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Lladro Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Table Clock-Logos2015Lart de la Table10096031
Tables For Sweets And Peach Flowers2014Oriental Traditions10087741
Tachibina (Empress - Emperor)2009Oriental Traditions10084370
Tahitian Dancing Girls19861995Around the World10014980
Tahitian Dancing Girls19861992Around the World10114980
Tai Chi2016Oriental Traditions10092260
Tailor Made19971998Children100648930
Take A Breath20072015Children10083232
Take Me Home!2000Cats and Dogs100657413
Take Me Home! (Re-Deco)20072010Cats and Dogs10070482
Take Your Medicine19921998Children10059212
Taking A Snoozzze...20002008Children10067914
Taking Flight19962000Animals100628838
Taking Flight19962000Animals10162880
Taking Time19931998Children100598812
Taking Time19951998Christianity and Judaism10123180
Talk Of The Town19911998Women10057884
Talk To Me19931998Children10059878
Talk To Me19951998Christianity and Judaism10123170
Talk To Me!2005Christmas10081680
Talking To The Doll19781985Children10013787
Tall Chinese1974Oriental Traditions101205610
Tall Chinese - Lamp (Ce)20132016Lighting10230760
Tall Chinese - Lamp (Jp)20132016Lighting10230790
Tall Chinese - Lamp (Uk)20132016Lighting10230770
Tall Chinese - Lamp (Us)20132016Lighting10230780
Tea BoxLart de la Table010096360
Tea Cup2019Oriental Traditions010090270
Tea Cups2017Lart de la Table100962127
Tea In The Garden1992Bridal and Romanticism10017595
Tea Light Candle Holder (Black)20062013Gres10124910
Tea Light Candle Holder (Blue)20062011Around the World10081910
Tea Light Candleholder Pulse Of Africa20072010Lart de la Table10125090
Tea Time19881998Women100547012
Tea Time2015Children10091973
Teacher Woman19801981Sports and Professions10050480
Teaching To Pray19711998Children100477933
Teaching To Pray19711992Children101477916
Team Player19942000Children10061854
Team Worker20032009Jewelry Accessories10100310
Team Worker (Gold)20032009Jewelry Accessories10100320
Teddy Bear19961998Christmas1006344107
Teddy Bear (Re-Deco)2012Christmas10183700
Tee Time19901994Children10056752
Teenage Boy19581980Men10002280
Teenage Girl19581980Women10002270
Tempting The Bull19651980Around the World10003493
Ten And Growing19951998Lladro Collectors Society100763553
Tender Dreams2000Children100665614
Tender Dreams20002005Children10166560
Tender Innocence2016Children10092162
Tender Innocence2006Children10082481
Tender Moment19922000Children10122222
Tenderness19461980Functional Beauty10000250
Tenderness19871992Motherhood and Families101152714
Tending The Garden20062008Children10081870
Tenis Player19721981Women10047988
Tenis Player19721981Women10147980
Tennis Ace20112013Men10085500
Tennis Champion19962000Sports and Professions10062862
Tennis Champion19962000Sports and Professions10162860
Tennis Player Puppet19771985Children100496617
Tennis Player, Boy19741981Sports and Professions10048945
Tennis Player, Boy19741981Men10148940
Teresita19861994Spain and Traditions10053752
Teruko19832013Around the World100145116
Test Of Strength19952004Sports and Professions10135740
Teumosin Vase, Blue19941997Lart de la Table10160670
Teumosin Vase, Green19941997Lart de la Table10160740
Teumosin Vase, Violet19941997Lart de la Table10160810
Thai Couple1974Oriental Traditions10120582
Thai Couple (Re-Deco)2008Oriental Traditions10071151
Thai Dancers2012Buddhism and Hinduism10086471
Thai Dancers (Black)2013Buddhism and Hinduism10125460
Thai Girl Kneeling19772000Women10120690
Thank You Santa!20002005Christmas10066748
That Tickles19921995Animals10058881
The Afternoon Snack (Lamp)19701981Lighting10146240
The Annunciation (Leb)19992002Christianity and Judaism10018491
The Apollo Landing19941995Sports and Professions10061689
The Architect19841990Men10052141
The Architect19841990Men10152140
