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ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Facing The Wind19742002Children10112794
Fair Play2008Sports and Professions10084011
Fair Play (Vcf)20112015Children10070080
Fairy (Lamp)19701981Lighting10145740
Fairy Ballerina19841987Women10121370
Fairy Flowers19921995Fantasy10058611
Fairy Garland19921995Fantasy10058600
Fairy Godmother19911994Fantasy100579141
Fairy Light I - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170900
Fairy Light I Wall Lamp (Us)2007High Porcelain10170380
Fairy Light Ii - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170910
Fairy Light Ii - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170390
Fairy Light Iii - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170920
Fairy Light Iii - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170400
Fairy Light Iv - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170930
Fairy Light Iv - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170410
Fairy Light V - Wall Light (Ce)2007Mirrors and Wall Art10170940
Fairy Light V - Wall Light (Us)2007High Porcelain10170420
Fairy Of The Butterflies19992000Fantasy10018507
Fairy Queen19801983Fantasy10050683
Fairy Wish - Wall Art2009Fantasy10084481
Faithful Companion19992002Women10066101
Faithful Stead19911994Children10057697
Fall Angel19941998Angels10061473
Fall Basket19891991Flowers10016300
Fall Bell19911998Christmas1017615138
Fall Clean-Up19852007Children10052863
Fall Egg19982002Functional Beauty10062941
Fall Fan2012Re-Deco10085410
Fall Leaves19741994Bridal and Romanticism100127411
Fall Leaves19741992Bridal and Romanticism10112740
Fall Tea Cup2019Lart de la Table010096340
Fallas Queen19921995Around the World10058694
Familiar Rallye19711986Bridal and Romanticism10011460
Family Days Chalice20062009Christianity and Judaism10172240
Family Days Ciborium20062009Christianity and Judaism10172250
Family Days Cross20062015Jewelry Accessories10172270
Family Days Paten20062009Christianity and Judaism10172261
Family Days Rosary2006Jewelry Accessories10172280
Family Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10234660
Family Love19942001Motherhood and Families10122581
Family Outing19931998Bridal and Romanticism10059740
Family Roots19862007Motherhood and Families10053713
Fanciful Flight Vase19922002Vases and Decorative Obj.10059180
Fantasy19411980Functional Beauty10000030
Fantasy Dragon Vase19891991Vases and Decorative Obj.10055651
Fantasy Friend19901994Fantasy10057103
Fantasy Ride20052009Fantasy10081241
Far Away Thoughts19941997Women10017982
Farewell Of The Samurai19942010Bridal and Romanticism10017770
Farm Girl20042008Women101246611
Farmer With Cow19671980Women10003624
Farmer With Pitcher19611980Women10003697
Farmyard Grace19901994Christianity and Judaism10122040
Faterhood Mural - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230130
Father Christmas - Spirit Of Nature20032005Christmas10018905
Father Christmas-The Spirit Of The Stars20052008Christmas10019111
Father Frost20092013Christmas10084110
Father Sun20002003Fantasy10018591
Father Time19992001Fantasy100669623
Father%Baby Girl19821985Motherhood and Families10051396
Father's Day19891996Motherhood and Families100558411
Fatherhood Mural20042010Men10130360
Fatherhood Mural (Green)20102013Men10085111
Faun And Unicorn (Color)20102015Fantasy10072950
Faun And Unicorn (White & Silver)20102015Fantasy10072940
Fawn In The Forest2011Animals10086000
Fawn In The Forest - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10231130
Fawn Surprise19992002Animals10066180
Fawn With Mask Pendant2016Little Jewels10101340
Fawn With Mask Pendant (golden)2017Little Jewels10101500
Fawns Lamp19691980Lighting10003070
Fearless (Paperweight)2007Animals10125060
Feathered Fantasy19921996Women10058511
Feathered Pink Hat19871991Functional Beauty10015653
