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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Pacific Beauty19992002Women10124031
Pacific Jewel1998Children10123832
Pacing The Ducks19741990Children10013066
Pacing The Ducks19741990Children10113060
Pack Of Hunting Dogs19851995Men10053421
Padmasana Buddha2012Buddhism and Hinduism10085671
Padmasana Ganesha2012Buddhism and Hinduism10086356
Painful Bear19781981Animals10050212
Painful Elephant19781981Animals10050202
Painful Giraffe19781981Animals10050192
Painful Kangaroo19781981Animals10050230
Painful Lion19781981Animals10050224
Painful Monkey19781981Animals10050184
Palace Dance19972000Bridal and Romanticism10063730
Pals Forever20002002Ballet and Circus100768668
Pampered Puppy19972001Women10123631
Panchito19701986Around the World10010590
Panda I20042009Animals10124600
Panda Ii20042008Animals10124611
Panda Iii20042010Animals10124620
Pansy Cup With Saucer19942000Lart de la Table10060490
Pansy Mask N.119891991Functional Beauty10016351
Panther2018The White Collection0100929831
Panther (black Matte)2018Animals010092994
Panther Blue2020Animals010094560
Panther Coral2020Animals010094570
Panther Woman2019Other Cultures010094280
Papagena Bowl (Black)2007Lart de la Table10170590
Papagena Bowl (White)2007Lart de la Table10170580
Papageno - Wall Light -Black (Us)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170450
Papageno - Wall Light -White (Ce)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170680
Papageno Wall Light -Black (Ce)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170690
Papageno Wall Light -White (Us)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170460
Paper Boats2017Children10092584
Papilio Gigante20052008Fantasy10180960
Papillon Dog19741981Cats and Dogs10048576
Papillon Dog19741981Cats and Dogs10148570
Parading Donkey19982001Animals10065732
Paradise Candle Big Gardens Of Valencia Scent2019Home Fragences010401990
Paradise Candle Medium Gardens Of Valencia Scent2019Home Fragences010402000
Paradise Nude Woman2019Sculptures and Nudes010020120
Paradise Vase19711986Vases and Decorative Obj.10011372
Paris In Bloom19962000Women10062804
Parisian Afternoon20002001Functional Beauty10166982
Parisian Lady19851995Women10053210
Parisian Lady19851992Women10153213
Parque Guell (Gaudi Coll.)19992005Women10066611
Parrot Friends2010Lart de la Table10078571
Parrot Hang I2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078532
Parrot Hang Ii2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078541
Parrot Icon2010Lart de la Table10078590
Parrot Light2010Lart de la Table10078550
Parrot Love2010Lart de la Table10078510
Parrot Night - Left (ce)20102017High Porcelain10078631
Parrot Night - Left (jp)20102017High Porcelain10078690
Parrot Night - Left (Uk)2010Lighting10078672
Parrot Night - Left (Us)2010High Porcelain10078650
Parrot Night - Right (ce)20102017High Porcelain10078620
Parrot Night - Right (jp)20102017High Porcelain10078680
Parrot Night - Right (Uk)2010Lighting10078660
Parrot Night - Right (Us)2010High Porcelain10078640
Parrot One2010Lart de la Table10078520
Parrot Parade2010Vases and Decorative Obj.10078503
Parrot Parade (Coral)2015Vases and Decorative Obj.10078464
Parrot Romance2012Lart de la Table10078482
Parrot Shine I2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078601
Parrot Shine Ii2010Mirrors and Wall Art10078611
Parrot Star2010Lart de la Table10078580
Parrot Table2019The Parrot Party010402350
Parrot Table Lamp2019Lighting010240530
Parrot Team2010Lart de la Table10078560
Parrot Treasure2012Vases and Decorative Obj.10078470
Parrot Vanity2012Mirrors and Wall Art10078492
Parrot Wall Sconce Left2019Lighting010240500
Parrot's Scented Treasure2019The Parrot Party010401930
Parrot's Scented Treasure Red2019The Parrot Party010401920
Partridges Flying19771987Animals10120640
Pas A Deux19972001Ballet and Circus10063742
Passion19881998Sculptures and Nudes10130161
Passion And Soul2013Women10086853
Passion And Soul (60Th Anniversary)2013Women10086832
Passionate Dance19731986Ballet and Circus10120510
Passionate Kiss (White)2013Bridal and Romanticism10087274
Passionate Lovers2006Bridal and Romanticism10119144
Passionate Tango20112014Men10085698
Passionate Tango - Noir2014Sports and Professions10091405
Pastoral19711986Lart de la Table10111142
Pastoral Scene19861995Sculptures and Nudes10153863
Paternal Protection2016Men10092152
