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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Yabusame Archer2014Horses10087983
Yearning For Happiness20032009Women10069924
Yellow Oval Basket19891991Flowers10016251
Yoga19831991Sculptures and Nudes10135422
Yoga I2004Women10180570
Yoga I - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230010
Yoga Ii20042011Women10180581
Yoga Ii - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230050
Yorkshire Terrier2007Cats and Dogs100831810
You & Me Set2015Lart de la Table10096170
You And Me19721981Bridal and Romanticism10048300
You And Me19721981Bridal and Romanticism10148308
You Can Do It!20072015Children10083240
You Deserve The Best2007Children10083138
You Deserve The Best (Boy)2010Children10085045
You Surprised Me!20042010Animals10080261
You'll Feel Better!2011Children10085440
You're Everything To Me2002Bridal and Romanticism100684213
You're My Angel20042005Angels10119062
You're So Cute!2002Children10068266
You're So Pretty20072016Motherhood and Families10082912
Young Arphist19651980Women100011716
Young Bach19941995Men10018019
Young Ballerina19561980Ballet and Circus10002132
Young Beethoven19962005Men10018155
Young Couple With Car1982Bridal and Romanticism10013934
Young Fisherman19962013Children10123351
Young Flautist Lamp19561980Children10000880
Young Girl Reclining19771985Women10120621
Young Girl Thinking19801994Children10050717
Young Girl Thinking19801992Children10150710
Young Indian I20042008Around the World10124750
Young Indian I (Re-Deco)20082010Women10071120
Young Indian Ii20042008Around the World10124760
Young Indian Ii (Re-Deco)20082009Re-Deco10071130
Young Indian Iii20042008Around the World10124770
Young Indian Iii (Re-Deco)20082010Women10071140
Young Lady In Trouble19741985Children10049127
Young Lady In Trouble19741985Children10149120
Young Lady With Fan19891994Women10117260
Young Lady With Parasol19891994Women10117250
Young Love19821991Bridal and Romanticism100140911
Young Love19821991Bridal and Romanticism10114090
Young Madonna19851987Women10121490
Young Man's Portrait19481980Functional Beauty10000420
Young Mandolin Player19952001Children10062783
Young Mary20002003Christianity and Judaism10124171
Young Mother19801990Motherhood and Families10135212
Young Mozart19921992Children10059155
Young Nurse19962002Children10063071
Young Orient-Man19711986Around the World10120210
Young Princess19931996Children10060367
Young Shepherd (Lamp)19651980Lighting10003652
Young Shepherdess2015Women10091581
Young Shepherdess (Lamp)19651980Lighting10003660
Young Street Musicians19851987Christmas10053060
Young Street Musicians19851987Children10153062
Young Sultan19711986Men10111742
Young Torero19972002Around the World10064382
Young Torero2010Spain and Traditions10084971
Young Valencian Girl19631980Spain and Traditions10003050
Young W. Mozart 250 Th Anniversary20062013Around the World10072280
Young Water Girl1996Women10123362
Your Favorite Flowers!2012Children10086323
Your Special Angel1998Angels10064922
Youth20002004Sculptures and Nudes101241518
Youth19831987Sculptures and Nudes10135380
Youthful Beauty19852002Sculptures and Nudes10114611
Youthful Innocence19871998Sculptures and Nudes10130130
Yuki19831998Around the World10014488

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