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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
A Barrel Of Blossoms19822005Children10014194
A Barrow Of Fun1988Children10054609
A Barrow Of Fun19881992Children10154603
A Basket For You19972002Flowers10075774
A Basket Of Blossoms19982002Flowers10075802
A Basket Of Fun19952002Women10123240
A Beautiful Bond2007Motherhood and Families10125144
A Big Hug!19901998Children10122008
A Bird On Hand19852000Women101215124
A Birthday Kiss19992005Children10066323
A Birthday Surprise19982001Children10065111
A Boy And His Pony19851987Children10014603
A Boy And His Pony19851987Children10114600
A Brief Rest20042008Women10068100
A Brushstroke Of Dreams20022008Christmas10068916
A Cake For You2017Men20018933
A Celestial Christmas20012001Christmas10067471
A Cheerful Panda2008Animals10083581
A Cheerful Panda (Re-Deco)2016Animals10090881
A Child's Love2008Motherhood and Families10083870
A Child's Love20022013Motherhood and Families10118733
A Child's Prayer1998Children100649622
A Child's Present20022005Children10124402
A Christmas Duet20002003Children10067145
A Christmas Song19982001Children100653210
A Christmas Wish19901998Christmas100571113
A Circle Of Love2003Motherhood and Families100698613
A Comforting Friend19982013Women10123800
A Cozy Fit20012005Cats and Dogs10067435
A Cradle Of Kittens19911998Children10057845
A Day With Dad20012011Motherhood and Families10067935
A Day With Mom19992003Bridal and Romanticism10018343
A Day's Work19992003Children10065633
A Dream Come True19972001Bridal and Romanticism10063648
A Dream Of Peace19951998Bridal and Romanticism10018071
A Fairy Tale Prince20012003Fantasy10067983
A Fairy Tale Princess20012003Fantasy10067972
A Family Christmas20062015Christmas10082601
A Family Of Love19952010Motherhood and Families10018060
A Fantasy Breath2016Motherhood and Families10092234
A Farmyard Friend20012004Children10124320
A Father's Pride19982003Motherhood and Families10064670
A Faun And A Friend19901996Animals10056740
A Fishing Lesson20002003Motherhood and Families10064680
A Flight Of Fantasy19992002Lighting10066110
A Flower For My Lady19871990Bridal and Romanticism10015133
A Flower For You19972001Women10064275
A Flower's Whisper2002Women10069184
A Friend For Life20002002Cats and Dogs100768529
A Gift From My Sweetheart2008Children10083950
A Gift From Santa19982000Christmas10065755
A Gift Of Lillies2012Children10085840
A Girl In Love19982005Women10123930
A Grand Adventure2002Bridal and Romanticism10018886
A Grandmother's Love20032013Women10069810
A Great Adventure19941998Children10061223
A Happy Encounter19872002Bridal and Romanticism10015230
A Happy Panda2008Animals10083572
A Happy Panda (re-deco)2016Animals10090921
A Heavenly Christmas20002003Angels10018631
A Helping Hand19901994Christianity and Judaism10122021
A Jolly Panda2008Animals10083594
A Jolly Panda (re-deco)2016Animals10090910
A Joyful Panda2008Animals10083562
A Joyful Panda (re-deco)2016Animals10090930
A King Is Born19902002Christmas10121980
A Kiss Forever - Lamp (ce)2013Men20017670
A Kiss Forever - Lamp (jp)2013Men20017700
A Kiss To Remember1999Bridal and Romanticism10066208
A Lady Of Taste19862005Women10014953
A Lady Of Taste19861992Women10114950
A Lesson Shared19881998Children10054758
A Lesson Shared19951998Children10123190
A Lesson Shared19881992Children10154750
A Litter Of Love19832005Cats and Dogs10014414
A Litter Of Love19831992Cats and Dogs10114410
A Little Romance19992005Bridal and Romanticism100663010