Feeding Her Daughter19821991Motherhood and Families100514017
Feeding The Doll19781985Children10013809
Feeding The Pigeons19871990Women10054281
Feeding The Pigeons19871990Women10154280
Feels Like Heaven Mother2019Motherhood and Families010093800
Feels Like Heaven Mother White & Gold2019Motherhood and Families010093810
Feliz Dia19841985Functional Beauty10052430
Female Attorney19972001Women10064250
Female Candleholder19841985Functional Beauty10052270
Female Doctor2006Women10081896
Female Doctor2011Women10086021
Female Physcian19841992Women10151970
Female Physician19842005Sports and Professions10051974
Female Tennis Player19821987Sports and Professions10114270
Fernando De Aragon19741981Men10049331
Festive Squirrel I20052008Animals10081634
Festive Squirrel Ii20052008Animals10081641
Festive Squirrel Iii20052008Animals10081652
Fetch My Shoe!2011Children10085244
Fierce Pursuit19741983Animals10048802
Fiery20032009Jewelry Accessories10100161
Fiesta Dancer19951998Around the World10061632
Fifa Trophy -B-19821983Sports and Professions10051331
Fifa Trophy -B-19821983Functional Beauty10151330
Filled With Joy19982005Angels10064932
Final Touches19921995Ballet and Circus10058661
Fine Melody19891994Ballet and Circus100558510
Finishing Touches19942000Ballet and Circus10061044
Fire Dancer Mask N.619891991Functional Beauty10016400
Firemen Brigade20072016Children10083440
First Ballet19902005Ballet and Circus10057148
First Christmas Together (1991)19911991Animals100584024
First Christmas Together (1993)19931994Animals100603810
First Crush19972011Gres10123594
First Discoveries2003Children10069743
First Flowers20012005Children10067572
First Melodies2007Children10082927
First Ovation20032010Ballet and Circus10069982
First Performance2001Ballet and Circus100676312
First Sampler19911995Motherhood and Families10057670
First Steps On The Prairie20022011Horses10068730
Fish - Natural Frames20042008Animals10080680
Fish Centerpiece (Green)19701981Functional Beauty10046940
Fish Centerpiece Large (Color)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072920
Fish Centerpiece Large (White & Silver)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072900
Fish Centerpiece Small (Color)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072930
Fish Centerpiece Small (White & Silver)2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10072911
Fish Vendor19851994Children10121624
Fisher Boy19722002Children100480975
Fisher Boy19721992Children10148098
Fisher Man19721981Men10048021
Fisher Man19721981Men10148020
Fisherman -B-19781985Men101210812
Fisherwoman -B-19781985Women10120811
Fishing With Gramps1984Motherhood and Families10052152
Fishing With Gramps19962002Motherhood and Families10123510
Fishing With Gramps19841992Motherhood and Families101521517
Flamenco Dancers2018Dance Figures010093334
Flamenco Dancers19701994Spain and Traditions10045193
Flamenco Dancers19701992Around the World10145197
Flamenco Feeling2016Men10092140
Flamenco Flair (Green / Purple)2014Spain and Traditions10087662
Flamenco Flair (Red)2014Spain and Traditions10087655
Flamenco Soul Figurine2020Spain and Traditions010094700
Flamendo Dancer19701981Around the World10145200
Flamingo(Plate)19941998Functional Beauty10161610
Flat Basket W/Flowers19871991Flowers10015751
Flat Basket W/Violets19871991Flowers10015762
Flight Of Fancy19931994Sculptures and Nudes10122430
Flight To Egypt19892001Christianity and Judaism10016106
Flirt19711980Cats and Dogs10003230
Flirtatious Jester19921998Ballet and Circus10058441
Flock Of Birds19852003Animals10014623
Flock Of Cranes2013Animals10086972
Flock Of Sheep - Lamp (Ce)20132016Lighting10230360
Flock Of Sheep - Lamp (Jp)20132016Lighting10230390
Flock Of Sheep - Lamp (Uk)20132016Lighting10230370
Flock Of Sheep - Lamp (Us)20132016Lighting10230380

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