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Royal Doulton Listed By Year

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Released: 2006
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
1966 Cup Mascot Willie20062006BunnykinsDB4080
2006 Cup Mascot Goleo20062006BunnykinsDB4070
A Moment To Remember20062006Canadian ExclusiveHN49440
A New Life20062006Images of the YearHN48690
Abigail20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48395
Abigail20062007Ladies of EleganceHN48581
Abigail20062006Lady of the YearHN48240
Alexandra20062009Pretty Ladies FiguresHN49286
All A Blooming20062008Miniature FiguresHN49360
Allegra Venetian Masquerade Ball20060Character FiguresHN45060
Alyssa20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48335
Amanda20062007Royal Doulton International Collectors ClubHN49090
An Afternoon Stroll20062006ScenesHN49570
April20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48782
August20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48820
August - Peridot20062007GemstoneHN49772
Autumn Breeze20062007Miniature – New Pretty LadiesM2410
Autumn Stroll20062006ICC Membership FigureHN45885
Barbara20062007Best of the ClassicsHN48620
Bess20062007Best of the ClassicsHN48633
Biddy Penny Farthing20062008Best of the ClassicsHN49330
Catherine20062007Michael Doulton ExclusiveHN49100
Chloe20062009Ladies of EleganceHN48540
Christine20060Best of the ClassicsHN49301
Christmas Day 200620062006Christmas DayHN48991
Christmas Day 200620062006Christmas Day PetiteHN49250
Christmas Morning20062006Compton/WoodhouseHN48940
Christmas Surprise2006NABunnykinsDB4202
Coralie20062007Best of the ClassicsHN492910
Cymbal Player20062006BunnykinsDB3940
Dashing Through the Snow2006NABunnykinsDB4220
Daybreak Horse20062006FigurinesHN48430
December20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48860
December - Turquoise20062007GemstoneHN49810
Elaine20060Pretty Ladies FiguresHN48651
Elizabeth20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48301
Elizabeth20062008Ladies of EleganceHN48571
Emily20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48411
Emily FOY 200620062006Figure of the YearHN48175
Emma20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48403
Emma20062006Canadian ExclusiveHN48130
Erin20062006Canadian ExclusiveHN48883
Eternal Love20060ImagesHN48733
Fair Lady20062007Miniature – New Pretty LadiesM2420
February20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48760
February - Amethyst20062007GemstoneHN49712
Festive Wishes2006Christmas Holiday – ClassicsHN48980
Fife Player20062006RDICC Membership GiftD72173
First Time Skater20062006Exclusive to USAHN49850
Flute Player20062006BunnykinsDB3910
Forever Yours20060ImagesHN48700
Fragrance20062008Pretty Ladies FiguresHN49312
French Horn Player20062006BunnykinsDB3950
Grace20062007Charity Breast CancerHN49060
Hannah20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48351
Hannah20062009Ladies of EleganceHN48554
Happy Birthday 200620062006Pretty Ladies FiguresHN48221
Happy Birthday 200720062007Pretty Ladies FiguresHN49081
Holly Blue20062006Pretty Ladies FiguresHN48471
Horse Nightfall20062006AnimalsHN48871
Isambard Kingdom Brunel20062006PioneersHN49400
January20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48750
January - Garnet20062007GemstoneHN49700
Jessica20062006Michael Doulton EventsHN48232
July20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48810
July - Ruby20062007GemstoneHN49760
June20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48801
June - Pearl20062007GemstoneHN49750
Just for You20062008FigurinesHN50240
Kathy20060Best of the ClassicsHN49261
Katie20062008Ladies of EleganceHN48590
Kirsty20062007Miniature – New Pretty LadiesM2401
Lady Emily Rose20062006Prestige Figure of the YearHN45711
Laura20062007Best of the ClassicsHN48601
Little Stocking Fille20062006BunnykinsDB4210
Love Everlasting20062006Best of the ClassicsHN50270
Loving Thoughts2006Michael Doulton FavouritesHN47880
Luaren20062006Best of the ClassicsHN48312
Madison20062006Best of the ClassicsHN48321
March20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48770
March - Aquamarine20062007GemstoneHN49720
Mardi Gras - Carmen20062009Character FiguresHN49640
Mardi Gras - Diego20062009Mardi GrasHN49650
Mardi Gras - Giselle20062009Mardi GrasHN49621
Mardi Gras - Paulo20062009Mardi GrasHN49630
Margaret20062007Best of the ClassicsHN49270
Mask Seller20062008Best of the ClassicsHN49340
May20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48790
May - Emerald20062007GemstoneHN49741
Megan20062007Royal Doulton International Collectors ClubHN48211
Miracle of Light20062006Canadian ExclusiveHN49471
My Christmas Wish20062006Exclusive to USAHN49451
November20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48850
November - Topaz20062007GemstoneHN49800
October20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48840
Peacock20062006Butterfly LadiesHN48890
Perfect Gift20060ImagesHN48720
Pony Express20062006PrestigeHN48420
Pony Express20062006PrestigeHN48960
Queen Elizabeth II2006NACharacter JugD725620
Ready to Rid2006NABunnykinsDB3631
Sagger Maker20062006BunnykinsDB4231
Sailor2006NACharacter JugD72631
Sara20062007Miniature – New Pretty LadiesM2431
September20062006Flower of the Month Series TwoHN48830
September - Sapphire20062007GemstoneHN49782
Shall We Dance20062006Best of the ClassicsHN50260
Shannon20062006Canadian ExclusiveHN48140
Soiree20062008Best of the ClassicsHN48641
Sophie20062008Ladies of EleganceHN48560
Southern Belle20062007Best of the ClassicsHN49323
Special Moment20060ImagesHN48710
Spirit of Autumn20062006Spirit of the SeasonsHN49910
Spirit of Spring20062006Spirit of the SeasonsHN49890
Spirit of Summer20062006Spirit of the SeasonsHN49900
Spirit of Winter20062006Spirit of the SeasonsHN49920
Spring Bloom20062006Best of the ClassicsHN50280
Stephanie20062007Best of the ClassicsHN48610
Summers Darling20062006Four Seasons Series TenHN48511
The Little Mother20062008Miniature FiguresHN49350
The Old Lavender Seller20062008Miniature FiguresHN49371
The Peacock20062006Pretty Ladies FiguresHN48463
The Waltz20062006Lady of the YearHN48971
Two A Penny20062008Miniature FiguresHN49381
Welsh Lady Harpist Y Gymraes Telynores20062006Welsh LadiesHN49680
Winners Trophy 196620062006BunnykinsDB4100
Winners Trophy 200620062006BunnykinsDB4092
Winters Eve20062006Four Seasons Series TenHN48530

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