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Lladro Listed By Year

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Released: 2010
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2010 Christmas Ball20102011Christmas10183380
2010 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20102011Christmas10183390
2010 Christmas Bell20102011Christmas10183403
2010 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20102011Christmas10183410
African Child20102015Children10125310
Alexander Nevski2010Horses10019502
Andalusian Dancer2010Spain and Traditions10084990
Angelic Stars (Tree Topper)2010Angels10085341
Arabesque Eight Sided Mirror2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078251
Arctic Horizons20102015Animals10084800
Arctic Spirit20102015Animals10084810
Baby Elephant With Blue Flower2010Animals10084900
Baby Elephant With Pink Flower2010Animals10084911
Baby Elephant With Yellow Flower2010Animals10084920
Backstage Ballet2010Ballet and Circus10084767
Basketball Dunk20102013Men10085070
Beautiful Innocence2010Women10119520
Before The Dance Mural (Grey)20102013Ballet and Circus10085130
Blessed Family Mural (Grey)2010Christmas10085140
Born In 2010 (Boy)20102011Children10183420
Born In 2010 (Girl)20102011Children10183430
Born In 2010 Black Legacy (Boy)20102011Christmas10183440
Born In 2010 Black Legacy (Girl)20102011Christmas10183450
Bucolic Head (Color)20102015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072870
Bucolic Head (White & Silver)20102015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072862
Byzantine Head (Color)20102015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072890
Byzantine Head (White & Silver)20102015Vases and Decorative Obj.10072880
Champions Team (Vcf)20102015Men10070170
Cherub Of Love20102014Angels10085351
Divine Love2010Buddhism and Hinduism10019625
Eight Sided Mirror (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077780
Eight Sided Mirror (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077760
Eight Sided Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077811
Enchanted Prince (Re-Deco)2010Animals10071882
Eskimo Nap (Girl)20102015Children10125410
Eskimo Slumber (Boy)20102015Children10125400
Fatherhood Mural (Green)20102013Men10085111
Faun And Unicorn (Color)20102015Fantasy10072950
Faun And Unicorn (White & Silver)20102015Fantasy10072940
Fish Centerpiece Large (Color)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072920
Fish Centerpiece Large (White & Silver)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072900
Fish Centerpiece Small (Color)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072931
Fish Centerpiece Small (White & Silver)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072911
Flower-Bedecked Bull (Color)2010Spain and Traditions10072970
Flower-Bedecked Bull (White & Silver)2010Spain and Traditions10072960
Flying Duck With Mistletoe20102016Animals10084963
Flying Duck With Yellow Lillies20102016Animals10084942
Fuji Musume20102016Oriental Traditions10085482
Girl With Dalmatians2010Children10085213
Girl With French Bulldog2010Children10085220
Good Morning, Butterfly20102010Children10085202
Harlequin's Melody20102013Ballet and Circus10085181
Hina Dolls Festival2010Oriental Traditions10085053
Horse Race2010Horses10085152
I Want To Be Like You2010Motherhood and Families10084821
Imperial Dragon Fan2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10019510
Jumping Duck With Purple Dahlias2010Animals10084952
Kitty's Breakfast Time2010Children10084982
Large Owl (Grey)2010Animals10125320
Large Owl (Red)2010Animals10125330
Lily Flowers Pot - Warrior Boy2010Oriental Traditions10125430
Lithophane Shade - Deer20102016Lithophanes10173170
Lithophane Shade - Renaissance20102016Lithophanes10173130
Lithophane Shade - Thanksgiving20102016Lithophanes10173200
Lithophane Votive Light - Deer2010Christmas10173160
Lithophane Votive Light - Lord Ganesha2010Buddhism and Hinduism10173183
Lithophane Votive Light - Renaissance2010Lithophanes10173120
Lithophane Votive Light - Thanksgiving2010Christmas10173191
Little Angel Bell2010Xmas Season20050820
Little Bunny (Blue)2010Animals20050770
Little Kitty (Blue)2010Animals20050790
Little Kitty (Pink)2010Animals20050780
Little Mermaid (Color)20102015Fantasy10072990
Little Mermaid (White & Silver)20102015Fantasy10072980
Little Puppy (Blue)2010Animals20050810
Little Puppy (Pink)2010Animals20050800
Little Red Riding Hood2010Fantasy10085009
Lonely (Blue)20102013Children10125371
Lord Ganesha20102010Buddhism and Hinduism10019655
Lovers' Waltz2010Bridal and Romanticism10085096
Maneki Neko I (White)2010Oriental Traditions10085281
Maneki Neko Ii (Blue)2010Oriental Traditions10085290
Maneki Neko Iii (Pink)2010Oriental Traditions10085301
Meditating Woman Lamp I (Uk)2010Lighting10085550
Meditating Woman Lamp I (Us)2010High Porcelain10085531
Meditating Woman Lamp Ii (Uk)2010Lighting10085560
Meditating Woman Lamp Ii (Us)2010High Porcelain10085541
Medium Conversation Vase2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10075963
Mirror With Lilies (Blue)20102016Mirrors and Wall Art10071760
Mirror With Lilies (Green)20102016Mirrors and Wall Art10071780
Mirror With Lilies (Purple)20102016Mirrors and Wall Art10071770
Mirror With Lilies (White)20102016Mirrors and Wall Art10071750
Moonlight Child20102013Fantasy10180500