Patrol Leader19911994Children10122120
Peace And Liberty20002005Fantasy10067070
Peace Mandala20052013Jewelry Accessories10100550
Peace Mandala (Gold)20052013Jewelry Accessories10100560
Peace Mandala (Silver)20052013Jewelry Accessories10100570
Peace Offering2014Sculptures and Nudes10087992
Peace Offering1985Sculptures and Nudes10135599
Peace On Earth2010Angels10085333
Peaceful Dove19962000Animals10062896
Peaceful Dove19962000Animals10162890
Peaceful Moment19952003Motherhood and Families10061799
Peaceful Rest19951998Women10122950
Peacock (Re-Deco)20082011Re-Deco10071100
Peacock - Lamp (Uk)2012Buddhism and Hinduism10090150
Peacock - Lamp (Us)2012High Porcelain10090161
Peacock Vase19891998Vases and Decorative Obj.10016202
Peacocks And Flowers Vase19721986Vases and Decorative Obj.10012005
Peacocks Dome Table Lamp2019Lighting010239710
Pearl Seamaid19781983Fantasy10013480
Pedro With Jug2013Children10087370
Pedro With Jug19842015Gres101214113
Pekin Vase (Almond-Tree)19781991Vases and Decorative Obj.10013641
Pekin Vase (Birds And Flowers)19781991Vases and Decorative Obj.10013650
Pekin Vase (Birds)19781991Vases and Decorative Obj.10013630
Pekin Vase W/Butterflies19731981Vases and Decorative Obj.10048450
Pekinese Jug19721986Vases and Decorative Obj.10012170
Pekinese Sitting19701985Cats and Dogs100464120
Pekinese Sitting19701985Cats and Dogs10146410
Pelusa19711986Ballet and Circus10011259
Pendant Bear With Red Heart20092015Jewelry Accessories10400860
Penguin Family2013Animals10086966
Penguin Family2013Animals10125471
Penguin Love2008Animals10084143
Penguin Love2008Animals10125192
Pensive Eskimo Boy1985Children101215912
Pensive Eskimo Girl1985Children10121588
Pensive Greyhound2011Cats and Dogs10086080
Pensive Greyhound (Black)2011Cats and Dogs10086063
Pensive Greyhound - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230810
Pensive Harlequin19971998Ballet and Circus10064342
Pensive Harlequin19972000Ballet and Circus10123672
Pensive Journey19972001Women10137020
Pensive Pierrot19701981Ballet and Circus10145601
Pensive Traveller20002002Women10067090
Peonies Vase2016Vases and Decorative Obj.10092113
Pepita19861994Spain and Traditions10053746
Pepita With Hat2013Children10087360
Pepita With Hat19842015Gres10121400
Perfect Match2006Bridal and Romanticism10082514
Peruvian Group19701981Around the World10146100
Petals Caress20052016Children10081501
Petals In The Pond2008Children10083551
Petals Of Fantasy20022005Fantasy10068330
Petals Of Hope20002003Children10067014
Petals Of Love19972007Children100634616
Petals Of Peace1998Animals100657910
Petals On The Wind2001Women10067677
Peter Pan2018Disney Characters010093282
Peter Pan19931995Fantasy100752918
Petite Maiden19861990Children10053833
Petite Maiden19861990Children10153832
Petite Pair19861990Children10053843
Petite Pair19861990Children10153840
Pharmacist19731985Sports and Professions100484424
Pheasant Vase19781987Vases and Decorative Obj.10013620
Pheasants & Mums Vase19891998Vases and Decorative Obj.10016210
Philippine Girls19811995Around the World10135220
Physician19932005Sports and Professions10059488
Pick Of The Litter19931995Children100762130
Picture Perfect19911992Women100761259
Pierrot Clock19912002Functional Beauty10057784
Pierrot In Love19962000Ballet and Circus100625811
Pierrot In Preparation19962000Ballet and Circus10062574
Pierrot Rehearsing19962000Ballet and Circus10062595
Pierrot With Concertina19852007Ballet and Circus10052790
Pierrot With Concertina19851992Ballet and Circus101527923
Pierrot With Mandolin19701981Ballet and Circus10146462
Pierrot With Puppy19852007Ballet and Circus10052770
Pierrot With Puppy19851992Ballet and Circus1015277114
Pierrot With Puppy & Ball19852007Ballet and Circus10052789
Pierrot With Puppy & Ball19851992Ballet and Circus10152781
Pierrot's Proposal19972001Bridal and Romanticism10063752
Pierrot's Proposal. Lamp19982002Lighting10065080
Pilgrim Couple19911994Around the World10057341
Pine-Cone Keyholder19951999Jewelry Accessories10075660
Pineapple Box19941997Lart de la Table10060570
Pink & Blue Butterfly N.719891991Animals10016793
Pink & White Butterfly N.419891991Animals10016760
Pink Ballet Slippers19881991Ballet and Circus10115401
Pink Basket With Flowers19871991Functional Beauty10015594
Pinocchio2017Disney Characters10092743
Pious'19891990Christianity and Judaism10055410
Pisa Lamp19701981Lighting10147050

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