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Released: 2002
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2002 Christmas Ball20022003Christmas101672210
2002 Christmas Bell20022003Christmas101672325
A Brushstroke Of Dreams20022008Christmas10068917
A Child's Love20022013Motherhood and Families10118733
A Child's Present20022005Children10124401
A Flower's Whisper2002Women10069185
A Grand Adventure2002Bridal and Romanticism10018886
A Lovers' Dance2002Bridal and Romanticism10068192
A Message Of Joy20022005Angels10018837
A Mother's Embrace2002Motherhood and Families10068512
A Romp In The Garden2002Children10069075
A Sweet Gesture20022005Children10124411
A Sweet Smell20022009Cats and Dogs10068324
A Symbol Of Peace20022008Animals10075902
A Vow Of Love20022010Bridal and Romanticism10018693
A Warm Welcome2002Children10069037
An Elegant Touch2002Children100686211
Ancient Orient Gift Box2002Oriental Traditions10078031
Angelic Music20022005Angels10068384
Angelic Music20022005Angels10168380
Angelic Serenade20022005Angels10068370
Angelic Serenade20022005Angels10168371
As Pretty As A Flower20022004Motherhood and Families10068790
Baby's First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167240
Baby's First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167253
Beauty In Bloom20022005Lladro Privilege10168542
Blessed Event20022008Christmas10124480
Blossom Time20022005Children10068696
Bridge Of Dreams20022012Women10018792
Bundle Of Dreams20022005Children10069051
Bundle Of Surprises20022005Children10069044
By The Seashore20022005Children10068551
Celestial Harmony20022005Angels10068717
Circus Days20022008Ballet and Circus10069160
Cricket Player20022005Men10068650
Dreaming Of The Stars20022005Angels10168400
Exploring The Stars20022005Angels10168390
First Steps On The Prairie20022011Horses10068731
Floral Serenade20022007Animals10018777
Flowers For Everyone2002Women10068094
Flowers From Tahiti20022005Sculptures and Nudes10124420
For A Special Someone2002Children10069159
Fragrances And Colors2002Women10068665
Gondola Of Love2002Bridal and Romanticism10018708
Heavenly Apprentice20022005Angels10068492
Heavenly Friends Gift Box20022008Angels10078000
Hello, Little Squirrel!2002Children10068254
Herons' Realm Covered Vase20022007Vases and Decorative Obj.10068800
Herons' Realm Vase2002Vases and Decorative Obj.10068812
Herons'Realm Candleholder (Crouching)20022005Functional Beauty10068830
Herons'Realm Candleholder (Standing)20022005Functional Beauty10068820
Hopes And Dreams20022003Motherhood and Families10168852
In A Magical Garden20022005Children10068771
Inner Beauty20022008Women10168891
Joy In My Heart20022003Angels10069081
Leda And The Swan2002Sculptures and Nudes10124443
Let's Take A Bath!20022005Children10068720
Little Napmates20022005Children10068536
Little School Boy20022005Children10068134
Little School Girl20022005Children10068142
Lost In Thought20022004Women10168872
Love In The World20022005Angels10068706
Loving Steps20022005Motherhood and Families10124520
Loving Words20022005Bridal and Romanticism10124430
Loving Words (Lamp)20022005Lighting10124460
Magical Unicorn20022004Lladro Privilege10076976
Mary And Baby Jesus20022005Christianity and Judaism10068343
May My Wish Come True20022006Bridal and Romanticism10018828
Mediterranean Light20022003Women10068636
Music For A Dream20022011Ballet and Circus10069007
My Happy Friend2002Children10068248
My Little Sweetie2002Motherhood and Families100685814
My Loyal Friend2002Children100690210
Nature's Duet20022011Animals10069172
Nature's Observer (Gift Box)20022005Animals10078060
Our First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167260
Our Saviour20022004Christianity and Judaism10169110
Petals Of Fantasy20022005Fantasy10068330
Pond Dreamer20022010Animals10068596
Princess Of The Fairies20022004Lladro Privilege10076945
Reflections Of Beauty20022011Women10124370
Santa's Little Secret20022013Christmas10068902
Sea Legend20022005Fantasy10078021
Secrets Of The Forest20022005Children10068780
Set Silent Night (Gres)2002Christmas10178050
Set Silent Night (Porcelain)2002Christmas10078044
Sighs Of Love20022005Bridal and Romanticism10018812
Sleep Well, Sweet Baby20022005Children10068430
Soothing Reflections20022004Women10168880
Spirit Of The Earth20022005Women10124360
Spirit Of The Wind20022005Women10124340
Spring Butterfly20022002Animals10072020
Spring Frog20022002Animals10072000
Spring Of Love20022010Women10018768
Springtime Fun20022009Children10068762
Strings Of The Heart2002Sculptures and Nudes10124381
Subtle Moonlight20022004Sculptures and Nudes10130341
Summer Pond20022005Animals10078012
Sweet Fragrance2002Children10068223
The Encounter20022004Women10167732
The Gift Of Life20022010Motherhood and Families10135850
The Gift Of Life20022013Motherhood and Families10135861
The Goat2002Animals10069224
The Kiss20022011Bridal and Romanticism10018712
The Lady Of The Rose20022010Women10068576
The Lovers Of Verona20022005Bridal and Romanticism10135840
The Magic Of Comedy2002Ballet and Circus10069131
The Perfect Swing20022007Men10068453
The Prettiest Of All2002Children10068504
Timeless Moment20022004Women10168860
Treasures Of The Earth2002Women100692112
Tropical Wonders20022005Sculptures and Nudes10124450
Underwater Calm20022010Animals10068601
Underwater Fantasy20022005Fantasy10018755
Unexpected Visit20022005Cats and Dogs10068291
Waiting For Your Letter20022005Children10068521
Waiting In The Willow20022005Women10018745
Waters Of The Oasis2002Women10124390
Where Presents Are Made20022008Christmas10068926
Winged Delight20022008Children10124512
Winged Dreams20022008Children10124491
Winged Tenderness20022008Children10124503
With All My Heart20022013Children10069068
You're Everything To Me2002Bridal and Romanticism100684213
You're So Cute!2002Children10068266

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