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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2007
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2007 Christmas Ball20072008Christmas10183090
2007 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20072008Christmas10070921
2007 Christmas Bell20072008Christmas10183104
2007 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20072008Christmas10070931
32Nd America's Cup Clip20072008Functional Beauty10082960
32Nd America's Cup Logbook (Large)20072008Functional Beauty10082990
32Nd America's Cup Logbook (Small)20072008Functional Beauty10082980
32Ndamerica's Cup Bookmark/Letter Opener20072008Functional Beauty10082970
A Beautiful Bond2007Motherhood and Families10125142
A Mother's Treasure2007Motherhood and Families10182940
A Mother's Treasure Gift Set20072015Motherhood and Families10178210
African Boy2007Children10125072
African Girl2007Children10125080
Against All Odds20072013Cats and Dogs10083012
Air Nymph (Re-Deco)20072013Fantasy10071000
Amitayus Buddha2007Buddhism and Hinduism10019220
Angel Praying (Re-Deco)2007Angels10070501
Attentive Bunny (Re-Deco)2007Animals10070431
Baby Jesus (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070870
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Cockerel (Black)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170980
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Cockerel (White)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170570
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Horse (Black)2007Horses10170960
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Horse (White)2007Horses10170550
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Ram (Black)20072011Animals10170970
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Ram (White)20072011Animals10170560
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Unicorn (Black)20072011Animals10170950
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Unicorn (White)20072011Animals10170541
Bansuri Ganesha2007Buddhism and Hinduism10083034
Born In 2007 (Boy)20072008Motherhood and Families10182670
Born In 2007 (Girl)20072008Motherhood and Families10182690
Born In 2007 Black Legacy (Boy)20072008Motherhood and Families10182681
Born In 2007 Black Legacy (Girl)20072008Motherhood and Families10182700
Bountiful Blossoms (Carnations)2007Children10072292
Bowl Pulse Of Africa20072010Lart de la Table10125100
Bridal Crown Magic Forest20072013Jewelry Accessories10171440
Bridal Tiara Magic Forest20072013Jewelry Accessories10171450
Brooch Chinese Dragon20072008Jewelry Accessories10100790
Bud V.Dragons-Mixed Background (Re-Deco)20072011Re-Deco10070580
Bud V.Dragons-Platinum Back. (Re-Deco)20072010Re-Deco10070570
Bud Vase Dragons-White Back. (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070561
Buddha I2007Buddhism and Hinduism10125120
Buddha Ii2007Buddhism and Hinduism10125132
Can't Wait!2007Cats and Dogs10083125
Candle Vase Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10400420
Canvas Vase Bird Scene2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070752
Canvas Vase Bird Scene (White)2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070760
Canvas Vase Flower Twig2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070740
Canvas Vase Flower Twig (Black)2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070731
Canvas Vase Flower Twig (White)2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070720
Canvas Vase Flowers Tapestry2007Flowers10070772
Canvas Vase Tree Rings (Black)2007Vases and Decorative Obj.10070780
Celestial Joy - Tree Topper (Re-Deco)2007Angels10070882
Chinese Dragon20072008Fantasy10083043
Chinese Dragon Bowl And Chopsticks20072008Lart de la Table10083050
Chinese Dragon Bowl And Chopsticks20072008Lart de la Table10083060
Chinese Dragon Cell Phone String20072007Jewelry Accessories10100820
Chinese Dragon Cufflinks (Golden)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100840
Chinese Dragon Cufflinks (Silver)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100830
Chinese Dragon Cufflinks (White)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100850
Chinese Dragon Earrings (Golden)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100800
Chinese Dragon Earrings (White)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100860
Chinese Dragon Set 6 Glasses20072008Lart de la Table10083081
Chinese Dragon Vase Skin(Dragon Scale M)20072008Lart de la Table10083070
Courageous (Paperweight)2007Animals10125040
Dachshund20072015Cats and Dogs10083172
