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ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Baby Boy Lamb19982001Animals10065463
Baby Deer And Bunny19551980Animals10000560
Baby Doll19891998Children10056083
Baby Elephant With Blue Flower2010Animals10084900
Baby Elephant With Pink Flower2010Animals10084911
Baby Elephant With Yellow Flower2010Animals10084920
Baby Girl Lamb19982001Animals10065476
Baby Jesus1988Christmas100547890
Baby Jesus19911996Christmas10057450
Baby Jesus1994Christmas10122770
Baby Jesus (Re-Deco)2007Christmas10070871
Baby Jesus-White19831985Christmas10113880
Baby Lamb19721981Men100483414
Baby Lamb19721981Men10148340
Baby Sitting On The Floor19821985Children10051011
Baby W-Dummy In The Hand19821985Children10050998
Baby W-Dummy Yawning19821985Children10051000
Baby With Feeding-Bottle19821985Children10051030
Baby's First Christmas (1991)19911991Children100583927
Baby's First Christmas (1992)19921993Children10059228
Baby's First Christmas (1993)19931994Children10060376
Baby's First Christmas 199719971998Christmas10165390
Baby's First Christmas 199819981998Christmas10165880
Baby's First Christmas 199919981998Christmas10066150
Baby's First Christmas 199919992000Christmas10166150
Baby's First Christmas 199919992000Christmas10166955
Baby's First Christmas 200020002001Christmas10166973
Baby's First Christmas 200020002001Christmas10167115
Baby's First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167190
Baby's First Christmas 200120012002Christmas10167200
Baby's First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167240
Baby's First Christmas 200220022003Christmas10167253
Baby's First Christmas 200320032004Christmas10167290
Baby's First Christmas 200320032004Christmas10167305
Baby's First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167380
Baby's First Christmas 200420042005Christmas10167390
Baby's First Christmas 200520052006Christmas10181600
Baby's First Christmas 200520052006Christmas10181610
Baby's Outing19762001Women10049389
Baby's Outing19761992Women10149380
Baby-Dummy In The Mouth19821985Children10051020
Bacchante On A Panther2011Fantasy10019491
Bacchante With Feline20042007Fantasy10119020
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Cockerel (Black)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170980
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Cockerel (White)20072016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 10170570
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Horse (Black)2007Horses10170960
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Horse (White)2007Horses10170550
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Ram (Black)20072011Animals10170970
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Ram (White)20072011Animals10170560
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Unicorn (Black)20072011Animals10170950
Bacchus Bottle Stopper Unicorn (White)20072011Animals10170541
Back From The Fair19891994Women10117190
Back To Back19932001Children10117721
Back To School19901994Children10057022
Back To School19901992Children10157020
Backstage Ballet2010Ballet and Circus10084766
Backstage Preparation19911994Ballet and Circus10058172
Backstage Preparation19911994Ballet and Circus10158170
Baggy Pants19911992Ballet and Circus10117490
Bal Ganesha2014Buddhism and Hinduism10086721
Bal Gopal2013Buddhism and Hinduism10086593
Balance20032013Jewelry Accessories10100065
Balance (Gold)20032013Jewelry Accessories10100070
Balance (Silver)20052013Jewelry Accessories10100480
Balance - Elephant I20062009Animals10182000
Balance - Elephant Ii20062015Animals10182010
Balance - Goat I20062015Animals10181981
Balance - Goat Ii20062015Animals10181990
Balance - Seal I20062008Animals10182020
Balance - Seal Ii20062008Animals10182030
Balance - Tiger I20062015Animals10181960
Balance - Tiger Ii20062015Animals10181970
Balancer With Parasol2011Ballet and Circus10085260
Balancing Act19861990Animals10053921
Balearic Lady19561980Spain and Traditions10000840
Bali Dancer19941998Around the World10061430
Bali Dancer (Re-Deco)2012Women10086430
Bali Dancer - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230490
Bali Dancer Kneeling (Re-Deco)20122015Women10086441
Bali Dancer Kneeling - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10230530
Bali Dancer Pose19941998Around the World10061422
Bali Dancers19771994Women10120730
Ballerina19701994Ballet and Circus10045596
