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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Kaleidoscope Mask N.719891991Functional Beauty10016412
Keep Me Warm20012005Children10124193
Kerchiefs Lady19891991Women10116720
Kiddish Cup20092015Christianity and Judaism10084530
Kindness20032009Jewelry Accessories10100240
Kindness (Gold)20032009Jewelry Accessories10100250
King Baltasar-White19831985Christmas10114250
King Balthasar1988Christmas100548114
King Balthasar19982000Christmas10065092
King Balthasar1994Christmas10122801
King Balthasar (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071451
King Gaspar1988Christmas100548026
King Gaspar19971998Christmas10063802
King Gaspar1994Christmas10122791
King Gaspar (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071441
King Gaspar-White19831985Christmas10114240
King Melchior1988Christmas100547921
King Melchior19961998Christmas10063410
King Melchior1994Christmas10122781
King Melchior (Re-Deco)2008Christmas10071432
King Melchior, Gaspar And Balthasar Set2015Christmas10091650
King Melchor-White19831985Christmas10114230
King Of The Forest19901991Animals10121920
Kintaro And The Bear2014Oriental Traditions10086872
Kisses For Mommy20062015Motherhood and Families10082053
Kissing Doves19711987Animals10011701
Kissing Doves19711987Animals101117027
Kissing The Father19801981Motherhood and Families10121140
Kissing The Mother19801981Motherhood and Families10121152
Kitakami Cruise19891992Around the World10016051
Kitchen-Maid And Dog19781994Children10120964
Kitten - Natural Frames20042008Cats and Dogs10080702
Kitten Patrol19992003Cats and Dogs10065684
Kittens Gathering20032004Children100694110
Kitty Care20002003Cats and Dogs10066527
Kitty Cart19942005Children10061411
Kitty Confrontation1983Cats and Dogs100144221
Kitty Confrontation19831992Cats and Dogs10114421
Kitty Girl19821985Children10051640
Kitty Surprise19992002Cats and Dogs10066162
Kitty's Breakfast Time2010Children10084982
Kiwi20082017High Porcelain10083831
Kiyoko19831998Around the World10014509
Kneeling Ballerina19581980Ballet and Circus100010822
Koala Love19881994Animals10054616
Koi20032009Jewelry Accessories10100201
Koi Accessory2020Koi010094610
Koi Bowls2020Koi010094600
Koi Box2020Koi010094500
Koi Plate2020Koi010094580
Koi Sake Cups2020Koi010094590
Koi Vase2020Koi010094620
Kois Candle2020Home Fragences010402020
Kokeshi I (Pink)2013Oriental Traditions10087082
Kokeshi I (re-deco)2017Oriental Traditions10090943
Kokeshi Ii (Red)2013Oriental Traditions10087092
Kokeshi Iii (re-deco)2017Oriental Traditions10090952
Kokeshi Iii (Turquoise)2013Oriental Traditions10087101
Kokeshi Iv (Sunflowers)2013Oriental Traditions10087122
Koto Player20062010Around the World10082232
Krishna Butterthief2015Buddhism and Hinduism10091902
Kublay Sweet Box, Blue19941997Lart de la Table10160620
Kublay Sweet Box, Green19941997Lart de la Table10160690
Kublay Sweet Box, Violet19941997Lart de la Table10160760
Kwan Yin2015High Porcelain10019772
Kwan Yin2007Buddhism and Hinduism10083022
Kwan Yin (Green)2008Buddhism and Hinduism10019413
Kyudo Archer20072013Women10182900

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