Destiny (Ebony Look)20072010Men10082790
Down The Chimney2007Christmas10019314
Dragons Necklace2007Jewelry Accessories10100780
Dreamy Kitten (Re-Deco)20072010Cats and Dogs10070471
Dreidel (Re-Deco)20072016Christianity and Judaism10070980
Dreidel With Dove (Re-Deco)20072016Christianity and Judaism10070971
Endless Love (Re-Deco)2007Animals10070494
Equus Cof.Cups+Saucers Gilded(Set For 2)20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171430
Equus Cof.Cups+Saucers White(Set For 2)20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171420
Equus Letter Opener20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171390
Equus Magnifier20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171380
Equus Mug Gilded20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171410
Equus Mug White20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171400
Everlasting Love2007Bridal and Romanticism100827416
Every Bunny Needs Somebody20072016Children10082873
Fairy Light I - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170900
Fairy Light I Wall Lamp (Us)2007High Porcelain10170380
Fairy Light Ii - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170910
Fairy Light Ii - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170390
Fairy Light Iii - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170920
Fairy Light Iii - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170400
Fairy Light Iv - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170930
Fairy Light Iv - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170410
Fairy Light V - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170940
Fairy Light V - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170420
Fearless (Paperweight)2007Animals10125060
Firemen Brigade20072016Children10083440
First Melodies2007Children10082926
Flowers Of The Season (Re-Deco)20072010Bridal and Romanticism10070300
Forest Nymph (Re-Deco)20072013Fantasy10071020
Forest Song2007Animals10083152
Fragrant Bouquet (Re-Deco)20072011Re-Deco10070410
Freeze Frame I - Hanging Lamp (Ce)2007Lighting10170600
Freeze Frame I - Hanging Lamp (Us)2007High Porcelain10170471
Freeze Frame Ii - Hanging Lamp (Ce)2007Lighting10170610
Freeze Frame Ii - Hanging Lamp (Us)2007High Porcelain10170480
Gallus Salt And Pepper Shakers20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10171012
Gardens Of Valencia Candle Refill20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10201090
Goddess Lakshmi20072009Buddhism and Hinduism10019302
Guide (Ebony Look)20072009Men10082751
Hand Of Fatima (Wall-Hanging)20072015Around the World10019290
Happy Anniversary (Re-Deco)2007Bridal and Romanticism10070454
Happy Encounter2007Bridal and Romanticism10083306
Happy Tea Time2007Lart de la Table10083001
Heaven's Playground20072007Angels10119150
Herons' Realm Covered Vase (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070522
Herons' Realm Vase (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070532
Hindu Dancer20072015Buddhism and Hinduism10019242
I'll Get There First2007Christmas10083250
Idea (Ebony Look)20072010Women10082770
Illusion (Re-Deco)2007Fantasy10070280
Incense Burner Pulse Of Africa20072015Around the World10125030
Japanese Portrait2007Women10082532
Kwan Yin2007Buddhism and Hinduism10083023
Kyudo Archer20072013Women10182900
L' Avi Del Baria2007Occupations20070060
La Menina (Re-Deco)2007Spain and Traditions10070310
Ladies In The Garden V.-Platin.(Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070351
Ladies In The Garden Vase-Blue (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070340
Ladies In The Garden Vase-Grey (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070331
Ladies In The Garden Vase-Red (Re-Deco)2007Re-Deco10070321
Lamp Re-Deco. Dimmer (Ce)2007Re-Deco10070630
Lamp Re-Deco. Dimmer (Us)2007High Porcelain10070800
Lamp Re-Deco. Large Glass Case (Ce)20072016Re-Deco10070640
Lamp Re-Deco. Large Glass Case (Us)20072016Re-Deco10070810
Lamp Re-Deco. Small Glass Case (Ce)20072016Re-Deco10070620
Lamp Re-Deco. Small Glass Case (Us)20072016Re-Deco10070790
Large Chinese Dragon Pendant (Chain)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100810
Large Oval Mirror (Re-Deco)20072016Re-Deco10070710
Life (Ebony Look)20072010Women10082760
Liquid Perf.Diffuser Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lart de la Table10400480
Liquid Perfume Diffuser Oriental Grace20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10400490
Liquid Perfume Refill I Love You, Mom20072015Lart de la Table10200940
Liquid Perfume Refill Oriental Grace20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10200920
