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Royal Doulton Listed By Year

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Released: 2003
Year Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
A Big Noise For A Little Piglet2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP640
A Clean Bear Is A Happy Bear2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP490
A Clean Little Roo Is Best!2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP541
A Little Sponge For A Little Piglet2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP510
A New Life20030FigurinesHN41840
A Sleepy Day In The Hundred Acre Wood2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP530
Air Raid Precaution Warden20032003NostalgiaHN45550
Alana20032004In VogueHN44990
Ann of Cleves20032005BunnykinsDB3090
Annabel Vision in Red20032004ChelseaHN44930
Anne Marie20032004FigurinesHN45220
Bathing Beauty20032003Leslie Harradine TributeHN45990
Beautiful Blossom20032004FigurinesHN45330
Birthday Gir20032005BunnykinsDB2900
Briar Rose2003Sleeping BeautySB10
Brighton Belle20032003Leslie Harradine TributeHN46000
Butler Creamer20032003BunnykinsDBD50
Camelot Merlin20032003FigurinesHN45400
Catherine of Aragon20032005BunnykinsDB30613
Catherine Parr20032005BunnykinsDB3111
Christmas Day 200320032003Christmas FiguresHN45520
Christmas Morning20032005BunnykinsDB2851
Christopher Dresses The Tree2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP570
Clever Boy20032005ImagesHN44820
Clever Girl20032005ImagesHN44830
Daniella20032004In VogueHN45511
Easter Parade20032005BunnykinsDB2927
Easter Treat20032005BunnykinsDB2892
Eleanor20032003Michael Doulton EventsHN44630
Elizabeth20032003Figure of the YearHN44264
Ellie20032003Lady of the YearHN40170
Father and Daughter20032007ImagesHN44840
Fauna Thoughtful Fairy2003Sleeping BeautySB30
Fisherman20032007Character FiguresHN45110
Flora Nurturing Fairy2003Sleeping BeautySB20
For Someone Special20032003FigurinesHN44700
General Robert E Lee20032003FigurinesHN34040
Gift of Friendship20032003Images Figure of the YearHN44462
Graduation Da2003BunnykinsDB2866
H M Queen Elizabeth II20032003FigurinesHN44760
Happy Birthday 200320032003Happy BirthdayHN44641
Henry VIII20032005BunnykinsDB30521
Hope20032003Holiday CollectionHN45650
Ice Hockey20032003BunnykinsDB2821
Isn't It Funny How A Bear Likes Honey2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP600
It's Honey All The Way Down2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP610
James I Large20032003RoyaltyD71810
Jane Seymour20032005BunnykinsDB3084
Jayne20032004Vanity Fair LadiesHN45242
King Arthur20032003FigurinesHN45410
Lady of the Manor20032003BunnykinsDBD20
Lifeboat Man20032006Character FiguresHN45701
Lights Out20032003Royal Doulton International Collectors ClubHN44651
Lord of the Manor20032003BunnykinsDBD10
Love Heart20032005BunnykinsDB2881
Love of Life20032004Charity Breast CancerHN45295
Maleficent Stand Back You Fools!2003Sleeping BeautySB50
Master of the Manor20032003BunnykinsDBD30
Merryweather Feisty Fairy2003Sleeping BeautySB40
Message of Love20032004FigurinesHN45311
Mikaela20032004In VogueHN45500
Miss of the Manor20032003BunnykinsDBD40
Moonlight Serenade20032004FigurinesHN45300
Mother and Daughter20032007ImagesHN45620
Nadine20032004In VogueHN45000
Oh Dear! Bath Time's Here2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP590
Orville Wright2003NACharacter JugD71781
Pirate and Captain Teapot2003NATeapotD71820
Presents And Parties2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP501
Prince Philip of Spain20032003RoyaltyD71895
Punch and Judy2003NACharacter JugD71865
Push...Pull!!! Come On Pooh!2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP550
Push...pull!!! Come On Pooh!2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP560
Queen Victoria20032003Pretty Ladies FiguresHN44750
Recital20032003Royal Doulton International Collectors ClubHN44660
Rum-Tum-Tum-Winnie On His Drum2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP639
Sodden and Sobriety Teapot2003NATeapotD71840
Spirit of Scotland20032004FigurinesHN44690
Studious Boy20030ImagesHN45630
Studious Girl20030ImagesHN45641
Summers Darling20032003Leslie Harradine TributeHN46010
Sweet Memories20032004FigurinesHN45820
Taking The Waters20032003Leslie Harradine TributeHN46021
Taylor20032004In VogueHN44961
The Bowler2003NAFigurineHN43651
Thinking Of You20032004Name Your OwnHN45852
Tigger's Splash Time2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP580
Tigger`s Birthday Surprise2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP650
Wedding Day20030BunnykinsDB2876
Where Does The Wind Come From?2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP620
Who's Cake? Pooh's Cake?2003Winnie the Pooh Series 2WP450
Women Auxiliary Air Force20032003NostalgiaHN45540
Womens Royal Navy Service20032003NostalgiaHN44980
Woodland Waltz2003Sleeping BeautySB60
Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur2003NACharacter JugD71780
Young Elephant2003Images Of NatureHN44900

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