A Lovely Thought19982001Women10065180
A Lovers' Dance2002Bridal and Romanticism10068192
A Message Of Joy20022005Angels10018833
A Mile Of Style19981998Ballet and Circus100650712
A Moment Of Tenderness20032008Gres10124473
A Moment To Remember20032009Motherhood and Families10068152
A Moment's Pause19942013Ballet and Circus10135690
A Moment's Pause (Re-Deco)20112015Ballet and Circus10072130
A Moment's Rest1995Animals100617321
A Morning Walk20012005Children10124271
A Mother's Embrace2002Motherhood and Families10068511
A Mother's Embrace2006Motherhood and Families10182182
A Mother's Embrace Gift Set20062006Motherhood and Families10178180
A Mother's Love2018People010093361
A Mother's Love2018The White Collection010093372
A Mother's Love1999Motherhood and Families10066349
A Mother's Treasure2007Motherhood and Families10182941
A Mother's Treasure Gift Set20072015Motherhood and Families10178211
A Mother's Way19931996Around the World10059461
A Mothers Touch19931996Motherhood and Families10059898
A New Beginning20012004Children10068316
A New Friend19861991Children100150612
A New Friend19861991Children10115061
A New Hat19861990Women10053456
A New Life19982001Animals10065310
A New Life2014Motherhood and Families10087532
A New Treasure (Boy)2003Children100697611
A New Treasure (Boy) Black Legacy2006Children10082541
A New Treasure (Girl)2003Children100697716
A New Treasure (Girl) Black Legacy2006Children10082552
A Night Out19992002Women10065941
A Nurturing Bond2008Women10083421
A Pair Of Cranes2013Animals10086980
A Passionate Dance1997Spain and Traditions10063874
A Perfect Day19982017High Porcelain10064805
A Perfect Drive20002005Sports and Professions10066891
A Perfect Drive20002005Women10166890
A Poem For My Girl20012005Children10068211
A Priceless Moment2004Motherhood and Families10080565
A Prize Catch19982001Men10064660
A Proper Pose20002005Children100675511
A Purr-Fect Fit20012004Cats and Dogs10067755
A Purr-Fect Reflection2012Ballet and Circus10085721
A Quiet Afternoon19921995Bridal and Romanticism10058434
A Quiet Conversation20012013Women10018683
A Quiet Conversation20062011Women10019160
A Quiet Evening19992002Women10066380
A Quiet Moment19901998Animals10056730
A Quiet Moment19972000Women10063842
A Reading Lesson20012005Children10067660
A Regal Steed2006Horses10124973
A Regal Steed (Re-Deco Golden)2014Horses10071863
A Regal Steed (Re-Deco)2009Horses10071681
A Ride In The Country19861994Around the World10053540
A Ride In The Park19901992Bridal and Romanticism10057180
A Romantic Christmas2012Christmas10086654
A Romp In The Garden2002Children10069075
A Sea Of Flowers20062011Women10077102
A Simple Gift20012005Children10124310
A Snowy Haven20042008Animals10080613
A Snowy Sanctuary20042008Animals10080621
A Soft Refrain19982004Ballet and Circus10135780
A Special Occasion20062007Children10082138
A Special Toy19931996Christmas10059717
A Steppin' Time19821998Children10051586
A Stitch In Time19861998Children10053442
A Stitch In Time19861992Children10153440
A Stocking For Kitty19992002Christmas10066696
A Stop Along The Way Elephants2019Animals010093870
A Stroll In The Sun19982002Women10065421
A Sunday Drive19871999Bridal and Romanticism10015100
A Sunny Afternoon19992005Women10066220
A Surprise Visit19972001Animals10064091
A Sweet Gesture20022005Children10124411
A Sweet Smell20022009Cats and Dogs10068326
A Swimming Lesson19972011Animals10064704
A Swimming Lesson (Re-Deco)20082011Re-Deco10071110
A Symbol Of Freedom20052008Animals10019030
A Symbol Of Peace20022008Animals10075903