The Art Of Movement2020Dance Figures010094380
The Ascension19972000Christianity and Judaism10063830
The Aviator19922017High Porcelain10058917
The Awakening19932000Sculptures and Nudes10122440
The Awakening Of Spring19992000Fantasy10118381
The Ball19571980Women10000930
The Bathing19841991Sculptures and Nudes10135586
The Best Of Friends2004Children10080325
The Birth Of Venus2001Fantasy10018643
The Black Bride19871995Bridal and Romanticism10054396
The Black Bride19871992Bridal and Romanticism10154391
The Black Guest - Big2012Fantasy10072822
The Black Guest - Ornament2013Christmas10078960
The Black Guest-Little2016The Guest10077332
The Blessing19932002Christianity and Judaism10059426
The Blue Guest-Little2016The Guest10077364
The Blues19891994Ballet and Circus10056004
The Boar2007Animals100805429
The Bouquet19961998Functional Beauty100638919
The Bouquet Urn19531980Vases and Decorative Obj.10000510
The Bugler19871990Children10054060
The Burial Of Christ19972003Christianity and Judaism10018175
The Carriage Of Bacchus19711986Fantasy10011320
The Christmas Caroler19982001Children100653330
The Clipper Ship19931996Functional Beauty10159650
The Clown - Lamp (Uk)2009Lighting10072740
The Clown - Lamp (Us)2009High Porcelain10072721
The Course Of Adventure19931997Around the World10117650
The Daughter2008Children10084053
The Death Of The Swan19732001Ballet and Circus100485514
The Death Of The Swan19731992Ballet and Circus10148550
The Debutante19821998Women100143111
The Debutante19821998Women10114310
The Dog2005Cats and Dogs100814331
The Dolphins19972005Animals100643630
The Dragon2000Oriental Traditions10067159
The Dragon2011Oriental Traditions10086135
The Dragon - Red - Lamp (Uk)2013Lighting10231520
The Drummer Boy19871990Children10054031
The Enchanted Forest19992002Lighting10065980
The Enchanted Lake (Leb)19991999Lladro Collectors Society10076794
The Encounter19961998Functional Beauty10063910
The Encounter20012002Women10067731
The Encounter20022004Women10167730
The Essay Begins2018Dance Figures010093350
The Essence Of Life2011Motherhood and Families10085894
The Family19711986Motherhood and Families10012010
The Family19711986Motherhood and Families10112015
The Family Portrait2008Christmas10072553
The Father2008Men10084073
The Fireman19931998Men10059765
The Flag Bearer19871990Children10054050
The Flamenco Singer2015Spain and Traditions10091772
The Flamingos19992002Animals10066417
The Flirt19911998Women10057894
The Flirt19701981Bridal and Romanticism10145640
The Flow Of Life20062015Motherhood and Families10119131
The Flow Of Life20062008Motherhood and Families10119171
The Gift Of Life20022010Motherhood and Families10135851
The Gift Of Life20022013Motherhood and Families10135861
The Glass Slipper19932002Women100595713
The Goat2002Animals10069228
The Goat2014Animals10087922
The Goddess & The Unicorn19932005Fantasy10060071
The Grandfather19701981Men100465414
The Grandfather19701981Motherhood and Families10146540
The Great Adventurer19921994Men10059444
The Great Chef19951998Children10062340
The Great Chef19951998Children10162340
The Great Teacher19931996Christianity and Judaism10059610
The Great Voyage19931994Functional Beauty10059642
The Greatest Love19891998Motherhood and Families10121860
The Green Guest-Little2016The Guest10077371
The Grey Pilgrim20052008Fantasy10080520
The Guest By Devilrobots - Big2012Fantasy10072800
The Guest By Devilrobots - Little2012Fantasy10072851
The Guest By Devilrobots - Ornament2013Christmas10078930
The Guest By Gary Baseman - Big2013Fantasy10078891
The Guest By Gary Baseman - Little2013Fantasy10078904
The Guest By Gary Baseman - Ornament2013Christmas10078941
The Guest By Jaime Hayon - Big20122015Fantasy10072780
The Guest By Jaime Hayon - Little2012Fantasy10072832

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