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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
F-A-M-I-L-Y Wood Blocks2011Williraye0
Faithful Love2007Williraye0
Fall Garden Bounty20182019Williraye0
Fall Wire Ornament Tree20052008Williraye0
Family Wall Plaque2009Williraye0
Farm Animal Plant Stake20032005Williraye0
Farm Buggy20042006Williraye0
Farm Days20052008Williraye0
Farm Girls Forever20092013Williraye3
Farm House Dinner Plate2007Williraye0
Farm House Mug2007Williraye0
Farm House Salad Plate2007Williraye0
Farm House Salt & Pepper2007Williraye0
Farm House Soup Bowl2007Williraye0
Farm House Tea Pot2007Williraye0
Farm House Water Pitcher2007Williraye0
Farm Parade20012003Williraye1
Farm Yard Festivities2007Williraye1
Farmer On Tractor20182019Williraye2
Farmer Santa20182019Williraye0
Farmer's Daughter20062008Williraye0
Farmer's Market Mantel Clock20042007Williraye0
Farming Gals Candle Jar Topper20032005Williraye0
Farmstead Friends20112013Williraye0
Farmstead Happiness Plaque19961997Williraye0
Faster Santa20032005Williraye0
Fat Quarters Rock20092013Williraye0
Father & Son2011Williraye0
Father Christmas2008Williraye0
Father/Daughter Piggy Back Ride2011Williraye0
Feather Tree Ornaments2012Williraye0
Feathering The Nest20072009Williraye0
Feline Flyer20082013Williraye0
Festive Flurries20092011Williraye0
Festive Frolics20102012Williraye2
Festive Ornaments Set of Three2011Williraye1
Final Touch20062008Williraye1
Fine Feathered Friends20062010Williraye0
First Christmas2019Williraye10
First Snow20012003Williraye0
First Time Gardener20042007Williraye7
Fish Backed Chair19992001Williraye0
Flag Day20022004Williraye0
Flag Pole2004Williraye2
Flake & Friends20062009Williraye0
Flocking to Santa20142019Williraye0
Flocks And Friends20172019Williraye0
Flower Fairy, Suzie20052007Williraye0
Fluffy Tails20112013Williraye0
Flying Angel Wall Hanging20022003Williraye0
Flying Garden Angel2007Williraye0
Flying Gardening Angel With Watering Can19971997Williraye1
Flying Geese at Play20122014Williraye0
Flying Mice Ornament2006Williraye0
Flying Ornament20042005Williraye0
Flying Ornaments20012003Williraye0
Flying Pig With Piglet Weathervane19961998Williraye0
Flying Proud19992003Williraye0
Flying Santa Holding Bag Of Presents19981999Williraye0
Flying Santa Holding Bag Of Presents 199719972000Williraye0
Flying Santa Holding Gold Ball19982001Williraye0
Flying Santa Wall Hanging20022003Williraye0
Flying Santa/Snowman Ornaments20032004Williraye0
Flying Snowman on Goose19992000Williraye2
Flying Snowman Teaching Small Snowman To Fly19972001Williraye2
Flying Snowman Wall Hanging20012003Williraye2
Flying snowman with snow pennant20042007Williraye0
Flying Witch Cat20182019Williraye3
Flying Witch Wall Hanging20032005Williraye0
Folding Screen With Garden Girls Scene19992000Williraye0
Folk Art Fancy2009Williraye0
Folk Art Feline20062010Williraye0
Follow Your Dreams20062009Williraye0
Foot Stool19962000Williraye0
Forest Friends2012Williraye0
Forest Trail2019Williraye0
Forest Trek Santa20112013Williraye0
Forever Friends20052007Williraye1
Formula Fun Racer20082011Williraye0
Fowl Weather Flight19992001Williraye2
Free Range Rocker20092013Williraye2
Freedom for All20082011Williraye0
Freedom Rider20072009Williraye0
Friend of the Forest20152019Williraye1
Friends Discovered19992001Williraye0
Fright on Time20082011Williraye1
Frightfully Friendly20072009Williraye0
Frm House Sugar Bowl2007Williraye0
Frm House Tea Cup & Saucer2007Williraye0
Frog & Princess20002003Williraye2
Front Snowman Waterglobe2010Williraye0
Frost Free The Snowman2012Williraye0
Frosty the Cowman20152019Williraye0
Frosty's Magic Ride20082019Williraye0
Fruit And Vegetable Ornaments19992001Williraye0
Full Moon Derby2006Williraye0
Fun Under the Sun20092012Williraye0
Furry & Fluffy Friends20102013Williraye0
Future Sailor20042007Williraye1

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