Williraye Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Garden Angel20012003Williraye1
Garden Angel Small20012004Williraye1
Garden Brigade20112013Williraye0
Garden Bug20032005Williraye0
Garden Bunny20032004Williraye1
Garden Candle Jar Topper20032004Williraye0
Garden Children20002002Williraye1
Garden Creature Tea Light Holders20032005Williraye0
Garden Derby Racer - Bunny20082011Williraye0
Garden Derby Racer - Chicken20082011Williraye0
Garden Derby Racer - Pig20082011Williraye0
Garden Finial - Angel w/Bird20022004Williraye1
Garden Finial - Angel w/Heart20022004Williraye3
Garden Finial - Angel w/Sunflowers20022004Williraye0
Garden Finial - Bunny20022003Williraye2
Garden Finial - Ladybug20022003Williraye5
Garden Frames20042004Williraye0
Garden Gal19961998Williraye3
Garden Girl Frame, 4" X 6" Photo19992000Williraye0
Garden Girl Frame, 6" X 4" Photo19992000Williraye0
Garden Guardian2005Williraye0
Garden Guide20072010Williraye2
Garden Gymnastics2019Williraye0
Garden Helper20042006Williraye1
Garden Kiddy Ornament20042007Williraye0
Garden Mirror20032003Williraye0
Garden Mischief20062007Williraye0
Garden Raider20052006Williraye0
Garden Sculpture - Angel20022003Williraye0
Garden Sculpture - Bee20022003Williraye0
Garden Sculpture - Fairy20022003Williraye0
Garden Sweet Garden2006Williraye0
Gardening Bunnies Frame20032007Williraye0
Gardening Glory20162019Williraye0
Gathering the Bounty20072009Williraye0
Gathering Together2008Williraye0
Gentle Watch2012Williraye0
Ghost Riders20162019Williraye0
Ghostly Adventures20132019Williraye0
Ghostly Fun2007Williraye0
Ghoulish Adventures20042009Williraye0
Girl & Dog In Watermelon Pull Toy20002002Williraye3
Girl & Pig in Carrot Pull Toy20002001Williraye0
Girl And Boy On Toboggan With Snowman19972000Williraye5
Girl And Cat On Swinging Gate19982001Williraye4
Girl Driving Car With Dog19992001Williraye0
Girl Flying Airplane19992001Williraye0
Girl Holding A Cat And Basket19971998Williraye10
Girl Holding A Goose, Shelf Sitter19972001Williraye4
Girl Holding Balloon Riding Goose - Pull Toy19982000Williraye5
Girl Holding Candle And Christmas Stocking19971998Williraye7
Girl Holding Flags19982001Williraye1
Girl Holding Sunflower Riding Cow - Pull Toy19982000Williraye0
Girl Holding Williraye Studio Sign19992001Williraye4
Girl Hugging Goose19982001Williraye1
Girl In Blue Coat With Muff19972001Williraye6
Girl in Car with Kite19992001Williraye0
Girl In Raincoat Walking Cat19992000Williraye1
Girl In Wagon Pulled By Dog19982001Williraye2
Girl Jumping Rope19971997Williraye18
Girl on Goose w/Basket Finial20022003Williraye6
Girl on Ladybug20042006Williraye2
Girl Pulling Carrot2019Williraye0
Girl Riding a Rooster20042006Williraye0
Girl Riding Chicken Pulling Cart19992001Williraye1
Girl Riding Rabbit With Heart And Carrots - Lamp20012003Williraye0
Girl W/Rabbit Wall Plaque20042006Williraye0
Girl W/Sunflower2006Williraye0
Girl W/Teddy Bear2019Williraye1
Girl W/Watering Can2006Williraye5
Girl W/Wheelbarrow2007Williraye4
Girl With Birdhouse holding Bird19992001Williraye2
Girl With Carrots Pushing Wheelbarrow19982001Williraye1
Girl With Cat19992001Williraye4
Girl With Cat Holding Flag & Picnic Basket19992001Williraye4
Girl With Cat Pulling Cart19992001Williraye1
Girl With Flag Riding On Cat Lamp20012002Williraye0
Girl With Flag Walking Dog19982001Williraye1
Girl With Sheep on Wagon19992000Williraye0
Girl With Shovel And Cat Plaque19962000Williraye0
Girl With Wreath19971999Williraye4
Girl's Best Friends20172019Williraye0
Girls Gone Goosie20112014Williraye0
Give Thanks Plate20092009Williraye0
Giving Thanks20072011Williraye0
Glass Votive Holders20032009Williraye0
Goat Weathervane19961998Williraye0
Goat With Chicken Pull Toy19961997Williraye0
Goating Around20022003Williraye5
Going Batty20092010Williraye0
Gold Birdhouse W/ mini willies2008Williraye0
Golden Friend20032007Williraye2
Golden Friend Lamp20032004Williraye0
Golden Gifts20142019Williraye0
Good Morning Sunshine2011Williraye0
Goose Ornaments20032005Williraye0
Gooser House19992003Williraye3
Goosey Love Bites2019Williraye0
Gotham's Catman20102013Williraye2
Grade A Large20042008Williraye0
Grand Champion20072009Williraye0
Grandfather Clock19992000Williraye0
Grandma, Mother & Daughter2011Williraye0
Grandpa & Boy2011Williraye0
Grandpa's Favorite Ride20132019Williraye0
Grandpa, Dad & Son2010Williraye0
Great Growing20082011Williraye0
Great Uncle Sam20072010Williraye0
Gril & Cats in pumpkin holding telescope19992002Williraye0

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