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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
O Christmas Tree2006Christmas10082209
O Christmas Tree (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070898
Observer19831994Sculptures and Nudes10135331
Obstetrician19711998Sports and Professions100476348
Ocean Beauty1991Fantasy10057853
Ocean Beauty (Re-Deco)20082011Fantasy10071031
Ocean Offering20002002Children10066821
Octagonal Chinese Vase19891990Vases and Decorative Obj.10055700
Octagonal Flower Vase19891990Vases and Decorative Obj.10055560
Octogonal Jar Blue19711981Vases and Decorative Obj.10147440
Octogonal Jar Blue (Lamp)19711981Lighting10147470
Octogonal Jar Green19711981Vases and Decorative Obj.10147450
Octogonal Jar Green (Lamp)19711981Lighting10147480
Octogonal Jar Pink19711981Vases and Decorative Obj.10147430
Octogonal Jar Pink (Lamp)19711981Lighting10147460
Octogonal Jar White19711981Vases and Decorative Obj.10147420
Off To Bed19972000Children10064213
Off We Go19921994Motherhood and Families10058741
Oh Happy Days2008Children10083536
Olaf2019Disney Characters010091140
Old Age19701985Bridal and Romanticism10010330
Old Age19701985Bridal and Romanticism10110332
Old Dog19701986Cats and Dogs10010670
Old Dog19701986Cats and Dogs10110676
Old Fashioned Motorist-B-19821985Bridal and Romanticism10051610
Old Man19491980Functional Beauty100002879
Old Man19701981Men100462220
Old Man19701981Men10146220
Old Man And Monkey19801981Men10050461
Old Salts19441980Functional Beauty10000110
Ole1989Spain and Traditions100560124
Olympic Ball19921992Christmas10159458
Olympic Champion19921994Children10058716
Olympic Pride19921994Children10058725
Olympic Puppet19771983Children10049686
Olympic Torch19921994Children10058702
Om Plate2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091561
Om Plates Set2015Buddhism and Hinduism10092201
On Guard19861990Cats and Dogs10053500
On Her Toes19911994Ballet and Circus10058181
On Her Toes19911994Ballet and Circus10158180
On My Way Home20012005Women10067523
On Our Way19982002Motherhood and Families10065441
On Our Way Home19881994Children10117150
On Patrol19931998Men10059602
On Shore Leave2000Sports and Professions10066541
On Shore Leave20002004Men10166540
On The Avenue19901994Women10056862
On The Balcony19982003Spain and Traditions10018262
On The Beach19851987Sculptures and Nudes10014814
On The Beach19851987Children10114812
On The Boulevard20002002Women10065450
On The Farm19982001Women10065051
On The Go19931995Children10060313
On The Green19932003Sports and Professions10060323
On The Green19952001Men10123150
On The Lake19841987Motherhood and Families10052161
On The Lake19841987Bridal and Romanticism10152162
On The Move19911998Ballet and Circus10058386
On The Road19901991Men10056815
On The Runway19992002Women10065951
On The Scent19861990Cats and Dogs10053481
On The Town19831994Bridal and Romanticism10014529
Once Upon A Time19901998Motherhood and Families10057214
One For You, One For Me2000Motherhood and Families100670525
One More Try19931996Children10059971
One, Two, Three19871995Children10054260
One, Two, Three19871992Children101542616
Only For You19992002Flowers10075830
Only The Beginning19891996Men10055471
Onward And Upward19982007Children10064941
Onward!19911994Around the World10017420
Onwards20032013Jewelry Accessories10100190
Oopsy Daisy20002005Children10066918
Opening Night1988Ballet and Circus100549813
Opryland Plate19941996Functional Beauty10175400
Oration1986Spain and Traditions10053572
Oration19861992Around the World10153577
Orchestra Conductor19701981Men10046536
Orchestra Conductor19701981Men10146530
Orchid Arrangement19881990Flowers10015411
Organica Candleholder2007Lart de la Table10170530
Oriental Beauty19952001Around the World10062327
Oriental Bird Vase19922005Vases and Decorative Obj.10017603
Oriental Bird Vase19922005Vases and Decorative Obj.10017610
Oriental Candle Holder19841985Functional Beauty10052250
Oriental Colonade19931995Vases and Decorative Obj.10060062
Oriental Dance19952013Around the World10062308
Oriental Dancer19711981Children10120250
Oriental Fantasy W/Bow19962001Around the World10123400
Oriental Fantasy W/Brooch19962001Around the World10123410
Oriental Forest19972002Around the World10063960
Oriental Garden1993Oriental Traditions10017751
Oriental Horse19711986Horses10120303
Oriental Horse (Glazed)2009Horses10019431
Oriental Horse (Matte)2009Horses10019441
Oriental Lady19701981Around the World10145653
Oriental Lantern19952011Around the World10062318
Oriental Lion (Black)2013Oriental Traditions10019850
Oriental Lion (Green)2013Oriental Traditions10019871
Oriental Lioness (Black)2013Oriental Traditions10019840
Oriental Lioness (Green)2013Oriental Traditions10019862
Oriental Man On Horse19711986Around the World10011830
Oriental Moon20042008Around the World10080200