Mother Nature20102013Motherhood and Families10071801
Motherhood Mural (Salmon)20102013Motherhood and Families10085120
Musical Angel Teddy Bear20102015Lladro and Steiff10400910
My Fair Lady (Re-Deco)2010Women10071923
My Guardian Angel (Pink)2010Angels10085493
My Sweet Little Puppy2010Children10085315
Nude With Shawl2010Women10125364
Oval Mirror (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077721
Oval Mirror (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077710
Oval Mirror (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077700
Oval Mirror (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077740
Oval Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077750
Oval Mirror (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077730
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077660
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077650
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077640
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077681
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077671
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White/Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077691
Parrot Friends2010Lart de la Table10078572
Parrot Hang I2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078532
Parrot Hang Ii2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078541
Parrot Icon2010Lart de la Table10078590
Parrot Light2010Lart de la Table10078550
Parrot Love2010Lart de la Table10078510
Parrot Night - Left (ce)20102017High Porcelain10078631
Parrot Night - Left (jp)20102017High Porcelain10078690
Parrot Night - Left (Uk)2010Lighting10078672
Parrot Night - Left (Us)2010High Porcelain10078650
Parrot Night - Right (ce)20102017High Porcelain10078620
Parrot Night - Right (jp)20102017High Porcelain10078680
Parrot Night - Right (Uk)2010Lighting10078660
Parrot Night - Right (Us)2010High Porcelain10078640
Parrot One2010Lart de la Table10078520
Parrot Parade2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10078503
Parrot Shine I2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078601
Parrot Shine Ii2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078611
Parrot Star2010Lart de la Table10078580
Parrot Team2010Lart de la Table10078560
Peace On Earth2010Angels10085333
Quixote Mural (Grey)20102013Men10084830
Ram In The Meadow (Black)20102013Animals10084850
Round Mirror Large (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077900
Round Mirror Large (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077880
Round Mirror Large (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077921
Round Mirror Large (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077930
Round Mirror Large (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077910
Round Mirror Small (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077840
Round Mirror Small (Green)20102016Mirrors and Wall Art10077830
Round Mirror Small (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077862
Round Mirror Small (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077870
Round Mirror Small (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077850
Running Duck With Pink Orchid2010Animals10084930
Saint James The Pilgrim(special Edition)20102017High Porcelain10125420
Santa, I've Been Good!2010Christmas10019605
Scene 1: Lover's Garden20102016Bridal and Romanticism10072750
Scene 2: Raining Hearts20102015Fantasy10072760
Season In Bloom - Bird2010Animals10084612
Secrets In The Park2010Children10085064
Seder Plate20102015Christianity and Judaism10085010
Sheep In The Meadow (Black)20102013Animals10084841
Sitting On The Clouds2010Angels10119212
Small Conversation Vase2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10075973
Small Owl (Grey)2010Animals10125340
Small Owl (Red)2010Animals10125350
Spiral Mirror (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077950
Spiral Mirror (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077980
Spiral Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077990
Spiral Mirror (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077970
Summer Crush2010Children10085080
Summer Teddy Bear20102015Lladro and Steiff10400790
Sunlight Child20102013Fantasy10180491
Sweet Victoria2010Women10085102
The Happy Couple20102015Lladro and Steiff10400900
The Lady Of The Rose (Blue)20102015Women10085831
The Rabbit2010Animals100851711
Toy20102016Lart de la Table100728154
Vanity Mirror (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078280
Vanity Mirror (Blue)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078320
Vanity Mirror (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078270
Vanity Mirror (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078261
Vanity Mirror (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078300
Vanity Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078311
Vanity Mirror (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078291
Venetian Carnival (Re-Deco)2010Bridal and Romanticism10071941
Votive Candle Holder (Blue)2010Functional Beauty20050730
Votive Candle Holder (Pink)2010Functional Beauty20050720
Votive Candle Holder (White)2010Functional Beauty20050740
Warrior Boy20102014Gres10130420
You Deserve The Best (Boy)2010Children10085043
Young Torero2010Spain and Traditions10084972

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