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Lladro Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Nacido En 200620052014Motherhood and Families10082150
Nacido En 2006 B.L.20052014Motherhood and Families10082160
Nanki Poo19651980Around the World10003446
Napoleon Bonaparte19851995Men10053384
Napoleon, Planning Battle19851995Around the World10014594
Naptime Friends19982002Children10065493
Native1978Around the World10135026
Native (Re-Deco)2009Around the World10071660
Nativity Chorus19621980Angels10002420
Nativity Cone19641980Christmas10003391
Nativity Lamb19931994Christmas10059693
Nativity Plaque19701980Christmas10003341
Nativity Scene01987Christmas101528154
Natural Beauty20052006Children10081140
Natural Beauty19942005Flowers10117955
Natural Freedom20062008Fantasy10182311
Natural Orchids - Wall Art2009Flowers10084470
Natural Wonder19962000Around the World10063082
Nature Boy19861991Children10015055
Nature Boy19861991Children10115053
Nature Girl19861987Around the World10053460
Nature's Beauty19962000Women10062521
Nature's Bounty19821995Children100141714
Nature's Duet20022011Animals10069173
Nature's Duet (Re-Deco)20072011Animals10070541
Nature's Friend19911994Children10122132
Nature's Gifts19911994Around the World10057741
Nature's Observer20002005Animals10067027
Nature's Observer (Gift Box)20022005Animals10078060
Nature's Song19961998Around the World10063102
Nature's Treasures19961998Around the World10063091
Naturo. - Hanging Lamp -Golden (Ce/Uk)2008Lighting10079330
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (Black)2014Lart de la Table10079560
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (Multic.)2014Lart de la Table10079581
Naturo. - Single Candleholder (White)2014Lart de la Table10079570
Naturo. -Appetizer Plate (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079670
Naturo. -Appetizer Plate (White)2011Lart de la Table10079850
Naturo. -Appetizer Plate(Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079860
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper I (Black)20122016Lart de la Table10079980
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper I (Gold.)2011Lart de la Table10079920
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper I (Turq.)20112016Lart de la Table10079911
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper I (White)2011Lart de la Table10079901
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper Ii (Golden)20112016Lart de la Table10079950
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper Ii (Turq.)20112016Lart de la Table10079940
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper Ii (Wh.)20112016Lart de la Table10079931
Naturo. -Bottle Stopper Ii(Black)20122016Lart de la Table10079991
Naturo. -Bowl (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079230
Naturo. -Bowl (White)2008Lart de la Table10079241
Naturo. -Centerpiece (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079650
Naturo. -Centerpiece (Golden)2011Lart de la Table10079770
Naturo. -Centerpiece (Multicolor)2013Lart de la Table10079170
Naturo. -Centerpiece (White)2011Lart de la Table10079750
Naturo. -Centerpiece(Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079760
Naturo. -Cocktail Goblet (Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079840
Naturo. -Cocktail Goblet (White)2011Lart de la Table10079830
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Golden)20082016Lart de la Table10079530
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Green)20082016Lart de la Table10079510
Naturo. -Egg Cup (Grey)20082016Lart de la Table10079520
Naturo. -Hanging Lamp -Grey (Ce/Uk)20082016Lighting10079320
Naturo. -Lamp -Golden (Us)2008High Porcelain10079370
Naturo. -Lamp -Grey (Us)20082016Lighting10079360
Naturo. -Lamp -White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10079450
Naturo. -Lamp -White (Us)2015High Porcelain10079460
Naturo. -Lamp -White 6L (Ce-Uk)2015Lighting10236010
Naturo. -Large Snack Tray (White)2011Lart de la Table10079960
Naturo. -Large Vase (Blue)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079000
Naturo. -Large Vase (Golden)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079032
Naturo. -Large Vase (Green)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079010
Naturo. -Large Vase (Grey)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079020
Naturo. -Large Vase (Multicolor)2013Vases and Decorative Obj.10079163
Naturo. -Multi Candleholder (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079721
Naturo. -Multi Candleholder(Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079731
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Sh. (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079430
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shak (Green)2008Lart de la Table10079410
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shak (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079420
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shakers (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079680
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shakers (Golden)2011Lart de la Table10079890
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shakers (Turq.)2011Lart de la Table10079881
Naturo. -Salt & Pepper Shakers(White)2011Lart de la Table10079870
Naturo. -Single Candle Holder (Golden)2008Lart de la Table10079631
Naturo. -Single Candleholder (Blue)2008Lart de la Table10079602
Naturo. -Single Candleholder (Grey)2008Lart de la Table10079622
