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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
O Come All Ye Faithful2016Carol SingersHN58110
O Holy Night2015Songs of ChristmasHN57590
O Little Town Of Bethlehem2016Carol SingersHN58106
Obama Inaugural Ball20100FigurinesHN54821
October19871987Figure of the MonthHN26934
October19902004Flower of the Month ChildHN33278
October19911991Wildflower of the MonthHN34100
October20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48840
October20112011Flowers of the MonthHN55090
October - Opal20072007GemstoneHN49791
October - Tourmaline2018Birthstone PetitesHN59061
October Opal20132013Birthstone PetitesHN56351
Odds and Ends19381949FigurinesHN18440
Off to School20132013BunnykinsDB4980
Off To School19961998FigurinesHN37681
Off To The Pond19991999Ivory and GoldHN42271
Office Of The Line19821986Sea CharactersHN27330
Oh Dear! Bath Time's Here2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP590
Old Balloon Seller20002000BunnykinsDB217109
Old Balloon Seller19291998Character FiguresHN1315210
Old Balloon Seller19891991Miniature FiguresHN21299
Old Balloon Seller19991999Character FiguresHN37371
Old Balloon Seller20052008Street VendorsHN48090
Old Balloon Seller and Bulldog19391949FigurinesHN19120
Old Ben19901990FigurinesHN31902
Old Charley19361960AshtrayD55993
Old Charley19341983Character JugD542062
Old CharleyNANALightersD52271
Old Charley19351983Character JugD5527168
Old Charley19371960Character JugD58440
Old Charley19381939Character JugD58580
Old Charley19391960Character JugD59250
Old Charley19391960Character JugD60170
Old Charley19391983Character JugD604617
Old Charley19401960TiniesD61440
Old CharleyNANAToothpick HolderD61520
Old Charley19871987Character JugD67913
Old Charley (Bone China)19341983Character JugD5420BC0
Old Charley HigbeeNANACharacter JugD67611
Old Charley Wall Pocket19401960Character JugD61100
Old Charlie19871987Character JugD606932
Old Charlie Large19391960Character JugD60303
Old Country Roses19931995FigurinesHN34827
Old Country Roses19951999Pretty Ladies FiguresHN369233
Old Father Thames19881988FigurinesHN29930
Old Father Time19961996Character JugD70690
Old King Cole19381939Character JugD60363
Old King Cole19391960Character JugD60377
Old King Cole19901990RDICCD68714
Old King Cole20082008BunnykinsDB45827
Old King Cole19631967Character FiguresHN22176
Old King Cole Musical Jug19391939Musical JugD60140
Old Lavender Seller19321949FigurinesHN14922
Old Lavender Seller19331949FigurineHN15710
Old LondonDickensD62916
Old Meg19741976FigurinesHN24947
Old Mother Hubbard19641975Character FiguresHN231412
Old Mrs EyebrightNANABrambly HedgeDBH92
Old PeggottyDickensD62920
Old Salt19611961Character JugD655414
Old Salt19841991Character JugD65573
Old Salt19891989TeapotD681813
Old Salt20012001Character JugD71531
Old Salt Colorway19871990Character JugD67820
Old Salt Large19612001Character JugD655124
Old VoleNANABrambly HedgeDBH132
Oliver Cromwell19941994Two-Handled JugD69689
Oliver Cromwell1994NACharacter JugD69860
Oliver Hardy19901990EntertainersHN27750
Oliver Twist19821989TiniesD667731
Oliver TwistNANACharles Dickens CharactersD72180
Oliver Twist19491983Dickens (series one)M8913
Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger19961996Character SculpturesHN37860
Oliver Twist TankardDickensD62863
Olivia2015Pretty LadiesHN57530
Olivia20052005Pretty LadiesHN48361
Olivia20082008Figure of the YearHN51147
Omar Khayyam19651983Character FiguresHN224722
Omar KhayyamNANAFigurinesHN24473
On The Beach19971999FigurinesHN38772
On the FairwayNANABunnykinsDB4270
Once Upon a Time20082008BunnykinsDB4414
Once Upon A Time19491955Nursery Rhymes Series OneHN20470
One Got Away19551959FigurinesHN21532
One Of The Forty19211936Middle Eastern HeritageHN423A0
One Of The Forty19211936Middle Eastern HeritageHN423D0
One Of The Forty19241938Middle Eastern HeritageHN6770
One of the Forty19251938FigurineHN7120
One of the Forty Thieves19211938FigurineHN4230
Open Road19992001FigurinesHN41614
Ophelia19951995Pretty Ladies FiguresHN36744
Optimism19991999Art DecoHN41650
Orange Lady19361975Character FiguresHN175932
Orange Lady19401975Character FiguresHN195327
Orange Lady20052008Street VendorsHN48100
Orange Seller19291949FigurineHN13250
Orange Vendor19211938Street VendorHN5080
Orange Vendor19411949FigurineHN19660
Organ Grinder19561965Character FiguresHN21735
Orville Wright2003NACharacter JugD71780
Oscar Wilde20002000Character Jug of the YearD71462
Othello19821989The Shakespearean CollectionD66737
Our First Christmas19931998ImagesHN34521
Our Wedding Day20070OccasionsHN50371
Out For A Duck19951995BunnykinsDB1600
Out For A DuckNANABunnykinsDB4480
Out for a Walk19181938FigurinesHN860
Outdoor DunnyNANABunnykinsDB4970
Over the Threshold19891998ImagesHN32745
Owd William19491973Character FiguresHN204230
Owl Wall PocketNANAWall PocketD57710
Oxen20042004Nativity CollectionHN47051

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