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Released: 2001
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2001 Christmas Ball20012002Christmas101671710
2001 Christmas Bell20012002Christmas101671835
A Celestial Christmas20012001Christmas10067471
A Cozy Fit20012005Cats and Dogs10067433
A Day With Dad20012011Motherhood and Families10067934
A Fairy Tale Prince20012003Fantasy10067982
A Fairy Tale Princess20012003Fantasy10067971
A Farmyard Friend20012004Children10124320
A Morning Walk20012005Children10124271
A New Beginning20012004Children10068316
A Poem For My Girl20012005Children10068211
A Purr-Fect Fit20012004Cats and Dogs10067752
A Quiet Conversation20012013Women10018686
A Reading Lesson20012005Children10067661
A Simple Gift20012005Children10124310
A Well Heeled Puppy20012005Cats and Dogs10067443
After Class20012005Children10124231
Always On The Go20012005Women10067492
An Afternoon Nap2001Motherhood and Families100676510
An Apron Full Of Joy20012004Children10124282
Angel Of The Mirror2001Legend10179140
Baby's First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167190
Baby's First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167200
Blessed Family20012008Christmas10067611
Blossom Of The Heart20012005Women10067822
Bountiful Blossoms2001Children100675615
Bundled Bather2001Children10068009
Bunny Kisses20012002Children10067411
Butterfly Treasures2001Women100677713
Butterfly Treasures20012005Women10167771
Centaura (Diamonds)2001Legend10179170
Centaura (Enamel)2001Legend10179160
Centaura (Pink Sapphire)2001Legend10179150
Childhood Dreams20012005Children10068176
Christmas Buddies20012002Christmas10066732
Cozy Kitties20012004Children10124250
Dance Of Joy20012005Women10124242
Divine Love2001Legend10179100
Dreaming Of The Stars20012005Angels10068403
Evening Light20012005Women10167500
Exploring The Stars20012005Angels10068391
First Flowers20012005Children10067571
First Performance2001Ballet and Circus10067636
Flowers Of Peace20012004Angels10018678
Garden Breeze20012003Women10135832
Gazebo In Bloom20012007Bridal and Romanticism10018656
Gentle Embrace2001Motherhood and Families10124293
Heaven's Harvest20012007Angels10067723
Heavenly Love2001Angels10068567
Heavenly Melodies20012002Angels10068356
Hug Me Tight20012005Children10124201
Just Like New2001Children10067997
Keep Me Warm20012005Children10124191
Little Hairdresser20012004Motherhood and Families10124302
Lord Ganesha20012002Buddhism and Hinduism10018787
Love Letters2001Bridal and Romanticism10068300
Love's Little Surprises20012007Bridal and Romanticism10067466
Majesty Of The Seas20012005Animals10067960
Meditative Moment2001Women10124182
Mirror, Mirror...20012011Around the World10067487
Morning Dew20012005Women10167510
Music From My Heart20012005Sculptures and Nudes10124330
My Favourite Place2001Children100679515
On My Way Home20012005Women10067521
Our First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167214
Petals On The Wind2001Women10067677
Prince Of The Elves20012003Lladro Privilege100769019
Puppy Parade2001Children10067846
Reading Companions20012003Women10067681
Reading With Daddy20012003Motherhood and Families10067702
River Of Dreams20012010Fantasy10018663
Santa Won't Notice20012002Christmas10066760
Santa's Magic Touch20012005Christmas10067748
Scent Of A Flower20012005Ballet and Circus10124261
Shh... Let Him Sleep20012005Children10067943
Sleepy Scholar20012007Children10068010
Snuggle Bunny20012005Children10124214
Someone To Look Up To20012005Motherhood and Families10167711
Star Of The Heavens20012002Angels10067927
Stepping Into Spring20012002Flowers10067762
Sunset In The Country20012004Motherhood and Families10067811
Sweet Sounds Of The Morning20012010Animals10068641
The Birth Of Venus2001Fantasy10018648
The Encounter20012002Women10067731
The Horse2001Horses10068272
The Key Of The Secrets (Diamonds)2001Legend10179130
The Key Of The Secrets (Emerald)2001Legend10179120
The Key Of The Secrets (Sapphire)2001Legend10179110
The Snake2001Animals10067803
Thinking Of Love20012005Women10076932
Traveling Companions2001Women10067537
Underwater Explorer (Lamp)20012003Lighting10067620
Waiting For A Rainbow20012005Angels10068034
Waiting For The Bell20012007Children10068022
Walking The Dogs20012005Women10067604
What A Surprise!20012010Children10067594
Winds Of Romance2001Women10067832

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