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Williraye Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
S.S. Watermelon20082013Williraye0
Salt & Pepper20042006Williraye2
Salt & Pepper Rooster20102013Williraye0
Salt & Pepper Set Snowman2010Williraye0
Sand Princess20092012Williraye0
Santa Asleep in Wagon19971999Williraye6
Santa Candle Holder19992001Williraye9
Santa Candle Holder 200220022004Williraye0
Santa Candlestick holder19982001Williraye2
Santa Claus Tin Star Tree2009Williraye0
Santa Clause19962000Williraye3
Santa Cookie Jar20022003Williraye0
Santa Cookie Plate20032004Williraye0
Santa Dessert Plate2010Williraye0
Santa Dessert Plates20032005Williraye0
Santa Doll20012004Williraye0
Santa Hat Ornaments2006Williraye0
Santa Holding Candy Cane With Dog19992000Williraye2
Santa Holding Geese19961997Williraye0
Santa Holding Thee And Sack Of Toys Lamp20002001Williraye0
Santa Holding Tree And Cat, Shelf Sitter19971999Williraye0
Santa Hugging Star19992001Williraye7
Santa In Blue Coat With Birdhouse On Staff19961998Williraye0
Santa In Green Coat Holding Candle19961998Williraye0
Santa In Red Coat Holding Candle19961998Williraye4
Santa In Red Coat With Birdhouse On Staff19961998Williraye0
Santa Lamp19992001Williraye0
Santa Light20022007Williraye3
Santa Mug2010Williraye0
Santa Mugs20032006Williraye2
Santa On Sled Pulled By Cow And Geese19992001Williraye1
Santa Ornament Holder20052007Williraye0
Santa Ornaments2009Williraye0
Santa Paws Sleddin'20132019Williraye0
Santa Pulling Dog On Cart19992000Williraye0
Santa Pulling Sled & Cat19982000Williraye2
Santa Pushing Sled Holding Boy And Rabbit19972001Williraye2
Santa Riding A Cow With Antlers19982000Williraye0
Santa riding deer19992000Williraye0
Santa Rooster Ride20182019Williraye0
Santa Sheep Pull Toy20182019Williraye0
Santa Sitting On Goose Skiing19982000Williraye0
Santa Standing Holding Christmas Stocking19971999Williraye0
Santa Stickleys Ornaments2009Williraye0
Santa Stocks Up2010Williraye0
Santa Tree Topper20042007Williraye0
Santa Wall Plaque20032007Williraye2
Santa Wall Plaque 200420042006Williraye1
Santa Waterglobe2010Williraye0
Santa With Carrot Riding Giant Rabbit19992000Williraye2
Santa with Girl19981999Williraye2
Santa With Holiday Hens20182019Williraye0
Santa With Pets20182019Williraye0
Santa With Snobaby20072008Williraye0
Santa With Snowman Staff19982000Williraye0
Santa with Stars Ornaments2009Williraye1
Santa with Tree on Wheels19971999Williraye0
Santa with Tree Waterball20142019Williraye0
Santa's Helper20032005Williraye3
Santa's House Ornaments2013Williraye0
Scaredy Cat in the Hat20132019Williraye2
Scaredy Cat Pull Toy20082008Williraye0
Scaring Up Fun20022004Williraye4
Scratch Patch20092011Williraye0
Serving Platter20042006Williraye0
Serving Tray Rooster2013Williraye1
Shades of Santa Ornament20142019Williraye0
Sharing A Slice20002003Williraye0
Sharing the Bounty20072009Williraye0
Sharing the Harvest20142019Williraye0
Sheep Ornaments2013Williraye0
Sheep Pull Toy20012003Williraye0
Sheep Weathervane19961997Williraye0
Sheep With Cat Pull Toy19961999Williraye4
Sheep With Four Geese Pull Toy19961997Williraye2
Sheep With Goose Pull Toy19961997Williraye1
Sheep, Large20042006Williraye0
Sheep, Medium20042006Williraye1
Shepard with staff and sheep20042007Williraye0
Shopping Bags Chicken2014Williraye0
Shore Welcome Sign Wood2013Williraye0
Side Snowman Waterglobe2010Williraye0
Silent Night20032005Williraye1
Silent Night Angel20092011Williraye0
Simply Grateful20082012Williraye0
Sissy Pumpkin20082011Williraye0
Skating Party19992001Williraye7
Skating Swans Ornaments2008Williraye0
Skating Swans Ornaments 20102010Williraye0
Ski Lift20032005Williraye2
Small Candle Plates20032004Williraye0
Small Candle Shade20032008Williraye0
Small Fabric Rooster2011Williraye0
Small Joy20052007Williraye0
Small Pedestal Birds2011Williraye0
Small Sheep20042006Williraye0
Small Snowman Ornaments20022003Williraye0
Snack Plates2010Williraye0
Snow Angel20012003Williraye4
Snow Buds20062009Williraye0
Snow Daze20122013Williraye0
Snow Easy Ride2009Williraye0
Snow Sign W/Snowmen2010Williraye0
Snow Smiles20092011Williraye0
Snow Triplets20022005Williraye6
Snowball & Furrball2012Williraye1
Snowbuddy Fun2013Williraye0
Snowdancing - Little Boy20012004Williraye1
Snowdancing - Little Girl20012004Williraye4
Snowfolks - Chester20022005Williraye3
Snowfolks - Junior20022004Williraye0
Snowfolks - Margaret20022005Williraye1