Naturo. -Single Candleholder(White/Gold)2014Lart de la Table10079591
Naturo. -Small Vase (Green)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079110
Naturo. -Small Vase (Grey)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079121
Naturo. -Small Vase (Mutlicolor)2013Vases and Decorative Obj.10079153
Naturo. -Small Vase (White)2008Vases and Decorative Obj.10079140
Naturo. -Snack Tray (Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079820
Naturo. -Snack Tray (White)2011Lart de la Table10079810
Naturo. -Tray (Black)2012Lart de la Table10079660
Naturo. -Tray (Golden)2011Lart de la Table10079800
Naturo. -Tray (Multicolor)2013Lart de la Table10079181
Naturo. -Tray (Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079790
Naturo. -Tray (White)2011Lart de la Table10079780
Naturo. 6 Lights - Lamp (Ce/Uk)2012Lighting10231480
Naturofant.-Large Snack Tray (Turquoise)2011Lart de la Table10079970
Naturofantastic Wall Sconce White And Gold2019Lighting010240060
Naughty Companions20062006Animals10068180
Naughty Dog19781995Children100498221
Naughty Dog19781992Children10149820
Naughty Little Girl19822016Spain and Traditions10013950
Naughty Pony19701981Animals10146390
Naughty Puppy2005Children10081062
Naughty-Girl With Straw H19781998Children100500638
Nautical Watch With Base19841987Men10121340
Nautolus Vase19891990Vases and Decorative Obj.10055661
Neglected19861991Ballet and Circus10115030
Neoclassic Cup With Lilies19982003Flowers10118330
Neoclassic Cup(Bisque) (L19941998Flowers10117910
Neoclassic Cup(Color) (L.19942002Flowers10117900
Nesting Crane19891998Animals100159915
Nesting Doves19911992Animals10117471
New Arrival19972002Children10063828
New Beginnings - Operation Smile2015Sculptures and Nudes10092190
New Friend1995Cats and Dogs100621120
New Horizons19992001Women100657011
New Lamb19922000Children10122230
New Playmates19882005Children100545621
New Playmates19881992Children10154560
New Shepherd19701983Men100457715
New Shepherd19701983Men10145770
New Shepherd (Lamp)19701981Lighting10145790
New Shepherdess19701985Women100457630
New Shepherdess19701985Women10145760
New Shepherdess (Lamp)19701981Lighting10145780
New Shoes19982002Children10064874
New World Medallion19911995Functional Beauty10158082
Next At Bat19911998Children10058285
Niagara Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Ce)2008Lighting10171270
Niagara Chandelier 0,60 Metres (Us)2008High Porcelain10171280
Niagara Chandelier 0,80M White (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172120
Niagara Chandelier 0.60M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172390
Niagara Chandelier 0.60M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172400
Niagara Chandelier 0.80M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172360
Niagara Chandelier 0.80M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172370
Niagara Chandelier 1,35M-Gold (Us)2016High Porcelain10172440
Niagara Chandelier 1,35M-White (Us)2016High Porcelain10172590
Niagara Chandelier 2 Metres (Ce)2006Lighting10170260
Niagara Chandelier 2 Metres (Us)2006High Porcelain10170270
Niagara Chandelier 2M Gold (Ce/Uk)2015Lighting10172300
Niagara Chandelier 2M Gold (Us)2015High Porcelain10172310
Night Approaches2013Women10087417
Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Gold2020Lighting010240360
Nightbloom Floor Lamp White Small2020Lighting010240460
Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold2020Lighting010240390
Nightbloom Hanging Lamp Gold2020Lighting010240420
Nightbloom Table Lamp White Gold2020Lighting010240320
Nightbloom Wall Light White Gold2020Lighting010240280
Nightime Blessings19982005Children100658116
Nippon Lady19852001Around the World10053270
No So Fast!19951998Children10123030
Noah19961998Christianity and Judaism10018094
Noble Lady19581980Women100010928
Nobleman19491980Functional Beauty1000029127
Noisy Friend19931998Children10122531
Nose Candle-Gardens Of Vlc2015Christmas10401170
Nose Candle-I Love You, Mom2015Home Fragences10401190
Nose Candle-Mediterranean Beach2015Home Fragences10401180
Nostalgia20062015Ballet and Circus10082494
Nostalgia (Re-Deco)2009Ballet and Circus10071650
Not So Fast19871996Children100153310
Not So Fast19871992Children10115330
Not Too Close!19911994Children10057814
Nothing To Do19901998Children100564913
Nothing To Do19901992Children10156491
Now And Forever19952002Lladro Collectors Society100764223
Nude19701985Sculptures and Nudes101451140
Nude19701985Sculptures and Nudes10145120
Nude Kneeling19951998Sculptures and Nudes10130301
Nude With Dolphin19581980Fantasy10002170
Nude With Dove19781986Sculptures and Nudes10135032
Nude With Rose19781981Sculptures and Nudes10120790
Nude With Rose19782005Sculptures and Nudes10135177
Nude With Shawl2010Women10125364
Nude With Shawl (Re-Deco)2013Women10086734
Nun19881989Christianity and Judaism101170415
Nun19881989Christianity and Judaism10117050
Nun19881989Christianity and Judaism10117060
Nuns1970Christianity and Judaism100461173
Nuns19772001Christianity and Judaism10120750
Nuns19702005Christianity and Judaism10146110
Nuns Singing -B-19781983Christianity and Judaism10120820
Nurse19701990Sports and Professions10146030
Nut Keyholder19951999Jewelry Accessories10075650
Nutcracker - Ornament2011Christmas10183540
Nutcracker Suite19931998Fantasy10059353
Nuts Decoration Vase (L.E)19721986Vases and Decorative Obj.10011970
Nymph Lamp19892001Lighting10016070
Nymph Nude19761981Sculptures and Nudes10149480
Nymphs In Love Bird2020Fantasy010094470

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