A Symbol Of Pride19982002Animals10064761
A Tall Yarn19842003Men100520710
A Tender Caress20092013Women10084360
A Tender Caress - Lamp (Uk)2014Lighting10233510
A Thought For Today19841985Functional Beauty10052450
A Time To Rest19861990Spain and Traditions10053912
A Touch Of Class19862001Women10053774
A Touch Of Holland L.E.B.19982001Flowers10118270
A Treasured Moment19931996Motherhood and Families10117740
A Tribute20052015Sculptures and Nudes10119072
A Tribute To Peace2015Women10091473
A Tribute To Peace1985Women10121506
A True Friend2013Women10086663
A Visit To Dreamland20002005Fantasy10067861
A Visit With Granny19851994Motherhood and Families10053054
A Vow Of Love20022010Bridal and Romanticism10018692
A Walk Through Blossoms2008Children10083522
A Walk With Nature20052008Women10181012
A Walk With The Dog19742005Women100489322
A Warm Welcome2002Children10069036
A Well Earned Rest20042008Christmas10068972
A Well Heeled Puppy20012005Cats and Dogs10067445
A Wish Come True19992000Lladro Collectors Society100767626
A Wish For A Dream20032008Christmas10167351
A Wish For Harmony20032008Christmas10167321
A Wish For Love19992005Women10065621
A Wish For Romance20032008Christmas10167343
A Wish Of Hope20032008Christmas10167333
A Woman With A Hat And Calla Lilly20092016Women10083860
A Woman With Blue Eyes And Calla Lilly20092016Women10083850
A Woman's Pose20082011Women10084080
A World Of Love19962000Children10063538
A World Of Magic20032013Ballet and Circus10018871
Abraham -B-19821985Christianity and Judaism10051693
Abraham Lincoln19952008Around the World10075541
Academy Days19911994Children10057681
Accordion Player19701981Men10146061
Accordion Player Teddy Bear20112015Lladro and Steiff10400940
Acorn Keyholder19951999Jewelry Accessories10075640
Acrobat Over Bar2011Ballet and Circus10085270
Acrobats19441980Functional Beauty10000040
Adorable Innocence2006Children10082478
Adorable Innocence (Special Edition)2016Children10087340
Adorable Little Marilyn2012Children10086302
Adoration19831990Sculptures and Nudes10135450
Adoring Mother19932000Christianity and Judaism10122350
Advice To Sancho19441980Functional Beauty10000050
Aerobics,Floor Exercise19851987Sports and Professions10053350
Aerobics,Push-Ups19851987Sports and Professions10053340
Aerobics,Scissor Figure19851987Sports and Professions10053361
Afghan Hound19701985Cats and Dogs10010690
Afghan Hound19741985Cats and Dogs10012828
Afghan Hound2015Cats and Dogs10091430
African Bond2015Around the World10091592
African Boy19952000Around the World10061890
African Boy2007Children10125072
African Child20102015Children10125310
African Girl2007Children10125082
African Love19942000Children10061540
African Man2004Men10124740
African Savannah2017Animals10092753
African Savannah Wild Animals2019Animals010093940
African Woman2004Women10124730
African Woman19831986Women10135460
After Class20012005Children10124230
After School19901994Children10057071
After The Bath19901991Sculptures and Nudes10130231
After The Show19982001Ballet and Circus10064840
Afternoon Chores19901994Christianity and Judaism10122030
Afternoon Companions20052010Women10019084
Afternoon Jaunt19921994Women10058550
Afternoon Out (Birks)19992002Children10075850
Afternoon Promenade19951998Women100763646
Afternoon Snack20002003Children10065772
Afternoon Stroll19901994Women10056873
Afternoon Tea19821998Women100142818
Afternoon Tea19821998Women10114280
Afternoon Verse19922002Women10122310

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