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Released: 2012
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
2012 Christmas Ball20122013Christmas10183560
2012 Christmas Ball (Re-Deco)20122013Christmas10183570
2012 Christmas Bell20122013Christmas10183580
2012 Christmas Bell (Re-Deco)20122013Christmas10183590
A Gift Of Lillies2012Children10085841
A Purr-Fect Reflection2012Ballet and Circus10085720
A Romantic Christmas2012Christmas10086653
Adorable Little Marilyn2012Children10086302
Auspicious Dragon (Green)2012Oriental Traditions10085630
Auspicious Dragon (Red)2012Oriental Traditions10086250
Bali Dancer (Re-Deco)2012Women10086430
Bali Dancer Kneeling (Re-Deco)20122015Women10086440
Blessed Virgin Mary2012Christianity and Judaism10086425
Born In 2012 (Boy - Fair Skin)20122014Children10183640
Born In 2012 (Boy-Dark Skin)20122014Children10183660
Born In 2012 (Girl- Fair Skin)20122014Children10183650
Born In 2012 (Girl-Dark Skin)20122014Children10183670
Can't Wait! (Christmas)2012Christmas10086921
Celestial Balcony2012Angels10085902
Celestial Melody (Tree Topper) (Re-Deco)2012Angels10077280
Cherub On A Peacock2012Angels10019610
Chinese Beauty2012Oriental Traditions10086390
Civil Ceremony2012Bridal and Romanticism10086331
Cute Little Marilyn2012Children10086314
Dancer (Special Edition)2012Women10071891
Daydreaming By The Pond2012Women10086642
Egyptian Geese2012Animals10125480
Elegant Foxtrot2012Sports and Professions10086384
Elephant Box2012Buddhism and Hinduism10090130
Enchanted Glade20122016Bridal and Romanticism10085971
Estratos - Box (Burgundy)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10090630
Estratos - Box (Green)20122015Estratos10090510
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Ce)20122016Estratos10090641
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Jp)20122016Estratos10090670
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Uk)20122016Estratos10090650
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Us)20122016Estratos10090660
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Ce)20122016Estratos10090521
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Jp)20122016Estratos10090550
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Uk)20122016Estratos10090530
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Us)20122016Estratos10090540
Estratos - Large Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos10090600
Estratos - Large Vase (Green)20122015Estratos10090480
Estratos - Medium Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos10090610
Estratos - Medium Vase (Green)20122015Estratos10090490
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Ce)20122016Estratos10090681
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Jp)20122016Estratos10090710
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Uk)20122016Estratos10090690
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Us)20122016Estratos10090700
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Ce)20122016Estratos10090560
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Jp)20122016Estratos10090590
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Uk)20122016Estratos10090570
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Us)20122016Estratos10090580
Estratos - Small Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos10090620
Estratos - Small Vase (Green)20122015Estratos10090501
Expecting2012Motherhood and Families10086221
Fall Fan2012Re-Deco10085410
Foresta - Hanging Lamp (Ce/Uk)2012Lighting10231590
Girl Scout Brownie20122015Children10086460
Goddess Lakshmi20122015Buddhism and Hinduism10019661
Hansel And Gretel2012Children10086583
Hina Dolls 20122012Oriental Traditions10086241
Home Sweet Home (Re-Deco)2012Christmas10183720
In My Garden2012Children10086632
Japanese Garden2012Children10086401
Ladies From Aranjuez Vase2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10019682
Lion Pouncing2012Animals10086563
Lithophane Shade - Lace2012Lithophanes10173360
Lithophane Shade - London20122016Lithophanes10173310
Lithophane Votive Light - Buddha2012Buddhism and Hinduism10173251
Lithophane Votive Light - Lace2012Lithophanes10173370
Lithophane Votive Light - Om2012Buddhism and Hinduism10173351
Lithophane Votive Light - Santa Claus2012Christmas10173402
Lithophane Votive Light -Goddess Lakshmi2012Buddhism and Hinduism10173390
Little Roadster (Re-Deco)2012Christmas10183680
Mezuzah2012Christianity and Judaism10086620
Mommy's Little Girl2012Motherhood and Families10086232
Monkey Vase2012Buddhism and Hinduism10090122
My Life2012Women10125452
My Playful Pet20122013Children10086451
Naturo. -Appetizer Plate (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079670
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper I (Black)20122016Lart de la Table10079980
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper Ii(Black)20122016Lart de la Table10079990
Naturo. -Centerpiece (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079650
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shakers (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079680
Naturo. -Tray (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079661
Naturo. 6 Lights - Lamp (Ce/Uk)2012Lighting10231480
Oriental Vase (Blue)2012Oriental Traditions10019551
Oriental Vase (Red)2012Oriental Traditions10019541
Ornament Teddy Bear20122015Christmas10400990
Padmasana Buddha2012Buddhism and Hinduism10085671
Padmasana Ganesha2012Buddhism and Hinduism10086355
Parrot Romance2012Lart de la Table10078482
Parrot Treasure2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10078470
Parrot Vanity2012Mirrors and Wall Art10078492
Peacock - Lamp (Uk)2012Buddhism and Hinduism10090150
Peacock - Lamp (Us)2012High Porcelain10090161
Pleasant Breeze2012Children10085854
Poppy Flowers Tall Vase (Blue)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10086491
Poppy Flowers Tall Vase (Green)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10086481
Poppy Flowers Vase (Blue)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10086200
Poppy Flowers Vase (Purple)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10086211
Protective Instinct20122015Animals10086683
Romanesque Christ2012Christianity and Judaism10019691
Romantic Serenade20122016Women10085960
Scented Candle - Gardens Of Valencia20122015Lladro Home Fragrances10451820
Spring Fan2012Re-Deco10085430
Sprinter (Black)20122016Men10086281
Surgeon2012Sports and Professions10086576
Sweet Caress2012Women10125440
Swimmer (Black)20122016Men10086290
Swing For The Fences2012Sports and Professions10086271
Teddy Bear (Re-Deco)2012Christmas10183700
Thai Dancers2012Buddhism and Hinduism10086471
The Black Guest - Big2012Fantasy10072821
The Guest By Devilrobots - Big2012Fantasy10072800
The Guest By Devilrobots - Little2012Fantasy10072851
The Guest By Jaime Hayon - Big20122015Fantasy10072780
The Guest By Jaime Hayon - Little2012Fantasy10072831
The Guest By Tim Biskup - Big2012Fantasy10072790
The Guest By Tim Biskup - Little2012Fantasy10072841
The Kiss2012Bridal and Romanticism10086674
The Snake2012Animals10086146
The Swan Princess (Enamels)20122015Fantasy10019420
The White Guest - Big2012Fantasy10072772
Train (Re-Deco)2012Christmas10183711
Violinist Teddy Bear20122015Lladro and Steiff10400980
Whispers From The Sea2012Women10125490
Winged Beauty2012Fantasy10019561
Your Favorite Flowers!2012Children10086323

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