Oriental Music19862003Around the World10014911
Oriental Peonies Vase 119922002Vases and Decorative Obj.10059160
Oriental Peonies Vase 219922002Vases and Decorative Obj.10059170
Oriental Vase (Blue)2012Oriental Traditions10019551
Oriental Vase (Red)2012Oriental Traditions10019541
Oriental Woman19711981Women10120261
Ornament 1- Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10090960
Ornament 1-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10090970
Ornament 2 - Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10090980
Ornament 2-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10090990
Ornament 3 - Friends With You (Colour)2014Christmas10091000
Ornament 3-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091010
Ornament 4-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091030
Ornament 5-Friends With You-White-Golden2014Christmas10091050
Ornament Teddy Bear20112014Christmas10400951
Ornament Teddy Bear20122015Christmas10400990
Ornament Teddy Bear20132014Christmas10401060
Ornament Teddy Bear 200720072015Christmas10400670
Ornament Teddy Bear 200820082015Christmas10400740
Ornament Teddy Bear 200920092015Christmas10400780
Ornate Cross N. 819891991Functional Beauty10016560
Ortolan In Trouble19731981Men10048522
Ortolan In Trouble19731981Children10148520
Othello And Desdemona19711986Around the World10011451
Othello Wall Hook (Black)20072016Horses10171000
Othello Wall Hook (White)20072016Horses10170990
Our Cozy Home19972007Cats and Dogs100646919
Our Daily Bread19901994Christianity and Judaism10122014
Our First Christmas (1992)19921993Children10059232
Our First Christmas 199719971998Christmas10165384
Our First Christmas 200020002001Christmas10167168
Our First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167215
Our First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167262
Our First Christmas 200320032004Christmas10167316
Our First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167403
Our Lady Of Carmen19962000Christianity and Judaism10063260
Our Lady Of Divine Providence2009Christianity and Judaism10084792
Our Lady Of Guadalupe2003Christianity and Judaism10069964
Our Lady Of Loreto19922016High Porcelain10175172
Our Lady Of Lourdes2008Christianity and Judaism10083462
Our Lady With An Orange19942009Christianity and Judaism10075310
Our Lady With Flowers1982Christianity and Judaism100517115
Our Lady With Flowers19821992Christianity and Judaism10151710
Our Reading Moment2016Motherhood and Families10092252
Our Saviour20022004Christianity and Judaism10169110
Our Saviour (Tabletop)2003Christianity and Judaism10069114
Our Saviour (Wall Art)2003Christianity and Judaism10069123
Our Saviour (Wall Art)20042004Christianity and Judaism10169120
Our Song2015Bridal and Romanticism10091984
Our Winter Home19982000Christmas10065196
Out For A Romp19911995Children10057612
Out For A Spin19911994Children10057700
Out For A Stroll19941998Children10061235
Outing In Sevilla19912006Spain and Traditions10017560
Oval Basket With Pink Tri19871991Functional Beauty10015561
Oval Box-Decorated19841990Functional Beauty10152670
Oval Mirror (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077721
Oval Mirror (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077710
Oval Mirror (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077700
Oval Mirror (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077740
Oval Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077750
Oval Mirror (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077730
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077660
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Green)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077650
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Multicolor)2014Mirrors and Wall Art10078341
Oval Mirror Without Frame (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077640
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White / Gold)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077681
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077671
Oval Mirror Without Frame (White/Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art10077691
Ovation19992005Ballet and Circus10066140
Over The Clouds19902005Children100569716
Over The Threshold19852007Bridal and Romanticism10052820
Over The Threshold19851992Bridal and Romanticism101528237
Owl19861991Sculptures and Nudes100300965
Owl (matte White)2016Origami10092701
Owl 119871990Animals100541847
Owl 219871990Animals10054198
Owl 319871990Animals10054204
Owl 419871990Animals10054212
Owl 519871990Animals10054229
Owl Mast Black And Gold2019Animals0100094060
Ox20052011Jewelry Accessories10100420
Ox (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071463

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