boy19861991Children10115053
Nature Girl19861987Around the World10053460
Neglected19861991Ballet and Circus10115030
On Guard19861990Cats and Dogs10053500
On The Scent19861990Cats and Dogs10053480
Oration1986Spain and Traditions10053571
Oration19861992Around the World10153578
Oriental Music19862003Around the World10014912
Owl19861991Sculptures and Nudes100300958
Pastoral Scene19861995Sculptures and Nudes10153863
Pepita19861994Spain and Traditions10053746
Petite Maiden19861990Children10053834
Petite Maiden19861990Children10153831
Petite Pair19861990Children10053841
Petite Pair19861990Children10153840
Poor Puppy19861990Cats and Dogs10053940
Rag Doll19861991Children10015011
Rag Doll19861991Children101150133
Ragamuffin19861991Ballet and Circus10115001
Relaxing19861990Cats and Dogs10053494
Resting Model19861990Sculptures and Nudes10130210
Rey De Bastos19861994Fantasy10053690
Rey De Copas19861994Fantasy10053660
Rey De Espadas19861994Fantasy10053680
Rey De Oros19861994Fantasy10053670
Scarecrow And The Lady19861996Children10053852
Serenade19861990Bridal and Romanticism10053814
Serenade19861990Bridal and Romanticism101538115
Sewing Circle19861990Christianity and Judaism10053600
Sidewalk Serenade19861987Men10053881
Spanish Dancer19861990Spain and Traditions10053908
Spring Flowers19861991Children10015097
Spring Flowers19861991Children10115095
St. Vincent19861992Christianity and Judaism10153870
Still Life19861998Children10053636
Still Life19861992Children10153631
Sunday In The Park19861996Children10053650
Sunday In The Park19861992Children10153653
Sweet Harvest19861990Children10053801
Tahitian Dancing Girls19861995Around the World10014980
Tahitian Dancing Girls19861992Around the World10114980
Teresita19861994Spain and Traditions10053753
The New World19861997Around the World10014862
The Poet19861987Men10053971
The Puppet Painter19862005Fantasy10053968
The Reception19861990Bridal and Romanticism10015044
This One's Mine19861995Children100537616
Three Sisters1986Bridal and Romanticism100149211
Time For Reflection1986Women10053789
Time For Reflection19861992Women10153781
Try This One19861998Children100536114
Valencian Boy19861991Spain and Traditions10053952
Valencian Children19862017High Porcelain10014894
Woe Is Me19861990Cats and Dogs10053512
Wolf Hound19861990Cats and Dogs10053561

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