Snowgirl With Wire Arms19992001Williraye0
Snowglobe Let It Snow2009Williraye0
Snowman Adventure20012003Williraye0
Snowman Candle Holder2010Williraye2
Snowman Candle Holder 199819982001Williraye1
Snowman Candle Holder 200220022002Williraye0
Snowman Candlestick holder19982001Williraye3
Snowman Carolers20102013Williraye0
Snowman Chair19962000Williraye3
Snowman Cookie Jar20022003Williraye0
Snowman Doll20012003Williraye0
Snowman Dreams20012001Williraye0
Snowman Head Ornament2010Williraye0
Snowman Head Sha2010Williraye0
Snowman Holding Rabbit, Shelf Sitter19971998Williraye0
Snowman Jingle Feet2009Williraye0
Snowman Lamp19992000Williraye0
Snowman Lamp 200020002002Williraye0
Snowman Light20022003Williraye0
Snowman Ornaments2009Williraye0
Snowman Ornaments 20102010Williraye0
Snowman Pins20022004Williraye0
Snowman Racer Ornament20142019Williraye0
Snowman Reindeer Ride20182019Williraye0
Snowman Serenade19992000Williraye5
Snowman Tray2010Williraye0
Snowman Tree Topper20042007Williraye0
Snowman w/Star Hands20012006Williraye5
Snowman Wall Plaque20032005Williraye0
Snowman With Broom Holding Cat19971999Williraye8
Snowman with Cardinals Waterball20142019Williraye0
Snowman with Pet Ornaments2011Williraye0
Snowman With Scarf Doing Splits19961998Williraye2
Snowman with Star Accent2010Williraye0
Snowman With Wire Arms19992001Williraye3
Snowmen Angel Ornaments2013Williraye0
Snowmen In Action19992001Williraye6
Snowmen Ornaments2006Williraye0
Snowmen Stickleys Ornaments2009Williraye0
Snowmen Winter Sports Ornaments2009Williraye0
Snowwomen With Scarf Doing Splits19971998Williraye2
So Cozy Santa2019Williraye0
Sounds Of Christmas20172019Williraye1
Southern Flight20022006Williraye5
Spelling Bea20132019Williraye0
Spinning Yarn20092011Williraye6
Spirit of Halloween20042007Williraye0
Spook Ornaments20042005Williraye0
Spooky Sam20042006Williraye1
Spoon Rest2010Williraye0
Spoon Rest Rooster2011Williraye0
Spoon Rest Snowman2010Williraye0
Spring Angel20042007Williraye2
Spring Chicken20042007Williraye0
Spring Delivery20042007Williraye0
Spring Picnic2006Williraye2
Spring Planting20092013Williraye0
Spring Showers20182019Williraye0
Spun Ornaments20022004Williraye0
Square Baskets19992003Williraye5
Square Bluebird Candle Holder2010Williraye0
Square Cardinal Lamp2010Williraye0
Square Chickadee Lamp2010Williraye0
Square Holiday Ornaments20022005Williraye0
Square Picture Frame2009Williraye0
St. Lucia Angel2012Williraye0
Stacking Cat Accent Lamp20102011Williraye0
Stand Proud, Crow Out Loud20092011Williraye0
Standing Birds2013Williraye0
Standing Santa In Quilted Coat Holding Three Cats19971999Williraye0
Star Backed Chair19992001Williraye0
Star Bench19962000Williraye0
Star Benches2009Williraye0
Star Birdhouse with cat2011Williraye0
Star of Wonder20122019Williraye0
Star Ornaments20032005Williraye0
Star Spangled Derby20022007Williraye5
Starlight Christmas19992003Williraye0
Starlight Flight19992001Williraye0
Starlight Ride20032005Williraye0
Stars and Stripes Forever20072009Williraye1
Stars of Wonder20142019Williraye0
Stocking Orn Snowman2010Williraye0
Stocking Ornaments2006Williraye4
Stocking Ornaments 199919992002Williraye0
Stocking Sign Jingle2010Williraye0
Stocking Snowman2010Williraye0
Stocking Up For Christmas20052007Williraye0
Stockings Wall Plaque2006Williraye0
Stockng Door2010Williraye0
Strawberry Serving Dish20042004Williraye0
Summer Angel20042007Williraye7
Summer Angel 200420042007Williraye0
Summer Flowers20012003Williraye0
Summer Fun19992004Williraye7
Summer Sun20092013Williraye0
Summer Treat20042006Williraye5
Summer's Harvest20042007Williraye0
Summer's Hug20042007Williraye0
Summer's Tranquility20032005Williraye1
Sunday Best20032006Williraye0
Sunday Drive20032006Williraye2
Sunflower And Crow Weathervane Birdhouse20002001Williraye0
Sunflower Bee Frame20032004Williraye0
Sunflower Chair19962000Williraye0
Sunflower Girl20042006Williraye0
Sunflower Girl w/Watering Can19992003Williraye0
Sunflower Lane20062009Williraye0
Sunflower Tea Light Holders20032004Williraye0
Sweater Santa Ornaments20132019Williraye0
Sweater Snowmen Ornaments20132019Williraye0
Sweet & Sharing2011Williraye0
Sweet Heart2009Williraye2
Sweet Rewards20072008Williraye1
Sweet Success20052007Williraye0
Sweet Summer Fun20092013Williraye0
Sweet Treat2008Williraye5
Sweetie Pies20102012Williraye1
Sweetly Santa20062009Williraye0

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