Lladro Angel Bear20072010Christmas10400661
Love's Tender Tokens (Re-Deco)20072010Re-Deco10070460
Madonna Of The Flowers2007Christianity and Judaism10083225
Magic Forest Brooch2007Jewelry Accessories10100730
Magic Forest Choker2007Jewelry Accessories10100682
Magic Forest Cufflinks (Gold Plated)2007Jewelry Accessories10100740
Magic Forest Cufflinks (Silver)2007Jewelry Accessories10100750
Magic Forest Hair Comb2007Jewelry Accessories10100720
Magic Forest Hair Stick20072016Jewelry Accessories10100760
Magic Forest Long Earrings2007Jewelry Accessories10100710
Magic Forest Open Necklace2007Jewelry Accessories10100670
Magic Forest Pendant Necklace2007Jewelry Accessories10100690
Magic Forest Ring2007Jewelry Accessories10100770
Magic Forest Stud Earrings2007Jewelry Accessories10100700
Mary (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070861
Memory (Ebony Look)20072010Women10082781
Menina Gold20072011Lladro Privilege10070842
Menorah (Re-Deco)2007Christianity and Judaism10070960
Mihrab (Wall-Hanging)20072013Around the World10019280
Nature's Duet (Re-Deco)20072011Animals10070541
O Christmas Tree (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070895
Organica Candleholder2007Lart de la Table10170530
Ornament Teddy Bear 200720072015Christmas10400670
Othello Wall Hook (Black)20072016Horses10171000
Othello Wall Hook (White)20072016Horses10170990
Papagena Bowl (Black)2007Lart de la Table10170590
Papagena Bowl (White)2007Lart de la Table10170580
Papageno - Wall Light -Black (Us)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170450
Papageno - Wall Light -White (Ce)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170680
Papageno Wall Light -Black (Ce)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170690
Papageno Wall Light -White (Us)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170460
Playtime With Petals20072008Children10077114
Polar Bear Resting (Re-Deco)20072011Animals10070260
Polar Bear Seated (Re-Deco)20072011Animals10070270
Pretty Pickings (Re-Deco)20072011Re-Deco10070371
Recital (Re-Deco)2007Ballet and Circus10070401
Repose2007Sculptures and Nudes10119190
Saint Joseph (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070851
Salt & Pepper Shakers Pulse Of Africa2007Around the World10125020
Set Silent Night (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070953
Shetland Sheepdog2007Cats and Dogs10083262
Sitting Bunny (Re-Deco)20072015Animals10070440
Small Chinese Dragon Pendant (Band)20072008Jewelry Accessories10100870
Small Oval Mirror (Re-Deco)20072016Re-Deco10070820
Solid Perf. Diffuser Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10400540
Solid Perfume Refill Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10200970
Spring Is Here (Re-Deco)20072011Re-Deco10070382
Spring Splendor (Re-Deco)20072013Women10070421
Standing Buddha20072015Buddhism and Hinduism10019230
Step By Step20072011Motherhood and Families10083281
Summer Rhythm2007Fantasy10082933
Sweet Chicks2007Children10082864
Sweet Scent (Re-Deco)20072011Re-Deco10070364
Sweet Sounds Of The Morning (Re-Deco)20072010Animals10070510
Sweet Water Flower (Special Edition)20072013Fantasy10072250
Swing Into Spring20072011Lladro Privilege10083110
Take A Breath20072015Children10083231
Take Me Home! (Re-Deco)20072010Cats and Dogs10070482
Tea Light Candleholder Pulse Of Africa20072010Lart de la Table10125090
The Boar2007Animals100805428
The Happiest Day (Re-Deco)2007Bridal and Romanticism10070555
The Kiss20072008Bridal and Romanticism100192110
The Rat2007Animals10082891
Vase Pulse Of Africa20072010Lart de la Table10125110
Veena Ganesha2007Buddhism and Hinduism10082883
Vigilant (Paperweight)20072010Animals10125051
Votive Candle Holder Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10400600
Votive Candle Refill Gardens Of Valencia20072015Lladro Home Fragrances10201030
Warrior Boy20072010Gres10130064
Water Nymph (Re-Deco)20072013Fantasy10071010
Whispering Breeze (Season In Blossom)20072008Children10072300
White Tara2007Buddhism and Hinduism10019260
Wisdom Of Buddha2007Buddhism and Hinduism10019274
Woman On Horse - Glazed-Matte (Re-Deco)20072013Women10070610
Woman On Horse - Green (Re-Deco)20072013Women10070590
Woman W.Jar Candleholder Pulse Of Africa2007Women10125000
Woman With Basket Pulse Of Africa20072015Women10125010
Yorkshire Terrier2007Cats and Dogs100831811
You Can Do It!20072015Children10083240
You Deserve The Best2007Children10083137
You're So Pretty20072016Motherhood and Families10082912

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