Ballerina19701992Ballet and Circus1014559127
Ballerina - Ornament2011Christmas10183550
Ballerina Resting19571980Ballet and Circus10000960
Ballerina With Rose19571980Ballet and Circus10000910
Ballerina With Squirrell19571980Ballet and Circus10000920
Ballet19571980Ballet and Circus10000940
Ballet19591980Ballet and Circus1000125110
Ballet Blue - 419781994Ballet and Circus10013590
Ballet Blue - 419781992Ballet and Circus10113590
Ballet Blue - 619781994Ballet and Circus10013610
Ballet Blue - 619781992Ballet and Circus10113610
Ballet Bowing19801983Ballet and Circus10050951
Ballet Dark Purple - 319781994Ballet and Circus10013580
Ballet Dark Purple - 319781992Ballet and Circus10113580
Ballet First Step19801983Ballet and Circus10050941
Ballet Girl19801983Ballet and Circus10050929
Ballet Girl19801983Ballet and Circus10050931
Ballet Girl Reclining19821985Ballet and Circus10051092
Ballet Girl W/Slippers19821985Ballet and Circus10051070
Ballet Green - 519781994Ballet and Circus10013600
Ballet Green - 519781992Ballet and Circus10113600
Ballet Pink - 219781994Ballet and Circus10013570
Ballet Pink - 219781992Ballet and Circus10113570
Ballet Purple - 119781994Ballet and Circus10013560
Ballet Purple - 119781992Ballet and Circus10113560
Ballet Trio19841998Ballet and Circus10052350
Ballet Trio19841992Ballet and Circus10152351
Balloon Seller19821996Women100514146
Baltasar King19702002Christmas100467512
Baltasar King19701992Christmas10146750
Baltasar's Page19871990Christmas10015161
Bambi2019Disney Characters010093500
Bansuri Ganesha2007Buddhism and Hinduism10083035
Bansuri Ganesha (Black) - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10231710
Bansuri Ganesha (golden Re-deco)2017Buddhism and Hinduism10092772
Bansuri Ganesha (Limited Edition)2009Buddhism and Hinduism10071825
Bansuri Ganesha (Re-Deco) - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10231630
Bar Mitzvah Day19932013Christianity and Judaism10060048
Barnyard Reflections19901994Christianity and Judaism10056843
Barnyard Scene19901998Women10056595
Barnyard Scene19941998Women10122860
Barnyard Scene19901992Children10156591
Barnyard See San19931998Children10060255
Baroque Cross N.519891991Functional Beauty10016530
Baseball Player19941998Children10060908
Baseball Players2014Sports and Professions10087972
Baseball Star19941998Children10061374
Bashful2018Disney Characters010093251
Bashful Bather1988Children100545547
Bashful Bather19942002Children10122730
Bashful Bather19881992Children10154550
Bashful-Girl With Straw H19781998Children100500722
Basket01992Functional Beauty1007510197
Basket Of Dahlias19881991Flowers10015453
Basket Of Flowers19701986Flowers101107338
Basket Of Flowers N. 119741983Flowers10012910
Basket Of Flowers N. 219741983Flowers10012920
Basket Of Flowers N. 319741983Flowers10012930
Basket Of Flowers N.4-A19741983Flowers10012940
Basket Of Flowers N.4-B19741983Flowers10012950
Basket Of Flowers N.619741983Flowers10012960
Basket Of Love19941996Women100762247
Basket Of Margaritas19881991Flowers10015431
Basket Of Roses19881991Flowers10015448
Basket Pink Flowers19871991Flowers10015550
Basket W/Handkerchief And19871991Flowers10015771
Basketball Dunk20102013Men10085071
Basketball Player19941998Children10060919
Basketball Star19941998Children10061361
Bass Drummer19961998Children10063042
Bassett19701986Cats and Dogs10010660
Bat Mask N.819891991Functional Beauty10016422
Bath Time19972016Children100641110
Bather19831987Sculptures and Nudes10135516
Bathing Beauties19972011Children10064578
Bathing Beauty19891991Women10056150
Bathing Nymph2015Sculptures and Nudes10091480
Bathing Nymph19882002Sculptures and Nudes10121812
Bathing The Girl19741981Motherhood and Families10048905
Batsman Forever2015Sports and Professions10091372
Bdn -Chand.12L. -Pink (Ce/Uk)2013Lighting10232680
Bdn -Chand.24L. -Multic. (Ce/Uk)2013Lighting10232940
Bdn -Chand.40L. -Gold (Ce/Uk)2013Lighting10233110
Bdn -Floor Lamp I -Gold (Uk)2014Lighting10234550
Bdn -Floor Lamp Ii -Gold (Uk)2014Lighting10234590
Bdn -Litho. Hanging Lamp -Multic.(Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234450
Bdn -Lithophane Lamp -White (Uk)2013Lighting10232050
Bdn -Pendant Lamp I -Multicolor (Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234310
Bdn -Pendant Lamp Ii -Multicolor (Ce/Uk)2014Lighting10234340
Bdn -Table Lamp -Blue (Uk)2013Lighting10232610

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