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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 2004
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2004 Christmas Ball20042005Christmas101673610
2004 Christmas Bell20042005Christmas101673721
A Brief Rest20042008Women10068100
A Priceless Moment2004Motherhood and Families100805611
A Snowy Haven20042008Animals10080618
A Snowy Sanctuary20042008Animals10080625
A Well Earned Rest20042008Christmas10068973
African Man2004Men10124741
African Woman2004Women10124733
Air Nymph20042009Fantasy10118961
Angelic Melody Bell20042008Christmas10080788
Are You Tired?20042009Children10080595
Baby's First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167380
Baby's First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167392
Bacchante With Feline20042007Fantasy10119020
Before The Dance Mural20042008Ballet and Circus10130380
Bird - Natural Frames20042008Animals10080671
Bunny - Natural Frames20042008Animals10080725
Celestial Flowers20042007Angels10080870
Celestial Gardener20042007Angels10080880
Celestial Joy20042005Angels10080805
Celestial Music Bell20042008Christmas10080764
Country Life20042009Children10069645
Cupid In Love20042006Angels10068200
Dancers From The Nile2004Women10124574
Delivering Magic20042008Christmas10068983
Don't Be Impatient20042011Children10080332
Don't Wake Me Up!20042008Fantasy10169710
Farm Girl20042008Women101246611
Fatherhood Mural20042010Men10130360
Fish - Natural Frames20042008Animals10080680
Flowers For Mommy2004Children100802112
Flying Free!20042015Children10080607
Forest Nymph2004Fantasy10118941
Gardens Of Athens20042006Women100770425
Give Me A Hug!2004Children100804611
Going To Bed2004Children10080194
Good Boys & Girls20042008Christmas10068968
Hand Of Fatima I20042008Christianity and Judaism10180890
Hand Of Fatima Ii20042008Christianity and Judaism10180900
Have A Flower20042015Ballet and Circus10080443
Hina Dolls - Emperor2004Oriental Traditions10080504
Hina Dolls - Empress2004Oriental Traditions10080492
Holiday Wishes20042011Christmas10080103
How Are You?20042010Animals10080252
How Beautiful!20042011Animals10080273
I'll Be Santa20042006Christmas10068230
I'm So Tired!20042008Fantasy101696910
Kitten - Natural Frames20042008Cats and Dogs10080707
Ladies In The Garden Vase20042007Bridal and Romanticism10019009
Lady Butterfly20042011Fantasy10169682
Lady With Lilies I20042008Women10124630
Lady With Lilies Ii20042008Women10124641
Lessons In The Garden20042009Motherhood and Families10080281
Little Daisy2004Children100804110
Little Lady20042005Children10080229
Little Rose2004Children10080429
Little Tamer20042013Ballet and Circus10080933
Little Violet2004Children100804310
Living In A Dream2004Women10019016
Love Always20042006Bridal and Romanticism10068682
Love For Ballet2004Ballet and Circus10118931
Lucky Elephant2004Animals10080364
Lucky Frog20042011Animals10080371
Lucky Owl2004Animals100803511
Lucky Tortoise20042011Animals10080383
Mihrab20042015Around the World10180910
Mistletoe Bell20042008Christmas10080792
Moon Girl2004Children10180483
Motherhood Mural20042010Motherhood and Families10130371
My Fair Lady2004Women10180241
My Love For You20042006Bridal and Romanticism10068110
My Magical Swan20042006Fantasy10068611
My Two Little Treasures20042004Children10068360
Oriental Moon20042008Around the World10080201
Our First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167405
Our Saviour (Wall Art)20042004Christianity and Judaism10169120
Panda I20042009Animals10124600
Panda Ii20042008Animals10124611
Panda Iii20042010Animals10124620
Princess Of The Fairies Plate20042004Functional Beauty10176960
Puppy - Natural Frames20042008Cats and Dogs10080716
Romantic Clown20042015Ballet and Circus10080556
Room For Three20042008Children10080235
Santa Claus Messenger20042008Christmas10019044
Sea Slumber20042013Motherhood and Families10080314
Serene Matherhood20042004Sculptures and Nudes10130350
Shall I Read You A Story?2004Children10080342
Sleep My Love20042008Motherhood and Families10080301
Somewhere In La Mancha20042013Men10018922
Spanish Fire20042011Men10124670
Spanish Passion20042011Women10124681
Squirrel - Natural Frames20042008Animals10080692
Station Master20042008Men10080082
Sun Girl2004Children10180472
Switch Operator20042008Men10080071
The Best Of Friends2004Children10080323
The Happiest Day2004Bridal and Romanticism100802912
The Magician's Hat20042013Ballet and Circus10080924
The Muse20042008Women10077034
The Nobleman's Reading20042008Gres10124590
The Rooster2004Animals10080864
Time For A Nap!20042008Fantasy10169700
Traditional Sounds Bell20042008Christmas10080775
Triton I20042008Fantasy10080631
Triton Ii20042008Fantasy10080640
Two Hearts Together20042009Animals10069673
Water Nymph20042009Fantasy10118952
Welcome To The Circus20042008Ballet and Circus10080450
Yoga I2004Women10180570
Yoga Ii20042011Women10180580
You Surprised Me!20042010Animals10080261
You're My Angel20042005Angels10119062
Young Indian I20042008Around the World10124750
Young Indian Ii20042008Around the World10124760
Young Indian Iii20042008Around the World10124770

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